Team van Oss (Velddriel, NL) claim 1st Bourges in Northern Union in the one day long distance, their favourite competition

Over the past several years Team Van Oss has grown to become one of the leading names in the one day long distance in The Netherlands. They lived up to their reputation in the 2019 national championship, and again in 2020, with a 1st Bourges Northern Union of 8,019 pigeons.
Team van Oss met Erik van de Laak (hokverzorger), Rien van Oss (m) en Irving van Oss (r)

As many of you know, Team van Oss is racing from two different locations. They have a loft in Velddriel (Province 7) for their favourite competition, the one day long distance, and they keep a team of young birds here as well. Loft caretaker Erik is responsible for the racing birds. Irvin looks after the breeding birds in Velddriel, and he also runs a team of young birds in Engelen (Province 3). Father Rien is the loft manager, although every decision is made as a team. And lastly we have mother Diny. She is not actively involved in the pigeon lofts but she is always there to await the pigeons after a race.

This is clearly a well-oiled team that has been successfully racing in the one day long distance for several years now. And their racing birds have demonstrated their potential in this competition again in 2020. Despite the delayed start of the season due to corona, the team has not really changed anything about their approach, except for the transfer of 16 racing cocks from Engelen to the loft in Velddriel. These one year old cocks completed the entire young birds' season in province 3, whereas they will now be raced in Province 7 as yearlings.

Like we said, things have been going well this season, and the racing team has demonstrated their excellent form in recent races. For instance, they were very successful in the first one day long distance race from Sablis:

Salbris NPO 537 km 6,779 p.: 12-14-39-41-46-71-72-86-108-112-114-etc. (27/53)

Interestingly enough, their first two pigeons in this race were yearlings that had been transferred from their old base in Engelen to Velddriel!

Next up was the one day long distance race from Bourges on 18th of July, where they took the first spot in the Northern Union Z1. Here are the full results:

Bourges N.U Z1 561 km 8,019 p.: 1-8-18-61-74-120-121-206-207-239-249-382-431-432-456-457-476-485-etc. 36/50
Overall results: 5 x 1:100 10%
25 x 1:10 50%
36 x 1:4 72%

NL19-1024526, 1st Bourges N.U. Z1 8,019 pigeons (and 2nd overall of 16,447 p.)

This one year old cock has clearly inherited the many qualities of both his parents, which enabled him to win a 1st Bourges. His sire, New Harry 2.0, is a son of Beauty Harry x Stareye. The dam is NL12-059. She also happens to be the dam of a 1st NPO Melun (1,975 p.).

New Harry 2.0, sire of NL19-1024826 (1st Bourges 8,019 p.)
NL12-1800059, dam of NL19-1024826 (1st Bourges 8,019 p.)

NL19-1024999, 8th Bourges N.U. Z1 8,019 pigeons

This NL19-999, winner of an 8th Bourges, is another of those racing cocks that were transferred from Engelen to Velddriel. The sire of this 999 is Kromsnavel (grandson Harry), and he is already the sire of:

1st NPO Chateauroux 3,243 p.
8th NU Bourges 8,019 p.
1st Oudenaarde 2,399 p.
1st Isnes 1,873 p.
3rd Lessines 2,269 p.
8th Pt. st.Max. 1,025 p.
9th Isnes 1,164 p.

The dam of this 999 originates from the top breeders Hattrick x Nationaaltje.

Hattrick, grandfather of the NL19-1024999 (8th Bourges 8,019 p.)

Hattrick has won three top tens NPO over the course of his racing career.

5th NPO Issoudun 2,895 p.
6th NPO Bourges 4,814 p.
10th NPO Chateauroux 3,544 p.
2nd Ace Pigeon one day long distance N.U. 2017
3rd Best long distance pigeon in The Netherlands PIPA ranking 2017 (3 pr)

And he now has a proven record as a breeder for Rien and Irving as well. He is for instance the sire of:

9th Nat. Ace Pigeon one day long distance
4th Ace Pigeon one day long distance Prov. 7
7th Ace Pigeon YBs Prov. 7
2nd Ace Pigeon YBs Fondclub Utrecht
5th Ace Pigeon YBs BCC
4th Nat. Melun 8,389 p.
5th Sezanne 11,709 p.
15th NPO Chateauroux 3,243 p.
23rd NPO Bourges 5,274 p.
26th NPO Chateauroux 2,803 p.
26th NPO Vierzon 2,671 p.
22nd NPO Orleans 2,596 p.
40th Roye 5,996 p.
41st Isnes 1,884 p.
42nd Chimay 2,226 p.
64th Niergnies 4,849 p.
6th Pont St. Maxence 411 p.
Nationaaltje, grandmother of the NL19-1024999 (8th Bourges 8,019 p.)

Nationaaltje has become an important breeder in Velddriel as well; she is the dam of:

1st pigeon champion YBs Prov. 7
2nd pigeon champion olds Region C
6th yearling PIPA ranking 2016
1st Lessines 4,254 p.
1st Asse Zellik 2,091 p.
2nd Nat. Nanteuil 14,422 p.
3rd Niergnies 6,844 p.
5th Chateaudun 1,982 p.
7th Lessines 4,091 p.

So we have seen two excellent results from the old birds' team, and it does look like the new generation from 2020 is ready to deliver as well. They have now completed two races in Irving's lofts in Engelen, and this is the outcome:

Bierges 118 km pv Deuteren 724 p.: 1 t/m 31 etc. (62/97)
Isnes 140 km cc Den Bosch 1,644 p.: 2-5-6-7-10-13-15-16-20-etc. (42/88)

Outstanding in other lofts as well

It is clear that the pigeons of Team van Oss have been outstanding in other lofts as well, for instance for Mrs. Snellen & Son from Den Bosch. This combination has a super class bird in their collection called Diny. She comes straight from Rien and Irving, bred from top breeders De Pros x Lady Harry.

Diny claimed a 2nd NPO of 7,201 pigeons in the one day long distance race from Issoudun (Prov. 3) and a 1st NPO of 4,063 pigeons in Montluçon on 18th of July, as the fastest of 7,299 birds In provinces 3 & 4.

De Pros, sire of Diny (Mrs. Snellen & son)
Lady Harry, dam of Diny (Mrs. Snellen & son)