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The combination Depasse-Lardenoye (Wagnelée, BE) always rising up in its hunting ground: the marathon races

For the Depasse-Lardenoye combination, performing on Barcelona and Perpignan is the main target each season. This prestigious team is one of the most efficient from Europe on these two races considered as the most demanding on the international calendar.

Jo, Stéphane & Alex: the members of this partnership.

A remarkable balance on Barcelona

Everytime we write a report about this loft, we always talk about the fantastic results booked on Barcelona. It's been many years now that Stéphane and his teammates are dominating the race and they proved it again in 2019 thanks to 'Francine': 1st interprovincial & 7th national on a very demanding edition. While entering their birds on this mythic race with reasonable teams compared to all its specialists, the team booked a ranking into the national top 11 no less than 5 times since 2006:

4th  Barcelona national 11.802 p. 2006
7th  Barcelona national  7.301 p. 2019
9th  Barcelona national 12.312 p. 2007
9th  Barcelona national  7.874 p. 2017
11th Barcelona national 13.503 p. 2009

Then, we must also add a superb reference obtained in 2008 with a pigeon of Depasse-Lardenoye origins:

3rd  Barcelona national 7.300 p.
11th International 23.708 p.

This performance has been booked by Wil Pieters (Maastricht, NL). All these pigeons that performed on Barcelona are all related to the basic pigeon of the loft, the 'Frazette'. Some other pigeons that excelled on Barcelona were then added step by step to the strain. Think about the 'Glenn' (1st Barcelona national NL for Jo Lardenoye), 'Adrien' (4th Barcelona national '06), 'Camie' (11th & 81th Barcelona national), etc. Everybody knows the result of today as we are talking about one of the most regular teams on this fantastic race: 12 years of presence into the national top 100 positions on the last fiteen editions from Barcelona (incl 2005) with an average of 15 to 20 pigeons basketted on the race. Do you know better?

The 'Frazette'.

The hen that brilliantly won the 7th national Barcelona 2019, 'Francine', was also bred from the line of the 'Frazette'. When you take a look at her pedigree, you directly understand that it was meant to be for her to book such kind of performance on Barcelona. In fact, you can find several pigeons who won a national top 10 on Barcelona in her pedigree.

- 'Francine' (BE15-1125584)

1. Barcelona provincial  -    491 p. '19
   1. Interprovincial    -  1.045 p.
   7. National           -  7.301 p.
   9. International hens -  5.104 p
  17. International      - 15.981 p.
216. Barcelona national  -  7.438 p. '18
   516. International    - 15.700 p.
344. Narbonne national   -  4.272 p. '17
   653. International    - 10.421 p.
451. Perpignan nat       -  3.966 p. '18
568. Agen national       -  4.405 p. '17
   931. International    - 12.007 p.

Click here to see her pedigree.

'Francine' therefore came to strenghten more the long tradition of pigeons bred by the Depasse-Lardenoye combination who flew successfuly on Barcelona. Here is a non exhaustive list:


9. Barcelona nat    -  7.874 p. '17
   19. Internat fem -  5.336 p.
   40. Internat     - 17.026 p.
340. Narbonne nat   -  4.113 p. '16
   805. Internat    - 10.836 p.
291. Libourne nat   -  5.195 p. '16

Click here to check the pedigree of 'Amby'.

Di Stefano

Big Bird

132. Barcelona nat - 7.874 p. '17
296. Barcelona nat - 7.791 p. '15
442. Barcelona nat - 7.693 p. '16
547. Barcelona nat - 7.438 p. '18

Click here to check the pedigree of 'Big Bird'.

You probably know it already but 'Big Bird' didn't arrive home from the 2019 edition of Barcelona while he was competing to win the famous Primus Interpares Barcelona.

The same tendance in other lofts... weekend of the 28th & 29th of june 2019

In pigeon sports, we often consider that the quality of a strain can be measured thanks to the results achieved by its breeder but even more with its ability to book top performances on other lofts. About this, the Depasse-Lardenoye pigeons are now benefitting an excellent reputation as several fanciers achieved brilliant performances with the help of their pigeons on a yearly basis, mainly (but not only) on the extreme long distance races but.

If you will talk about the 2019 season in a few years, you will probably remind yourself the extreme weekend of the 28th and 29th of June. On the national calendar, the races from Agen and Montélimar were scheduled and the pigeons were released in extreme conditions: head wind and a crazy heat of 35° C... by far the most extreme weekend from the 2019 season. On Montélimar, only six from the 4.552 pigeons entered on the race flew above 1.000 m/min. The winner is a cock aged of 2 years (click here to see his pedigree) from the combination Regnier father & son. His mother is a daughter of the basic hen from the loft, an original Depasse-Lardenoye pigeon. The second pigeon clocked on the race by the Regnier's also won 6th national and his mother is an original Depasse-Lardenoye as well (a granddaughter of 'Frazette' and 'Camie').

Regarding the Agen race released the previous day, it wasn't better: no single pigeon clocked in Belgium during the first flying day. The next day, Hugo Casaert clocked a yearling hen right after 06h in the morning. At the end, she won 5th national against 4.644 yearlings and 18th international against 10.616 pigeons. This hen comes directly from the Depasse-Lardenoye combination (click here to see her pedigree).
To summarize, two national top 5 positions were won during the same racing weekend, the most extreme one from the season, twice with the Depasse-Lardenoye blood... this can't be a hazard!

Let's get back to the Regnier father & son loft where an original Depasse-Lardenoye hen (the grandmother of the national winner from Montélimar) became an exceptional breeding hen. In fact, father & son Regnier won in 2014 the 1st national Argenton against 9.970 yearlings achieving at the same time the highest speed off all the 18.266 pigeons entered on the race with a son of this hen (click here to see the pedigree of this hen). More than five years later, we can say that this hen had a strong impact on the development of the Regnier loft. In fact, she is mother or grandmother of following performances:

- 1st national Montélimar 4.552 p. in 2019
- 1st national Argenton 9.970 p. in 2014 (highest speed from 18.266 p.)
- 2nd national Argenton 8.006 p. in 2017
- 17th national & 25th international Marseille 8.037 p. in 2017
- ...

To end with this list of references, we can also talk about Bastogne-Henry combination (Corroy-le-Château, BE) who achieved a brilliant 2019 season on the international races. On Barcelona, they won the 51th national against 7.301 pigeons and the 153th international from 15.981 pigeons (75th international hens 5.104 p.).
Then they confirmed on Perpignan while winning the 77th national from 3.915 pigeons and the 378th international from 12.370 pigeons. Both pigeons are 100% Depasse-Lardenoye.


The results we talked about in this report are facts and not theory. For us, they are clearly significant: the pigeons are performing in their home base from Wagnelée but also in various other lofts. The basic strain, built around the pigeons from Jo Lardenoye and especially from the 'Frazette' line, were improved throughout the years thanks to a hard selection to get what we have nowadays. To 'perform' and to 'export' could be the key words to keep from this report. In fact, this racing team is only missing a prestigious international victory to get the international recognition it deserves. This will maybe happen soon!