DVV Pigeons (Merelbeke-Lemberge, BE) claim national victory La Souterraine with top class hen Argentina

The pigeons of Johan Devroe and Rudi Vandeputte had been showing their excellent form over the past couple of weeks with some remarkable results. And it culminated in a zonal victory from La Souterraine.
Rudi Vandeputte (l) and Johan Devroe (r)

Most of us know that the lofts in Moortsele and Lemberge are racing at a high level every single season. The 2020 season is no different: the team has had a very successful year so far, both with the old and one year old hens in Lemberge and with Johan's young birds in Moortsele. We take a look at the results from the past two weeks:

Old and one year old hens for Rudi Vandeputte (DVV-Pigeons, Lemberge)

18 July Issoudun YLs
Club : 293 p.: 3-10-19-29-etc.(9/16)
Provincial : 4,348 p.: 21-72-173-212-289-etc. (10/16)
Nat.Zone A2 : 4,627 p.: 5-34--98-127-181-395-etc. (10/16)
National : 18,176 p.: 379-780-1380-1564-1874-etc. (9/16)

25 July La Souterraine YLs
Club : 294 p.: 1-16-18-19-28-etc (11/15)
Provincial : 3,540 p.: 4-68-91-93-163-234-254-324-etc. (11/15)
Nat.Zone A2 : 4,119 p.: 1-56-77-78-145-205-224-298-369-etc. (11/15)
National : 15,939 p.: 141-539-690-699-1001-1252-1318-1602-etc. (11/15)

25 July Orleans (olds and YLs)
Club : 133 p.: 2-5-6-9-11-12-etc. (14/20)
Scheldeverbond : 418 p.: 6-11-17-22-35-39-etc. (12/20)
Int.Prov.(FVOV): 6,503 p.: 195-355-432-530-678-etc.

The young birds of Johan Devroe (DVV-Pigeons, Moortsele)

18 July Sermaises YBs
Club : 619 p.: 8-14-15-17-20-26-27-30-41-48-51-59-etc. (36/70)
Scheldeverbond : 1,693 p.: 13-22-24-27-32-48-50-54-62-76-85-92-110-124-132-135-144-161-etc. (39/70)

25 July Orleans YBs
Club : 933 p.: 34-47-48-51-64-66-86-87-etc. (37/76)
Int.Prov.(FVOV): 17,443 p.: 357-453-464-471-636-646-860-875-992-1001-1024-1294-1300-1304-1367-
: 1395-1500-1589-1601-1644-etc. (38/76)

The most eye-catching result is of course their 1st National Zone (A2) La Souterraine of 4,119 yearlings. And this national victory was not the first important achievement for racing hen Argentina. She was outstanding two weeks in a row, and so was her nest sister 't Blauw Potje. We take a closer look at both of them.

BE19-4086572 Argentina, 1st National Zone A2 La Souterraine (4,119 yearlings)

Argentina was already quite promising as a young bird, having won nine prizes, including 7 prizes per 10. Her best result that season was a 29th National Argenton of 23,258 pigeons. And she continues to deliver as a one year old, with two magnificent results in a single week:

18 July : 5th National Issoudun Zone A2 4,627 yearlings
25 July : 1st National La Souterraine Zone A2 4,119 yearlings

Like we said, her nest sister 't Blauw Pootje has been quite a strong performer as well. We look at her results in the same two weeks:

18 July Limoges YLs
Club : 223 p.: 5th
Provincial : 2,945 p.: 48th
Nat.Zone A2 : 3,638 p.: 72nd
National : 9,756 p.: 157th

25 July Orleans olds and YLs
Club : 133 p.: 2nd
Union : 418 p.: 6th
Provincial YLs : 4,241 p.: 104th
Provincial olds+YLs: 7,121 p.: 195th

The pedigrees of the two sisters have a striking resemblance: a national winner as their grandfather. The isre is a son of New Rudy, winner of a 1st National Brive (Frederick Everaert, owner Hollywood). The dam is a daughter of Antonio, which claimed a 1st National Souillac (Rudi Dessaer).

Successful relaunch

After the DVV pigeon sale from 2017 in their previous composition, Rudi and Johan decided to keep racing together. We are now three years later, and it is safe to say that this new start has been a major success indeed, with many highlights.