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Liliane Demely (Moorsele, BE) one of the weekly top performers again in 2020

The pigeon family of Liliane Demely strikes again in 2020, mainly with the help of some very strong racing birds like Mister chateauroux.

They quickly became one of the leading names at national level in recent years. And today, Liliane Demely, her husband Filip Vanneste and their son can look back on another very strong racing season. You can tell from their many great results against a strong field: they claimed victory on numerous occasions and the team was very successful across the board. Their closest opponents were often left discouraged. It almost seems as if breeding super class birds is no challenge at all for the fanciers from Moorsele.

Mister Chateauroux: an exceptionally gifted pigeon

The absolute star today is Mister Chateauroux (BE17-3043801), which is a particularly rare find in any pigeon loft. This talented bird won an impressive 5 first prizes at club level in his first six national races! And his results in his first 8 national races are quite remarkable as well: 1-1-1-1-1-3-5-31 at club level, not missing a single prize. He enjoyed a favourable wind direction in just one of these races, and he promptly claimed a top result at national level as well: Mister Chateauroux won a 5th national Chateauroux of 13,098 pigeons. In other words, this superstar had to face an unfavourable westerly wind in all other races. Still, his list of achievements is quite impressive, with 6 x first place at club level and a title of 1st ace pigeon middle distance as a young bird in 2019, a title of 8th provincial ace pigeon longer middle distance in 2019 as a two year old, and a confirmed provincial ace pigeon podium spot for 2020 in the longer middle distance.

Mister Chateauroux: a talented newcomer arises
2° prov. Argenton 2,971 p.
2° prov. Issoudun 1,606 p.
3° prov. Chateauroux 1,730 p.
4° prov. Blois 1,146 p.
4° prov. Blois 972 p.
6° prov. Montlucon 1,295 p.
11° prov. Gueret 1,285 p.
13° prov. Bourges 767 p.
18° prov. Fontenay 6,755 p.
19° prov. Compiegne 1,362 p.

In fact, Mister Chateauroux is already the sire of another highly talented pigeon for team Demely: the 911/19 has already won a 2/360 p., 2/236 p., 2/145 p., 10/306 p. etc. And this prize winner is not the only eye-catcher in the Demely pigeon family. Take Mister Argenton (BE18-3052846) for example, which completed four national races in 2020, winning a 2nd-2nd-3rd and 14th at club level! And his nest sister won a 1st prov. Argenton of 4,084 pigeons last year, while finishing in fourth place at national level of 22,826 pigeons. And we still vividly remember the impressive results of Mister Unique (BE16-3039664) from 2019. He took first place in the PIPA ranking after two races with the lowest ever coefficient, based on a 1st National Limoges and a 2nd National Brive, beating the now world famous Armando of Joël Verschoot. This fantastic pigeon helped team Demely become one of the biggest names in the history of pigeon racing in Belgium.

Mister Unique : 1st national Limoges and 2nd national Brive in 2019

It is also worth noting that the first daughter of Mister Unique (the 999/19) that had been basketed for a race has already won a first place Issoudun at club level, with a comfortable 10 minute lead. It led to a 4th provincial of 2,501 pigeons, despite the unfavourable wind direction. This was a very strong effort!

A very bright future for the Demely family

It is safe to say that father and son Vanneste and mother Liliane have everything taken care of. The Demely family can rely on several fantastic racing birds, alongside a talented group of breeding birds. Keep in mind that only the best is good enough when it comes to crossbreeding their exceptional pigeon family to other bloodlines. It is thanks to this approach that they are among the main contenders in most races. The Figo bloodline (of A&H Reynaert, Passendale) plays a fairly prominent role in this team as well, which is not a coincidence.

It raises the question: what if this pigeon loft had been located elsewhere, better suited for the national races? Given the predominantly westerly wind, it is almost impossible to assess the full potential of this top class racing loft at national level. Still, you can tell from their numerous top results at provincial and club level that this pigeon family is particularly tough to match. Keep in mind that they also like to race with a limited number of birds, favouring quality over quantity. It earned them the respect of fellow fanciers.

We will be talking about this team of champions, which cemented its reputation as a world class team in 2020, in more detail in a future article.