Kevin Saudoyez (Tertre, BE), the 'target man' of the national middle distance races in Belgium!

With his third national victory booked in as much years, Kevin Saudoyez definately earned his place between the elite of the belgian pigeon sport. Before him, nobody has been able to book such a performance, moreover that each of these victories has been won on the biggest classics of belgian national calendar.

Kevin Saudoyez right after his last national victory: something we have been used to over the last years.

Get a better picture of it: not yet 30 years and he already added to his name three national victories, a 2nd National Ace Pigeon GMD KBDB as well as dozains of provincial & interprovincial victories won on the national races.
When he started the pigeon sport a little bit more than 10 years ago, Kevin never thought he would have such a performance list to talk about. And yet, he made it thanks to a strong discipline he is following for himself but also for his pigeons. To obtain such a rendement is only possible if you decide to give the best of yourself, weither it is in the summer during the season or in the winter during the breeding. With such a motivation, with a pigeon stock built around the quality of its pigeons and a little bit of luck, he just proved that everything is possible.

With such a balance, the opportunity was too good to make a comeback on each of these 3 national victories while introducing new birds as well, those who are responsible to ensure the future of the racing team.

- Stella (BE17-1001053)

The hen that won the national victory on Bourges I 2018 was bred by his good friend Dany Dusausoit, himself a double national winner in the great middle distance races. Both fanciers get along well with each other and they are exchanging some pigeons. This time, it was a direct hit with a national victory at the end, a nice moment that they shared together right after the confirmation of the victory. It's good to see that the pigeon sport can still lead to such kind of stories! Here is her performance list:

14/04 Noyon  190/1.303 p.
21/04 Pont   330/1.420 p.
28/04 Ecouen 194/1.225 p.
05/05 Toury     62/701 p.
12/05 Toury    192/715 p.
26/05 Bourges 1/19.129 p.

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In 2017, it was at the end of the season that Kevin managed to win the 1st national Châteauroux III against 4.391 pigeons. 'Blacki' was the bird who brought back the second national victory in Tertre.

- 'Blacki' (BE16-1066700)

1. Châteauroux National - 4.391 p. '17
5. Châteauroux Prov     -   832 p. '17
21. La Souterraine Prov -   878 p. '17
236. Nevers Iprovincial - 5.997 p. '17

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The four next pigeons that we are going to introduce you are by far much more important because they are the results of a real breeding work.

Let's get back to 2016, the year where Kevin was put in the spotlights for the first time. It was thanks to his 'Marcelyne' that everything started as she won the victory against 18.390 yearlings basketted on the race of Argenton, one of the most prestigious races of the season, booking at the same time the highest speed from the 31.939 pigeons sent to the race.

- 'Marcelyne' (BE15-1014621)


1.  Argenton nat 18.363 p. (highest speed from 31.939 p.)
1.  Nanteuil        476 p.
5.  Vierzon iprov   675 p.
    17. S-nat     2.644 p.
6.  Montluçon       126 p.
    39. Iprov     1.398 p.
    807. Nat     10.753 p.
12. Nanteuil        291 p.
13. Toury           574 p.
27. Nanteuil      1.130 p.
28. Soissons        486 p.

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This victory was won by a granddaughter of what we can call the golden pair of the Saudoyez loft: 'The 452' x 'Gold Ingrid'. Later in 2016, Kevin finished his season brilliantly as he ended as 2nd National Ace Pigeon GMD Yl KBDB thanks to 'Ambre', a direct daughter of the pair 'The 452' x 'Gold Ingrid'.

- 'Ambre' (BE15-1014603)

2. National Ace Pigeon GMD Yl KBDB '16
1. Bourges I reg      -    361 p.
   37. national zone  -  6.756 p.
   87. national       - 19.889 p.
1. Châteauroux reg    -    322 p.
   4. national zone   -  8.863 p.
   98. national       - 29.591 p.
2. Argenton regional  -    285 p.
   24. national zone  -  5.133 p.
   40. national       - 18.363 p.
2. Montluçon regional -    126 p.
   11. provincial     -    962 p.
428. national         - 10.753 p.
2. La Souterraine reg -    105 p.
   9. provincial      -    633 p.
   231. national      -  9.580 p.
8. Vierzon regional   -    205 p.

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Until now, we've been talking only about hens when we wrote a report on Saudoyez but he is also able to perform very well with his cocks and books fantastic performances. In 2018, Kevin had the chance to win two major ace pigeon titles in great middle distance, two times with a cock. Both are related to his basic breeding lines and especially his two year old cock christened 'Ambrouille' who is no less than a direct son of the breeding pair 'The 452' x 'Gold Ingrid'.

- 'Ambrouille' (BE16-1066695)

1. Provincial Ace GMD old birds KBDB 2018
5. Montluçon Iprov      -  3.196 p. '17
6. Bourges Iprovincial  -  1.961 p. '18
   8. National Zone     -  6.176 p.
   58. National         - 20.284 p.
6. Guéret Iprovincial   -    561 p. '18
   38. National Zone    -  1.478 p.
   224. National        -  5.331 p.
12. Argenton I Iprov    -  1.529 p. '18
14. Vierzon Iprovincial -  9.260 p. '18
26. Bourges I Iprov     -  1.556 p. '17
   281. National Zone   -  7.364 p.
40. Châteauroux I Iprov -  1.935 p. '18
   161. National Zone   -  5.075 p.
   566. National        - 18.799 p.
56. Bourges II Iprov    -  1.847 p. '17
154. Vierzon Iprov      -  4.854 p. '17

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Let's end this report with a super yearling who managed to classify himself 3 x into the national top 100 during the very difficult season 2018. His mother is a full sister of 'Marcelyne', 1st national Argenton 2016 and granddaughter of the pair 'The 452' x 'Gold Ingrid'.

- 'Stormi' (BE17-1023146)

22. National Ace Pigeon GMD Yl KBDB 2018
1. Interprovincial Ace GMD Yl KBDB 2018
1. Châteauroux II Iprov - 1.370 p. '18
   9. National Zone  -  3.737 p.
   82. National      - 13.098 p.
2. Guéret Iprov      -    640 p. '18
   5. National Zone  -  2.775 p.
   27. National      -  8.517 p.
3. Bourges I Iprov   -  1.909 p. '18
   26. National Zone -  6.920 p.
   97. National      - 19.133 p.
17. Argenton I Iprov -  2.022 p. '18
   293. Nat. Zone    -  6.640 p.
69. Châteauroux III Iprov - 656 p. '18

Cliquez ici pour consulter son pedigree.

With everything that has been already accomplished throughout his very young career, Kevin Saudoyez is a perfect example to follow for a young fancier eager to start practicing the pigeon sport. He started at the bottom, building his own loft with old materials, then while getting birds from the best fanciers of his area and finally, he only settled up his goals and they had to be simple and affordable. Year after year, these goals have been pushed up higher while Kevin also gained a lot of experience in his management. The rest of the story, everybody knows it now. The joined the elite of the Belgian pigeon sport and he was made to last.

Congratulations Kevin for what you already accomplished in your hobby. We are already curious to see how will look your performance list when you will turn 40.