Comb. Moespot-Gijzen (Zutphen, NL) claim 1st NPO Fay aux Loges (Orleans) of 5,735 pigeons

The Moespot-Gijzen combination is really coming to the fore. They already had several top results in major races to their name, and they have now won 1st NPO Orleans Prov. 8 of 5,735 pigeons, as well as a 3rd National Sector 3 of as many as 14,036 pigeons.
Arjan, Petra and their son Robin

The Moespot-Gijzen combination consists of Arjan Moespot (40) and his wife Petra Moespot Gijzen, and they are the parents of ten year old Robin. Arjan works as a logistics manager/supervisor, Petra works in home nursing. Arjan has to work in shifts quite often, so they both have a clearly defined set of tasks when it comes to looking after the pigeons. If Arjan has an early morning shift, Petra does all the work in the loft, and if Arjan has to work late, Petra looks after the pigeons in the evening. Things like pairing up pigeons, selecting racing birds or investing in new bloodlines are done by mutual agreement. Clearly, both of them work long days in their pigeon loft; they take great care of their pigeons and they leave nothing to chance.

How it unfolded

Arjan was just three years old when he would visit the lofts of his grandfather. And his uncles and a few other relatives were racing pigeons as well. It was almost self-evident that Arjan would build his own pigeon loft one day. He started racing pigeons on his own in the 1980s. And by the late 1990s, Petra had started to develop an interest in pigeons as well: she would look after the pigeons when Arjan was not able to. When they started to live together in 2000, Petra became responsible for the young birds, and she clearly did a great job. And when Arjan started working shifts in 2003, she was more than willing to look after the old birds as well.

In the lofts of Marcel Sangers...

In 2007 Arjan and Petra were informed that their house would need to be torn down, to make place for an industrial area. Almost simultaneously, they heard that the house of local legend Marcel Sangers was on the market. The two families quickly reached an agreement, and they also agreed that the pigeons lofts, where several national titles, ace pigeon titles and victories NPO had been won, would be left intact. And as soon as in 2008, they were able to twin two teletext prizes with pigeons that were born and raised in their previous loft. A surprising feat.

The pigeon breed

In 2000 the fanciers decided to take things more seriously, and to invest in better quality pigeons. They obtained a few late youngsters of neighboring fancier Remi Veenendaal in 2001, which originated directly from B. Campus and M. Sangers. These pigeons proved more than capable, and when Remi decided to leave the sport in 2002, they agreed to take over his entire racing team. And in 2002 they invested in 8 summer youngsters of grandmaster B. Campus. And from 2007 onwards, direct pigeons of Marcel Sangers were introduced as well. Billy-Red, a talented son of Fast as Lightning x Miss Geniality proved particularly strong; his bloodline appears in the pedigrees of most of their race winners today.

From 2017 onwards, pigeons from Van de Bulck and Lambrechts were being introduced as well, with grandchildren of Kittel and Lincia proving particularly valuable. In late 2017, they also invested in a number of direct Comb. Verbree pigeons at a total sale of the Doppenberg Brothers. These Verbree descendants appeared to combine really well with their existing collection. Besides, Arjan and Petra were also quite successful with pigeons of Ruud Uylen (Dieren, NL), Bob de Saedelaer (Brasschaat, BE), Roel Gossen (Laar, NL) and N.J. Koenders (Westervoort, NL). And lastly, they also obtained a few youngsters from the phenomenal Lambert van Erp (Berghem, NL) in 2019. And besides these many renowned pigeon lofts, there is another important bloodline in this team: Witkop. In February 2002, in the midst of a snowstorm, he landed near the loft, still with a few nest feathers on his head. He belonged to Dhr. Pollaerts (Helvoirt, NL), and he said they could keep him. This Witkop eventually developed into an exceptionally gifted breeder. In fact, many of the team's best racing birds and teletext winners today are (great-)grandchildren of this terrific breeder.


Quievrain Region 5,903 p.: 3-14-71-etc. (24/64)
Soissons Region 4,750 p.: 8-9-33-37-64-etc. (24/45)
Chalons en Ch. Region 3,088 p.: 6-7-28-30-49-84-etc. (30/44)
Reims Region 1,651 p.: 23-29-44-49-66-70-etc. (18/29)
Chateaudun Region 2,115 p.: 7-15-50-59-etc. (17/41)
NPO Z 3,777 p.: 17-39-etc. (16/41)
Issoudun Region 1,584 p.: 6-14-19-29-46-49-52-58-etc. (23/41)
NPO Z 2,770 p.: 10-21-32-56-88-92-96-etc. (23/41)
Chateauroux Region 1,293 p.: 9-23-25-26-32-47-50-etc. (15/38)
NPO Z 2,108 p.: 12-37-42-43-53-79-82-etc. (15/38)
Budel Region 4,373 p.: 10-12-33-48-53-73-74-78-80-81-etc. (45/60)
Niergnies Region 6,400 p.: 8-13-14-47-etc. (39/56)
Nanteuil Region 2,158 p.: 5-27-39-47-52-76-77-82-etc. (23/34)
Chalons en Ch. Region 5,141 p.: 14-15-57-66-86-etc. (34/54)
Orleans Region 2,639 p.: 7-18-71-89-99-etc. (19/46)
NPO 9,218 p.: 7-22-etc. (21/46)
Bourges Region 1,585 p.: 3-18-23-26-58-60-70-73-93-96-etc. (25/39)
NPO 5,856 p.: 4-62-78-94-etc. (23/39)
Orleans Region 1,445 p.: 1-9-17-30-40-44-45-etc. (15/34)
NPO 5,735 p.: 1-10-25-63-86-93-94-etc. (16/34)

His most impressive achievement so far is of course his 1st and 10th NPO Orleans last weekend (1 August).

NL19-1417554 Bonzo, 1st NPO Orleans 5,735 pigeons (3rd National S 3 14,036 p.)

The first place in Orleans went to one year old racing cock Bonzo. He is a son of Fire-Boy (Camphuis x Sangers), himself a successful racing bird as well:

11th NPO Bourges 3,073 p.
13th NPO Blois 2,659 p.
57th Isnes 2,142 p.

The dam is Franroyo, and she is the dam of several first place winners and Teletext winners, including an 8th NU Bourges (6,639 p.).

NL19-1417574 Chansey, 10th NPO Orleans 5,735 pigeons

Chansey won a 10th NPO Orleans and originates from Golden Verbree x Lieveling 429 (Camphuis). Golden Verbree is a son of substitute Olympiad hen Utopia of the Verbree combination. Besides this 10th NPO Orleans Chansey also claimed a 52nd Nanteuil (2,138 p.) and a 74th Maastricht (1,841 p.).

Top class pigeons, good advice and determination

Those are the key ingredients in the pigeon loft of Arjan and Petra, and we let them conclude this article. "We are both pigeon racing fanatics and we want to reach the very top. Our good friend and grandmaster Marcel Sangers has been of tremendous help along teh way, and we would like to thank him for his valuable advice and his good pigeons. It's fantastic to have a superstar like him around: he is always willing to share his knowledge and he is there for us all the time."