Daniel Bucaciuc (Dilbeek, BE) wins the title of 1st National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB with 'Mr Fantastic'!

In 2017, 'Mr Fantastic' from Daniel Bucaciuc gained international attention with his record breaking sale. It was not really a surprise, given that he achieved the lowest ever coefficient in his discipline, which explains why he attracted the interest of the biggest collectors from the world.

Daniel & one of his favourite.

On 08th of July he booked the third and last price needed for his ranking on Limoges II, eventually getting an overall coefficient of 0.2524%. Insiders quickly understood that it would be impossible to beat 'Mr Fantastic' and that he was on his way to becoming the 1st National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB with an incredible 0.2524% coefficient, the lowest ever recorded. In the end, Daniel eventually beat the pigeon of Karel Sarrazin (0.8396%) and the one from the excellent Joel Verschoot (0.8544%). Daniel Bucaciuc had gained an excellent reputation thanks to his outstanding results over the years but it was for the first time in his career that he actually claimed a national championhsip title.

Just around Brussels

The family Bucaciuc lives in Dilbeek, just a few kilometers from the city centre of Brussels. When you chat with Daniel, you directly notice his accent. Daniel is in fact from Romania but he moved to Belgium back in 1996. He started working construction but he is now running his own business with several employees, still in the construction industry. His came in contact with pigeon racing for the first time through one of his cousins; together they would watch the pigeons arrive home. At the time, he was astonished by the ability of the pigeons to find their way back home and that’s how the pigeons came into his life. He bought his first pigeons in 2004 on a market, just before taking his first licence. He started racing the following year, from a loft built in a friend's garden. In 2012 he moved to his current address, where he built a big loft in his own garden. The pigeon collection that moved to his new loft already included a few Erik Limbourg birds, as well as a fantastic hen that he purchased from Maurice Haesendonck. This hen can be considered a stock breeder, and her bloodline appears in the pedigree of 'Mr. Fantastic' as well. Daniel was also successful with a cock from Andreas Drapa as well as a hen from Joost De Smeyter-Restiaen.

Racing on all the flying lines

Daniel is currently running a team composed of around sixty widowers, 28 breeding pairs and around 130 youngsters, which is not all that much for a fancier who wants to take part in all the flights on the racing program like Daniel. While entering his racing birds for the sprint and the middle distance to let them gain some rhythm, Daniel is already dreaming of the races from Bourges to Barcelona. He also learned that you have to basket your pigeons for the distance in which they excel, rather than focusing on its origins and ancestors. That is why the pigeons from one section can be basketed for several different races. It is also good to know that he only races pigeons in classic widowhood, using only the cocks. He used to race his hens as well but not anymore. He also likes to spend all his free time inside his loft so that he can observe the behaviour of his pigeons. This is something many champions have in common. A fancier needs be able to understand what is going on in his loft, since even the smallest detail can have an impact on the outcome of a race. This is how Daniel was able to spot that 'Mr Fantastic' really loved his box. When he was back from a race, he flew straight to his box instead of heading for the drinking bowl. And during the daily training around the loft, this champion always liked to fly alone away from the rest of the group, which showed that he had a special character. Now let’s have a look at this exceptional racer:

- 'Mr Fantastic' (BE15-2016002)

1. National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB '17
3. Nat. Zone Limoges I  -  4.060 p.
   11. National         - 14.937 p.
2. Nat. Zone Brive      -  2.438 p. 
   42. National         -  9.137 p.
3. Nat. Zone Limoges II -  2.633 p.
   9. National          -  9.162 p.

Click here to check his pedigree.

An incredible family

'Mr Fantastic' is not the only member of the family to have excelled on the national scene. In 2015, Michel Van Muijlder bought a voucher from Daniel and he had to make an appointment to pick up a few youngsters. He came and chose two youngsters bred from the breeders but Daniel insisted on giving him a third pigeon as well, which Michel happily accepted. The following year, this very pigeon became 1st National Ace Pigeon Sprint Yearlings KBDB (click here to check the pedigree of this pigeon). An exceptional reference for Daniel, especially if you know that this national ace pigeon is a full brother of the sire of 'Mr Fantastic'. Do we have to remind you again that the quality of your pigeon breed is the most important factor in pigeon racing?

We would like to congratulate Daniel for this fantastic feat that will be a milestone in international pigeon racing for many years. We also wish him good luck for the 2018 racing campaign.