After first national Limoges 2005, now first national Argenton I by the yearlings Deno-Herbots - Leefdaal (BE)

It is the first year that this race from Argenton is organised as NATIONAL by the East-Flemish club. In previous years almost every province sat in Argenton. During the Annual General meeting of the KBDB in February 2009 the proposition of the national sport committee to make it national was accepted.

Seeing the nice number of 30.977 pigeons wherefrom 9.912 old and 21.065 yearlings, there is clearly a demand for a few national "Grand Middle Distance races" and this especially to bring structure into the proliferation of the provincial and regional races. The period between the first national race from Bourges at the end of May and the late classics is too long for those who pursue this speciality.

Deno-Herbots wins with the yearlings

We are not going to use the cliché that Deno-Herbots needs no further introduction... they have won everything that there is to win. Their first national yearling against more than 17.000 pigeons in 2005 is still fresh in our minds. This year they are already busy  with a successful season.
Deno clocked his first pigeon, a yearling, at 16h29 from a distance of 524,349 km which meant a velocity of 1251,43 m/m. With this he won the first national yearlings with no less than a 7 m/m lead on the other world famous formation from Itegem, Houben J,L,N who clocked at 16h55 from 553,909 km, velocity 1244.74.
Third was the upcoming duo Timmermans-Reynders from Schafen, who definitely have the wind in their sails since being joined by carer Willy Hoeylaerts. They clocked at 16h58 from 555,684 km, good for 3rd place nationally with 1240.37 m/m
Remarkable fact, when Deno won the first national Limoges in 2005 it was with a velocity of 1242 m/m, now 1251 m/m. It is obvious that the Deno-pigeon has a preference for this rhythm, although they have also given good performances at other speeds.

Jos and his companions hit hard.
They not only achieved the place of honour by the yearlings, but 4 pigeons classified in the first 50 national by the old: 4th, 10th, 29th, 41st, ... against 9.912 pigeons (provisional prognosis)
The first national yearling 2009 is a hen with ring number "2059168/2008" and she is also a full sister of the 4th national old birds in the same race ... This cock was also the best Bourges racer over the last 3 years in the Pipa-Ranking, In other words, top class for these distances.
24 old birds and 54 yearlings were basketted for this race. The total prize percentage nationally will be very high.
The winning hen was "only" nominated as 4th because the previous week she didn’t return home until Tuesday from Montluçon. When she came home she didn’t get to see her partner, but was allowed to see him for half an hour before being basketted for Argenton.
Jos and Jean certainly don’t spare their pigeons.
They had already raced:
2 May  Toury
9 May  Toury
16 May Vierzon 
23 May Bourges
30 May Issoudun
7 June Chateauroux
13 June Chateauroux
20 June Montluçon
and then now Argenton National
Method :
Both cocks and hens are raced in total widowhood. The team for the Middle and Grand Middle distance consists of 21 old birds (cocks and hens together) and 33 yearlings.
The Long Distance team consists of 20 cocks of which 14 will go to Limoges next weekend and 6 to Barcelona. Supplemented with 12 hens wherefrom 3 will go to Orange and 6 or 7 to Barcelona.

First national Argenton Yearlings









10e nationaal Argenton 2009 oude duiven