Second national victory for Casaert-Sénéchal (Russeignies, BE) on Jarnac against 4,802 yearlings!

Another well established name from the Belgian pigeon sport just added a brand new national victory to his name, this time with the race from Jarnac. Three years after La Souterraine, the partnership of Casaert-Sénéchal just booked the second national victory of their career.

Sébastien & Hugo Casaert.

What was supposed to happen happened

For the insiders, the national victory won during the last weekend by the partnership of Casaert-Sénéchal is not really a surprise as this loft was really strongly performing in the national races since the begining of the season (click here for the report that was published a couple of days ago). The level of performances from the numerous racing teams was simply increasing week after week and everybody was expecting a peak sooner or later. It happened the last weekend from Jarnac, a race that was once again really hard for our pigeons who have decidedly to struggle each week against the tough flying conditions. In fact, only 5 pigeons (4 old pigeons & the yearling national winner) from the 10,104 pigeons basketted booked an average speed above 1.100 m/minute, which tells a lot about the difficulty of the race. It was mostly the yearlings who paid the hard price as the race was only closed the next day in some areas of Belgium. The Casaert-Sénéchal partnership clocked an old pigeon at 16h21''21 and a yearling at 16h22''40, good for the 4th national against 5,302 old pigeons and the national win against 4,802 yearlings.

National triumph for Red Devil Porsche

Sébastien Casaert founded a partnership with PEC several years ago. The second national victory of its career was booked by a pigeon directly bred at PEC and christened especially Red Devil Porsche. Like his name says, he comes from the famous line of Porsche 911 who is apparently booking something special during this 2018 season. Raced on total widowhood into a team mostly reserved for the long distance races, he enjoyed a day of rest during the day of the basketing. In fact, the couples were put together during the whole day, just before being put into the basket. Sébastien didn't noticed anything special, despite the fact that the coming national winner seemed to be in great condition. Several days later, he proved to his manager he was right.

Father: Son Salvador 577 (BE16-4129577)
Very young breeder and already father of several top performers. In addition to the 1st national Jarnac, he already bred a.o. 27th Vierzon Iprov 5,462 p., 36th Melun reg 3,007 p., 43th Blois prov 2,802 p., 132th Bourges Iprov 3,648 p., etc. He is son of the super breeder Salvador x Daughter Gladiator (Geerinckx Bart). Salvador is also father of the 2nd Bourges nat 19,885 p. (won by the Half Sister Louise 025') and son of another iconic pair of the PEC: Tarzan x New Patricia.
Mother: Sister Porsche 612'(BE16-4129612)
She is the fixed partner of Salvador 577 with whom she already bred several top pigeons and she has the same breeding references as her partner. It's a full sister of the iconic Porsche 911 and so a daughter of the number 1 pair from the PEC: Wacko Freddy x Lieve.
Click here to check the pedigree.

- 3 Aces (BE16-4129235)

1. Pont regional  -  1,521 p. '18
1. Toury regional -    704 p. '17
2. Pont regional  -    727 p. '17
4. Jarnac nat     -  5,302 p. '18
15. Pont regional -  1,151 p. '16
19. Ecouen reg    -    694 p. '18
31. Argenton zone -  7,081 p. '16
   310. National  - 19,592 p.
33. Pont regional -  1,096 p. '16

Father: New Freddy 426 (BE15-6020426)
Son of the New Freddy (1st National Ace Pigeon GMD KBDB '10 x Big White (direct Geerinckx and daughter of the pair Elfpender Leeuw x Miss Blois).
Mother: Daughter Nikolaas (BE15-1038097)
Bred from a half-brother x half-sister pairing, being a direct daughter of Nikolaas (1st National Ace Pigeon GMD KBDB '13 and son of Rodeo x Palme d'Or) x Alissia (Geert x Palme d'Or). She already have several breeding references to her name (see pedigree).
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Congratulations to the Casaert-Sénéchal loft and see you at the next national races!