A title of national ace pigeon KBDB for Albert Murez-Marichal (Wadelincourt, BE)!

It is one of the most titled loft from Belgium and everybody knew it was only a question of time before Albert Murez added another prestigious line to his name. But nobody knew if it would be a title of national champion or a second national victory. Now, the job is done!

Albert Murez.

Indeed, Albert just won the title of 1st National Ace Pigeon shorter middle distance KBDB in the yearlings category. An unexpectable title seeing the big co-efficients, in total opposition of those from last year, which simply testifies to the enormous difficulty of the 2016 season during which numerous races were postponed, cancelled or simply happened in catastrophic conditions with many losses of key role players! To be able to win this title this year, it was necessary to basket birds in top condition, able to overcome the catastrophic climatic conditions and seize the slightest opportunity. It was the case of the As 205 who won this title with a coefficient of 2.27% in 5 races. In addition, the Murez-Marichal loft also won the following classifications in the last national championships of the KBDB:

- 1st, 3rd & 13th National Ace Pigeon shorter middle distance Yl KBDB
- 5th National Ace Pigeon shorter middle distance YBs KBDB
- 7th National Champion shorter middle distance KBDB

Let's meet the new national ace, the famous As 205:

- As 205 - 1st National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Yl KBDB '16

The national ace pigeon was himself bred from an exceptional line (Click here to check the pedigree).
His father is an original David Vermassen and is great grandson of the famous Bak 17 pair from Marcel Aelbrecht. The mother is a pure Murez-Marichal as a direct daughter of the basic pair from the loft, the parents of Bourges, 1st national Bourges 2010 against 10,903 old pigeons. In addition to the national winner, this basic pair bred numerous ace pigeons throughout the years, at all level of racing. Here are several examples:

- The Montauban - 1st National Ace Pigeon Long Distance LCB 2015

1. National Ace Pigeon Long Distance LCB 2015
1. Limoges regional  -    671 p. '15
   2. Iprovincial    -  1,705 p. 
   47. National      - 15,009 p. 
1. Montauban reg     -    203 p. '15
   3. National Zone  -  1,996 p.
   32. National      -  3,990 p.
29. Châteauroux zone -  2,776 p. '14
   169. National     - 17,984 p.
33. Montlucon zone   -  2,162 p. '14
   276. National     - 14,230 p.
54. Libourne Iprov   -  1,085 p. '15
   603. National     -  5,024 p.
56. Bourges zone     -  1,193 p. '14
   574. National     -  8,005 p.
29. Jarnac prov      -    551 p. '15
   304. National     -  3,879 p.

This super crack of the long distance races was destined to become a top racer as it's a direct son of the cock from the basic pair of Murez-Marichal. He is then a half-brother of a.o. the national winner from Bourges 2010. Of course, it was one of the last direct descendants from that pair to be still raced, which makes him really special!
Click here to check his pedigree.

- The Provincial Ace 140 - 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Middle Distance 2013

1. Provincial Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2013
1. Orleans regional - 536 p. '13
1. Montargis reg    - 148 p. '14
2. Pithiviers reg   - 355 p. '13
2. Toury regional   - 136 p. '16
3. Montargis reg    - 225 p. '14
5. Pithiviers reg   - 123 p. '13
6. Pont regional    - 956 p. '12
6. Pithiviers reg   - 393 p. '13
7. Orleans regional - 329 p. '13
7. Toury regional   - 211 p. '16
8. Villemandeur reg - 840 p. '15
8. Toury regional   - 323 p. '16
10. Montargis reg   - 467 p. '14

After a title of provincial ace pigeon won in 2013, the Provincial Ace 140 continued to perform at the same level during the next seasons, with no less than 14 prizes into the top 10 during his whole career. This super racer demonstrated an exceptional longevity. Now, we are sure he will become a fantastic breeder as well.
Of course, the Provincial Ace 140 is another descendant of the basic pair as his father is a direct son of them.
Click here to check his pedigree.

Ace pigeons are bred from ace pigeons

Thanks to the discovery of his golden couple, Albert Murez followed a breeding strategy that placed the descendants of this pair in the centre of everything in his lofts from Wadelincourt. What you don't probably know is that the cock from the golden pair has been crowned himself as provincial ace pigeon in 2004. That's how Albert came to the conclusion, like many did before him, that ace pigeons are bred from ace pigeons. When you can rely on pigeons from such quality, it makes your task easier. Of course, you always have to do the necessary things in the general care, the management and the preparation of your pigeons. And about this, Albert can be considered as a real wizard who never counted his time in his lofts. For that, he deserves our total respect. His recent title of national ace pigeon is a just return on his investments.

Albert, congratulations on this prestigious national title. We are sure that the future will bring you loads of great emotions.