Chris Debacker (Beveren-Leie, BE) wins 4x 1st provincial in three weeks' time!

The achievements of Chris Debacker over the past few weeks are nothing less than impressive. He was outstanding in Blois on 1st of August, winning a 1st-2nd-3rd prov. of 6,907 young birds. And he added another two provincial first prizes to his palmares in 2020.

A terrific 2020 season

Corona or not, the 2020 season will be Chris Debacker's most impressive season yet. Week after week, he has been claiming top results in the sprint, (longer) middle distance and more recently the long distance. And that includes an impressive four provincial victories since the weekend of 1st of August. And his most eye-catching result came that very weekend, when they claimed all three podiums spots at interprovincial level: a 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. of 6,907 young birds. And Chris's young birds have been in great form all season, with for instance a provincial victory just last weekend in Chateauroux: a 1st of 4,785 young birds. Meanwhile, the old birds claimed a coveted provincial first prize that same weekend. And he has claimed several provincial top ten places as well recently, which goes to show that Chris Debacker has been racing in a league of his own in the past several weeks.

The Debacker pigeons have been thriving in several other lofts as well: he has been getting new references almost every week. They claimed a 1st-2nd-2nd-2nd-4th-... in the last couple of weeks, to give you an idea. These references speak for themselves, and it illustrates the exceptional breeding value of this super class breed from Beveren-Leie.

We take a look at some of their best results over the past couple of weekends:

  • 11/07/2020 - Fontenay (prov.) - 7,238 young birds: 3.-12.-13.-14.-20.-48.-51.-85.-110.-111.-116.-118.-125.-144.-146.-203.-204.-252.-256.-259.-310.-328.-414.-414.-455.-459.-469-.-496.-607.-651.-... (57/93)
  • 25/07/2020 - Fontenay (prov.) - 3,553 young birds: 3.-9.-12.-22.-23.-34.-130.-257.-351.-... (17/39)
  • 25/07/2020 - Blois (i.prov.) - 6,112 young birds: 3.-15.-24.-36.-59.-67.-69.-82.-98.-100.-103.-108.-109.-120.-125.-129.-182.-185.-188.-257.-318.-320.-336.-344.-354.-379.-400.-511.-523.-552.-556.-... (48/82)2.
  • 25/07/2020 - La Souterraine (prov.) - 2,475 yearlings: 3.-40.-41.-44.-218.-... (8/14)
  • 01/08/2020 - Pontoise (i.prov.) - 6,907 young birds: 1.-2.-3.-19.-30.-36.-38.-100.-102.-119.-128.-190.-220.-335.-346.-387.-390.-409.-509.-521.-534.-591.-594.-636.-678.-684.-... (39/59)
  • 01/08/2020 - Fontenay (prov.) - 895 old birds: 1. (1/2)
  • 01/08/2020 - Fontenay (prov. ) - 2,935 young birds: 14.-15.-34.-57.-90.-122.-123.-125.-150.-... (15/26)
  • 08/08/2020 - Pointoise (prov. zone A2) - 8,475 young birds: 30.-100.-149.-157.-198.-326.-473.-570.-708.-791.-753.-... (38/121)
  • 15/08/2020 - Chateauroux (prov.) - 777 yearlings: 1.-15.-16.-21.-30.-32.-37.-...(8/17)
  • 15/08/2020 - Chateauroux (prov.) - 4,785 young birds: 1.-147 (2/12)

And Chris tried his luck in the one day long distance for the first time as well, with a limited group of racing birds, albeit a rather talented group. They did quite well in last weekend's classic from Brive:

  • prov. - 767 yearlings: 4.-10.-16.-27.-41.-42.-45.-... (8/13)
  • Nationaal - 4,238 yearlings: 29.-45.-52.-75.-137.-138.-141.-265.-... (10/13) or four pigeons in the national top 75!

We zoom in on a few of the team's best performing birds from the past several weeks:

Bobby JR (BE19-3029415) - 1st prov. Fontenay (895 olds+yearlings)

This talented racing bird has quite a palmares already.

  • 1. prov. Fontenay - 895 old birds + yearlings
  • 8. prov. Fontenay - 7,114 young birds
  • 10. prov. Fontenay - 3,065 yearlings
  • 15. prov. Fontenay - 2,515 old birds + yearlings
  • 54. prov. Fontenay - 1,836 old birds + yearlings
  • 247 prov. Pontoise - 17,443 young birds

He is a son of top class racing bird Bobby (2 x 1st prize winner and 8th-8th-... prov. winner), best young bird of 2016 & 3rd prov. ace pigeon middle distance KBDB young birds. He was bred from top breeder Georges, which is also the sire of Castor (1st prov. Fontenay - 9,803 pigeons), Dean (2nd Chateaudun - 2,917 pigeons), Celle and Clarck. Georges was paired to Mieke, a daughter of Christa (4th Nat. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance yearlings KBDB).

The dam of Bobby JR is Clementine, inbred to top breeder De James (Clement De Mesmaeker), sire of 12 first prize winners and grandfather of the winners of a 2nd-3rd-3rd-6th-7th-8th-11.-... National and 1st-1st-1st-1st-2nd-2nd-2nd-2nd-3rd-... provincial!

