Another successful season for Martial Maindrelle (Bretteville-sur-Laize, FR)!

The 'Flying Doc' from Normandy was in the spotlights last year once again thanks to a successful racing season, in the same level than the previous years. It was worth to pay a visit to one of the most consistent French lofts of the last few years.

Martial with 'Stinger', one of the revelations of last year.

A brand new national title

Martial is used to climb on the French national podium for a while. He did it once again in 2019 as he just won the title of 1st National Champion Middle Distance, a title he won right in front of several lofts from the north of France, specialists on this discipline. He also booked several other rankings obtained in various distances, which proves that his birds are not only limited to the middle distance races. Here are the rankings he won last year:

4th National Champion General
7th National Champion Long Distance
8th National Champion Youngsters

His racing season was a real stunt with no less than 14 victories won in his combine, which lead him to a total of 72 victories since 2013. At the federal level, he won four victories as well as six first places in the zone 2 while a full brother of 'Olympic Juliet' was classified 2nd Ace Pigeon Middle Distance. In addition, a doping control has been organized with a negative result, which kills directly any form of suspicion. But what matters the most for Martial are the so called ace pigeons. When you have the chance to breed and race several Olympic pigeons like he did with 'Cannonball', 'Nico', 'Juliet', 'Huracan' or 'Nadir', then your sight on this kind of pigeons is definately changed. They allow any kind of fancier to be able to get the most out of them to fulfill any kind of ambition. It was just the same for Martial Maindrelle. Our friend has been happy to discover several top birds throughout the whole 2019 season, which lead him to the following national rankings:

4th National Ace Middle Distance (FR18-05403)
5th National Ace All-Round (FR18-05403)
6th National Ace All-Round (FR17-018196)
6th National Ace Middle Distance (FR17-154962)
9th National Ace Young Birds (FR19-09363)
10th National Ace All-Round (FR17-154962)

The pigeons who won the national title in 2019.

Stinger, a brand new revelation

With two important rankings obtained in the French national championships by the same pigeon (4th Nat Ace Middle Distance & 5th Nat Ace All-Round), Martial apparently discovered a new special bird. We are talking about the 'Stinger', a yearling who was in the spotlights thanks to his amazing performances throughout the whole year and at all distances. Moreover, he is a perfect mix between all the basic origins from this loft as you can see while clicking here to see his pedigree.

Will 'Stinger' repeat his performances in 2020?

Always moving forward

When you are a fancier driven by your thirst of victory like Martial is, then you always try to improve the small details that will allow you to keep on improving. In our hobby, we all know that several things can make a huge difference: the care and the pigeons. Regarding this last aspect, Martial has always kept the focus on any good opportunity he could have, mostly when it's about introducing some fresh blood to be crossed with pigeons such as 'Olympic Cannonball', 'Olympic Nico' & the other top pigeons. Impressed by the performances booked every season by the pigeons from PEC and already convinced of their qualities since the introduction of 'Jana' (a daughter of the famous 'Dali' who already showed her worth on the breeding loft), Martial decided to add another great item into his loft with a daughter of the pair Porsche 911 x Golden Boxster, a hen he is now calling 'Miss Porsche'. When you are able to introduce such kind of pigeons into your breeding team, this gives you the right idea about the kind of sacrifice that you can do to reach a higher level. With a personnal breeding strategy for this hen, we are curious to see what she will be able to bring in France.

Some significiant references

For a pigeon fancier, it's always very enjoyable to learn that other pigeons fanciers are successful with your pigeons. It is just the same for Martial Maindrelle who was lucky enough to obtain some nice references during the 2019 racing season. Let's start with his father, Louis Maindrelle, who is still managing a racing team on his own and who clocked two very early pigeons on the semi-national race from Montauban (600 km). Against a nice package of 6.938 pigeons, he won the 3rd and the 5th prize thanks to two half-brothers bred from the same father, Mr Tango. This super pigeon was paired then to two different hens, two full sisters of the famous Cannonball.
Same thing for Mr Chevrier who bred his best pigeon out of a son from another crack pigeon at home, Olympic Nadir. This top bird won the following results:

1. Limoges 1.359 p. (100 fanciers)
3. Brive 2.061 p. (117 fanciers)
4. St-Philibert 1.612 p. (74 fanciers)

Finally, last but not least, we have to talk about the results won by Nico Van Noordenne with the pigeons he obtained from Martial. The two men became close friends and they are exchanging several pigeons each year to try to strenghten each other. The less we can say is that these exchanges have been really successful for both friends. That's how a direct son from 'Olympic Cannonball', 'Lemaitre', flew like a devil in The Netherlands winning ao. a title of 1st Ace Pigeon Sprint in the rayon.

Click here to see the pedigree of 'Lemaitre'.

To check the entire results won by the Maindrelle pigeons at Nico Van Noordenne, click here.

Finally, let's pay attention to the special pigeon 'Pleasure Little Treasure' who won the 12th prize from 4.369 pigeons on the 230 km race from the Algarve Golden Race 2019. This hen is a daughter from the pair 'Olympic Huracan' x 'Gemini' (daughter 'Olympic Cannonball').

We would like to congratulate Martial for his new top season. We will plan another meeting soon for the coming Olympiads!