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A report on the British Barcelona Club race from Bordeaux on 26th July 2020

177 members sent 1,030 pigeons to Bordeaux with the British Barcelona Club. After a one day holdover they were liberated at 07.15CEST into broken skies. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
Tony Stephens

First open and first section B was won by A Stephens of Poole with a yearling on 1229ypm. Tony timed Annie, a blue hen sent paired to another hen and sitting a one day old squeaker. Annie's breeding is Vandenabeele and the sire has won the federation four times for Tony, including from Fougeres and Carentan. The dam was Tony's best young bird in 2018 winning the Dorset Federation breeder buyer race and scoring six times in the top ten in the club.

Phil Weedon's hen

P R Weedon and Sons of Uckfield were second open and first section G with a two year old on 1225ypm. Phil clocked a blue hen, the sire of which he bought at Blackpool and was bred from a grandson of Roaul Verstraete's Topstar when paired to a grand-daughter of Hooyman's Harry. The dam was a gift bird from James Parker of JPS Lofts and was bred down from Pros Roosen's Blauw Prins.

Dan Crick

D Crick and Son of Luton clocked at 1216ypm to take third open and first section D. Dan timed a blue, yearling hen flying almost five hundred miles on the day. The sire was a mealy cock which was twenty-fifth open from Fougeres and the dam was purchased at a BICC auction from H and P Archibald of Dover. The pedigree of the dam contains The Proof, second and third open Tarbes in consecutive years.

Dennis Baker

Dennis Baker of Maidenhead was fourth open and second section D with a two year old on 1199ypm. Dennis' blue bar cock is of Rauw Sablon breeding being a grandson of first international Bordeaux for Eric Limbourg and Going for Gold, first Central Southern Classic FC for Roger Lowe.

Erik Neilson

Wearn Brothers and Neilson of Ramsdean were fifth open and first section A with a two year old on 1178ypm. The partner's blue hen is now called Ramsdean Clare. Her breeding on the sire’s side is Herman Ceusters and on the dam's side is John Gerard. She has been raced every other week with her last race being Messac. All the partner's birds have been raced celibate this season and results have steadily been improving in recent weeks.

Roger Lowe

Roger Lowe of Reading timed two pigeons to take sixth and tenth open, third and fourth section D. Both were two year olds on 1177ypm and 1125ypm respectively. Roger's two winners are nest sisters bred from The Main Man, first federation and second and third open NFC Saintes. The Main Man has bred many winners including The One, first open Guernsey and Main Son, first open Sigogne. The dam of the sisters is Lucky Supreme, given to Roger as an egg by Mark Gilbert.

Paul Davies

P Davies of Jersey timed a two year old on 1176ypm to take seventh open and first section H. Paul timed Lynne, a hen sent sitting fourteen day eggs and which was given to him by Keith Duffin.

Rob, Andrew & Louie Wilton

D Wilton and Son of Chadwell St Mary were eighth open and first section J with a two year old on 1147ypm. Rob and Andrew timed a cock flown on the widowhood system. It's breeding contains Brockamp bloodlines with the dam being a grand-daughter of Euro Diamond and Perpignan 06. The sire is also a grandson of Euro Diamond.

D Wilton & Son's pigeon
Ken Francis

Ninth open and second section A was a three year old on 1137ypm for K and S Francis of Southampton. Ken and Sur clocked a blue chequer cock, flown on the widowhood system and containing Billy Lynch Casaert bloodlines. The partners pigeon family is all based around these Casaert bloodlines.

Around the sections

R and H Barrs of Stubbington were third section A with a two year old on 1110ypm.

Mark Gower

Mr and Mrs Gower of Fordingbridge were second section B with a yearling on 1112ypm. Mark and Julie's cock was flown on the roundabout system and was a result of some co-breeding with Andy Parsons of Salisbury. It's four grandparents are fourth, second and fifth open Tarbes winners and a stock cock originating from Keith Bush.

Mr and Mrs Cowley of Dorchester were third section B with a yearling on 1037ypm.

Janet & Ken Wilcox

Janet Wilcox of Radstock timed two pigeons to take first and second section C. First to clock was a five year old on 1051ypm, followed by a three year old on 1030ypm. First to time was a widowhood cock bred from three parts Geoff Kirkland's old Desmet x Bowen bloodlines when crossed with introductions from Tom Sherwood's Champion Jack breeding. Second on the clock was a gift bird from Fil and Karen Travetti when they decided to leave the sport after winning the Paulton breeder buyer race in 2017. It was gifted on the condition that the Wilcox's raced it on and this season it has been to Messac and Poitiers prior to Bordeaux.

Clive & Wendy Merrills

Mr and Mrs Merrills of Swindon were third section C with a two year old on 806ypm. Clive and Wendy's timer was a Deweerdt x Jan Aarden on its third race of the season. It was raced on the celibate system but had paired to another hen with the eggs taken away after laying. The sire was a gift from Guy Reed of the Isle of Wight, whilst the dam has been sent to Barcelona with the BBC.

Team Aurel's pigeon

Team Aurel of Telford was first section E with a three year old on 878ypm. Aurel timed Nela, which was never raced prior to this season, having only been trained to the coast. Earlier this season she had four inland races followed by Carentan from across the channel. Nela was flown on the roundabout system. Aurel dedicated his win to his mentor Nelu Vasile, who passed away last year.

Noel & Adam Gaunt

N and A Gaunt of Leeds clocked a five year old on 812ypm to take second section E. Noel and Adam timed a hen bred from a full brother to their first timer from a Midlands National Flying Club race from Bordeaux, the only other time they have sent to this racepoint. The dam was purchased from a charity auction from Brian Holland of Keithley, being a grand-daughter of Shackleton and Son's Pennine Heights.

D and P Whitfield of Newcastel were third section E with a three year old on 750ypm.

Don & Elaine Harvey

D Harvey of Dover was second section G with a two year old on 1120ypm. Don timed a widowhood cock bred from a Menne and Daughter cock, a son of Christine, when paired to a hen that he purchased from Bert Shepherd and coming from Bert's Ko Nipius x Jan Aarden family of pigeons.

Derek Reid of Weybridge was third section G with a five year old on 1101ypm.

Willie Healy

Willie Healy from Jersey was second section H with a three year old on 1025ypm. Willie's cock was sent sitting four day eggs and was also his timer from Bordeaux last season. The sire is a Kirkland x Janssen cock, whilst the dam is a Van Wan Roy crossed with Scottish bloodlines.

Mark, Abbie & Charlotte Bulled

Mark Bulled of Harlow timed a yearling on 848ypm to take second section J. Mark timed a widowhood hen bred from a sire from his Legacy family when paired to a dam from Lee and Kevin Buddle and containing Tom and Elsa bloodlines.

Sontag and Son of Harlow were third section J with a two year old on 827ypm.

That concludes the report on the British Barcelona Club race from Bordeaux.