Bobby JR (BE19-3029415)

Fanny (BE20-3106554) - 1st prov. Blois (6,907 young birds)

Fanny took a convincing provincial win in Blois. The week before that, she also claimed a 289th prov. of 5,474 young birds, again in Blois. And she finished in 8th place of 520 young birds in Arras, her opening race.

The sire is Willem, a crossing of a son of Nieuwe Olympiade (Leo Heremans) x Florence (Stefaan Lambrechts) through Eijerkamp, combined with Vroom (Stefaan Lambrechts).

The dam is Bea, winner of three first prizes, including a 1st prov. Tours (1,076 pigeons), as well as a 3rd prov. Tours (2,389 pigeons) and a 238th Nat. Chateauroux (26,695 pigeons). Bea is a daughter of Wesley, a half brother of 2nd Nat. Poitiers Ultra Boy paired to Katho (2 first prizes and a 4th Nat. Bourges of 12,607 pigeons). Wesley is also a grandson of stock pair Nick x Natacha.

Fanny (BE20-3106554)

Fienne (BE20-3106571) - 1st prov. Chateauroux (4,785 young birds)

The sire of Fienne is Elie, a brother of Dynamite Dana. This bird has five victories from Pontoise to her name, as well as a 3rd-4th-8th-10th-13th-13th-... provincial! They are both youngsters of top breeder Baldwin (another grandson of stock pair Nick x Natacha) x a daughter of Prima Donna (W.A. De Bruijn). 

Bild entfernt.
Dynamite Dana, super class racing bird and an aunt of provincial winner Fienne

The dam is Elise, a full sister of Bobby (the sire of Bobby JR, the other provincial winner), which means she was also bred from top breeder Georges Mieke. Another talented son of this breeding pair is Castor (1st prov. Fontenay of 9,803 pigeons).

Fenne (BE20-3106571)

Jurgen (BE19-3029520) - 1st prov. Chateauroux (777 old birds)

Jurgen has quite a few top results to his name:

  • 1st prov. Chateauroux - 777 old birds / 65. Nat. - 6,306 pigeons
  • 4th Clermont - 366 pigeons
  • 28th prov. Pontoise - 17,443 pigeons
  • 37th prov. Chateaudun - 4,755 pigeons
  • 40th prov. La Souterraine - 2,475 pigeons
  • 70th prov. Chateaudun - 1,923 pigeons
  • 71st prov. Argenton - 4,299 pigeons

The sire is Asver, a full brother of De Bliksem, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance KBDB 2018 for Roger & Jurgen Vervaeke. He was bred from Anton (half brother Sero Sero - 1st Nat. Argenton Anthony Maes) x Celeste.

The dam is another full sister of Bobby and Castor, again bred from top pair Georges x Mieke.

Jurgen (BE19-3029520)

And Femke, 3rd provincial Blois (6,907 young birds), is another granddaughter (through her dam Delphine) of that same renowned pair Georges x Mieke. Her sire won 5 first prizes and a title of 3rd prov. ace pigeon middle distance KBDB and 6th prov. ace pigeon all-round KBDB. He is a son of Salomez (son of stock sire Nick) x Zannine, another daughter of Christa and a half sister of Mieke

Plenty of references

The team had numerous references in 2020 alone, which says a lot about the impressive breeding value in the breeding lofts in Beveren-Leie, and about pigeon fancier Chris Debacker. Clearly, only the best is good enough to pass the selection at home, and the same applies to pigeons that transfer to a different loft, either as a gift or when being sold. Here are a few of his references in recent weeks:

  • 1st prov Chateauroux - 5,555 pigeons on 4th of July 2020 for Rik Cools with Evita, a direct Chris Debacker
  • 2nd prov. La Souteraine - 2,484 pigeons on  25th of July for Vermeersch - Depraetere with a 100% Chris Debacker bird
  • 4th prov La Souterraine - 2,484 pigeons on 25th of July 2020 for Rik Cools with a direct Chris Debacker bird

      And Chris claimed a 3rd prov. with Elisabeth at home that weekend:

  • Blois 25/07 5474 pigeons
  • 2nd prov. Blois - 5,474 pigeons on 25th of July 2020 for Rik Cools with a direct Chris Debacker pigeon

    Chris won another 3rd provincial that weekend at home.

  • 1st prov. zone A2 Pontoise  on 25th of July 2020 for Jurgen Delbeque with a direct Chris Debacker pigeon
  • 1st prov. Pontoise Zone A2 - 401 old birds on 15th of August 2020 for Tjoen Vivien with a direct Chris Debacker bird. This pigeon has 5 first prizes and 4 third places
  • 2nd prov. Chateauroux - 777 yearlings on 15th of August 2020 for Vermeersch-Depraetere with a 100% Chris Debacker pigeon

There is no doubt about it. If you scroll through his impressive palmares (and through the many references in other lofts), there is only one conclusion: this has been a stellar season for Chris Debacker. His team has been particularly strong in recent weeks, winning an impressive four provincial victories in three weeks' time, alongside several provincial top results. These numbers speak for themselves. And Chris has discovered yet another talented breeding pair as well: Georges and Mieke. We have seen three provincial first place winners in three weeks' time among their second generation of descendants. And let's not forget stock pair Nick x Natacha; they have featured in the pedigrees of quite a few champions as well. The team from Beveren-Leie is doing a great job!