Albert Murez-Marichal (Wadelincourt, BE) is crowned as 1st National Champion middle distance KBDB 2017

Over the last few years, it became usual to find Albert Murez-Marichal on the podium of one or several national championships of the KBDB. After he added the title of 1st National Ace Pigeon small middle distance yearlings KBDB to his name in 2016, he continued his success thanks to his recent title of 1st National Champion middle distance KBDB 2017.

This makes of him one of the biggest specialists in that discipline in Belgium. However, you can find his name in all the flying distances as his pigeons are performing well up until 800 kilometres. Albert is currently lucky to manage a very strong generation of racers, probably the strongest of his whole career, and these pigeons have just delivered him two brilliant national triumphs on a silver plate during the last two years.

The title from 2017 has been won with 5 races held six weeks in a row from the end of May until the end of June and during these races, the pigeons from the Murez-Marichal loft were simply unstoppable. At the end of the competition, the coefficient was 9,1825%, which stays in the same percent as the previous years. Several pigeons born in 2016 brought their contribution to win this title so the expectations are high for the coming years but the future will tell. Another major fact: several pigeons who booked a classificiation in the national KBDB championships as ace pigeons in 2016 booked another classification in 2017 in the same rankings. There is no secret and the titles can be won only with the best pigeons.

The line of Bourges, again at the top of her game

In this report, we are going to introduce you to the best racers from this loft. An unique but also a quite logical feat when you know the central position of these pigeons in his loft, all the pigeons who won the national title are related to Bourges, a former national winner of the race from Bourges against 10,906 pigeons and fantastic central breeder of the Murez-Marichal loft. During our previous reports, we already underlined several times the influence of this pigeon on this loft and we are forced to admit that it's strengthening year after year. The current breeding team is formed by numerous descendants of this winner as well as several brothers/sisters. That's how in 2017, the best pigeons were bred out of one brother, three sisters & a direct daughter of this fantastic pigeon. It’s proof that the good ones are bred from the good ones, moreover that they were plenty to fly in the skies of Wadelincourt over the last few years !

Let's now have a look at the best racers from 2017:

- BE13-9055946

3. Provincial Ace middle distance KBDB 2014
Co-winner National Champion Title KBDB 2017
1. Vierzon prov      – 1,208 p. '17
   8. Iprovincial    - 8,177 p.
1. Montargis rég     -   394 p. '14
1. Argenton rég      -   262 p. '15
   15. National      - 1,759 p. 
37. Châteauroux zone - 6,692 p. '16
55. Châteauroux zone - 3,045 p. '15
69. Bourges zone     - 6,382 p. '16

Father: 1. Provincial Ace great middle distance KBDB 2013 & direct brother 1. National Bourges.
Performances he won: 23. Nat zone Bourges 3.420 p. ’11, 26. Toury 1.630 p. ’11, 5. Orléans 920 p. ’11, 64. Nevers iprov 3.673 p. ’13, 13. Bourges iprov 3.226 p. ’13 (152. Nat 9.639 p.), 7. Issoudun prov 742 p. ’13, 15. La Souteraine nat 4.144 p. ’13, 4. Guéret nat 2.656 p., …
Mother: 795/07, daughter 1. Provincial Ace KBDB '07 and bred from the basic lines of the loft (Houben, Imbrecht, Debaes, ...)
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- BE15-1023236

3. National Ace small middle distance KBDB ‘16
4. Interprovincial Ace middle distance KBDB ‘17
Co-winner National Champion Title KBDB 2017
1. Toury 645 p. '16
2. Toury 457 p. '16
2. Toury 266 p. '17
3. Toury 265 p. '16
3. Toury 263 p. '17
4. Toury 259 p. '16
5. Toury 610 p. '16
8. Toury 387 p. '16
9. Toury 413 p. '17

Father: 236/14, a direct David Vermassen pigeon.
Mother: 245/09, another full sister of the Bourges.
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- BE16-1058803

5. National Ace small middle distance yb KBDB ‘16
3. Interprovincial Ace middle distance KBDB ‘17
Co-winner National Champion Title KBDB 2017
1. Toury 170 p.
2. Toury 564 p.
2. Toury 372 p.
2. Toury 346 p.
4. Toury 372 p.
4. Toury 217 p.
5. Toury 903 p.
7. Toury 482 p.
9. Toury 1,051 p.

Father: 236/14
Mother: 800/10, direct daughter ‘Bourges’.
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- BE15-1023206

13. National Ace small middle distance Yl KBDB ‘16
3. Interprovincial Ace middle distance KBDB ‘17
Co-winner National Champion Title KBDB 2017
1. Toury  610 p.
1. Toury  123 p.
2. Toury  363 p.
2. Busy   343 p.
4. Toury  630 p.
4. Toury  266 p.
5. Busy 1,041 p.
5. Toury  702 p.
8. Toury  413 p.

Father: 215/14
Mother: 105/12, full sister ‘Bourges’.
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Congratulations to Albert for this fresh new title added to his name.