Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede, Zingem now also shine from Cahors!

The 2009 season can’t go wrong anymore for the brothers Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede after their double ‘National victory’ by both old and yearlings from ‘Bourges I’ on the 23rd of May.

It was the team of hens that signed for this stunt work, and who performed well during the following weeks in the provincial races from Chateauroux.

So as we have written in our previous reports, the Vandenheede brothers started racing a team of cocks in widowhood in 2008, and this with an eye to adding the national long distance calendar with the old birds to their programme… the introduction of the De Rauw-Sablon pigeons a few years ago was certainly bull’s eye where this was concerned. For 2009 a team of 15 ‘2-year old’ cocks was distilled and they are now setting their first footsteps in the long distance world. The national Brive just over 2 weeks ago was their first contact with the ‘long distance work’ that was awaiting them… and last weekend from Cahors the Vandenheede –long distance clappers proved that they are ready for the heavy work! Because they took Cahors completely by surprise with no less than 5 of their 8 basketted pigeons in the ‘Top 100’ at National level! Try to repeat it!

This weekend the hens were given a week’s ‘rest’… it was then the cocks that had to keep the Vandenheede-flag flying high. They did it with brio, take a look:

Cahors Club 112 p.  3,4,6,7,8,13 en 7 prizes + series (from 8p)
            Prov 1.246 p. 13,15,21,24,27… etc
            Nat  7.292 p. 31,34,59,73,84… and with certainty 7, possibly 8/8!
Chateauroux    Club   467 old    1… (2)
                        Prov  3.838 old   2… (2)
Chateauroux   Club   870 yearlings    3,8,12,14,15,16,23,27,28 etc… (45 yearlings in the race)
                       Prov  6.141 yearlings    5,18,28,36,38,39 (here already 1+2 in the clock) etc…

In the Vandenheede lofts the cock B07-4093015 is the standard-bearer of the long distance team at the moment. This chap performed the following from Brive and Cahors:
Brive  Club  271 p.  3
          Nat  17.446 p.  53
Cahors  Club   112 p.  3
            Nat   7.292 p.  31
This Vandenheede-cock can also be a considered a ‘serious candidate’ for classifying himself between the ‘national Ace pigeons Long Distance’! With which he delivers the proof that the Vandenheede-team (both cocks as well as hens) are at the moment running at an exceptionally high speed! God knows… what ‘good things’ the coming weeks have in store for Freddy & Jacques!