Another national victory for the combination Casaert-Sénéchal (Russeignies, BE) on Limoges II

Toasten op een nationale zege
It's a well-known name of the belgian pigeon sport who just booked a national on the race of Limoges II. The whole performance achieved by this loft was incredible with the 4th national yearlings as well as 16 pigeons clocked into the national top 100!

When you closely follow the racing happenings each week, you got some kind of feelings that you cannot explain and that finally tend to happen in most cases. For us, it was to predict which loft will finish to book a prestigious victory, sooner or later. Of course, everybody had in mind the Vandenheede brothers, who became unavoidable at this level, a prediction that became by the way a truth last weekend. But some others fanciers were also targeted. Amongst them, there was Sébastien Casaert-Sénéchal. Because of the predominant west wind who blew over the last few weeks, he couldn't clock on top until now but his pigeons were always in the right spots, a big performance was just missing. But it was written that the conditions will soon become more favorable for them and it finally happened this 18th of July. The rest of the story is known:

18/07 Limoges (602 km) national - 10.319 old birds:
and a total of 40 prizes from 65 basketed (25x per 10)
18/07 Limoges (602 km) national - 9.756 yearlings:
and a total of 25 prizes from 52 basketed (15x per 10)

As you can notice, we can find back the combination Casaert-Sénéchal with no less than 16 prizes into the national top 100!

National victory for 'Julienne' !

After the early arrival of Francis Dorchies, a quick calculation allowed the team to know that they had to clock around 15h12 to be on top. Around 15h10, two pigeons came from the right direction but they were only noticed by the supporters. The pigeons really gave all what they had because they needed a few seconds to recover on the landing board before getting inside. The national winner even entered in a loft of young birds. With a final clocking at 15h10''58 for 'Julienne' and 15h11''04 for the '483/19', the two speeds were respectively of 1.306,75 m/min and 1.306,47 m/min. Only the astonishing performance of the Vandenheede brothers in the yearlings category prevented the Casaert-Sénéchal team to book an incredible double victory!
Julienne owe her name to the mother of Sébastien's mother, who passed away a few months ago.

- 'Julienne' (BE18-4194032)

1. Nat Limoges 10.319 p.
23. Orléans 2.721 p.
33. Maisseny 1.186 p.
88. Nat Argenton 16.496 p.
88. IP. La Ferté 6.987 p.
327. Nat Argenton 22.826 p.

Julienne shooted a few minutes after her victory
The head of the winning hen

Father: Son Porsche 518 (BE17-4062518)
A super pigeon bred out of a joint breeding with Great Wall, son of the super star Porsche 911 (5. National Ace GMD KBDB) x Kaat (1. Nat Argenton 9.540 p. and 4x top 100 national for Willy Daniels).
Mother: Last Chance (BE15-6020121)
Super breeding hen, original Bart Geerinckx from National Boy x Witpen Wouters (direct M. Wouters and full sister of the famous Leeuw). The National Boy is a son of the pair Luc x Just Wait, so 1. Nat Argenton x 1. Nat Argenton. The Witpen Wouters was previously (grand)mother of several cracks like ao. Xena (2. Nat Argenton 5.043 p.), National Treasure (2. Nat Châteauroux 17.109 p.) and also Little Star (1. National Ace GMD KBDB).
Last Chance already had some massive breeding references that you can check while browsing the pedigree through the link below:

- '483/19' (BE19-4184483)

4. Nat Limoges 9.756 p.

This hen is a full sister of the super '210/18' who already won this year for Arien-De Keyser ao. 20. Nat Issoudun 10.603 p., 41. Nat Bourges 23.195 p. & 42. Nat Châteauroux 20.800 p. In 2018, a half-sister ('Anne') already won the 7. National Ace Bird GMD KBDB.

Father: Blue Lagoon x Acy 920 (BE16-6033920)
Direct Bart Geerinckx, from the super pair of Blue Lagoon & Acy (2. National Ace Bird GMD KBDB & 1. Olympic Pigeon Cat C 2013). Blue Lagoon was himself a super racer, winner of ao.1. Iprov Blois 762 p., 1. Nat Zone Montluçon 2.545 p., 4. Nat Zone Argenton 1.495 p., etc. but he is mainly known to be the father of Little Star - 1. National Ace Bird GMD KBDB in 2015!
Mother: Sister Porsche 772 (BE17-4062772)
Like her name says, full sister of Porsche 911 who is the grandfather of Julienne (so, bred out of the fantastic pair Wacko Freddy x Lieve)

One ultimate goal: to race

Sébastien was born as a real competitor. Several years ago, the opportunity to put all his focus only on the racing aspect came to him through the partnership founded with PEC. The running of this partnership is quite simple: PEC bred and deliver all the pigeons that will be raced and tested by Sébastien, who doesn't have to pay any attention anymore to the breeding in general. One single motto is applied: to race.
The different racing teams are of course consistent but everybody should pay his respect to such a titanic job. It's indeed not an easy task to manage a team of that size and mainly to stay on top. But Sébastien is lucky to count on the precious help of his wife Anne and his son Hugo who is getting more and more involved into the daily cares of the pigeons. In 2020, the pigeon sport looks more and more as a teamwork and it starts with the daily cares given to the pigeons until the partnership with PEC.
'Julienne' is the result of this efficient collaboration, just like 'Red Devil Porsche' was (national winner of Jarnac in 2018).
After the recent references obtained in various OLR throughout the world, the PEC pigeons proves once again that they are between the most efficient pigeons in the world nowadays.

Congratulations to the whole team for this brilliant performance!

A view on the accomodations

Video 1e Nat. Limoges II