Carlos Vandemeulebroeck (St-Léger, Be) owns one of the best pigeons in Belgium with Xavi!

Seeing the different PIPA rankings published on our website, a lot of people probably wanted to know more about this fantastic pigeon. Indeed, this fantastic racer achieved an extraordinary list of performances since his year of birth in 2008!

While several champions disappear each year from the map because they were sold, lost or simply burned out, Xavi became better like a good old bottle of wine. His efficiency get better and better as the years goes by. While the pigeons who are getting old lose their peak of speed or simply decide to go slower as they know the idea of widowhood, Xavi didn't lose anything of his power and he achieved a strong season in 2013 as he became the third best pigeon of Belgium in 4 national races of long distance (click here to check the PIPA ranking of the best old pigeons of Belgium on 4 national long distance races).

Aware that the best pigeons are bred from the best pigeons, Carlos will probably decide to place his phenomenon in the breeding loft at the end of this season. That's in fact what he did with his previous champion, Poséidon (5 x top 100 national).

- Xavi (BE08-9037436)

01/06 Limoges nat   - 14,271 p. : 47
15/06 Cahors zone   -  2,801 p. : 64
06/07 Libourne prov -    819 p. : 26
20/07 Souillac prov -    646 p. : 2

During his career, this cracking pigeon classified himself than 8 times into the provincial top 10 with no less than 7 x top 5! He can be rightly considered as one of the best pigeons from Belgium! Judge for yourself:

1st  Souillac prov -   786 p. '12
2nd  Souillac prov -   646 p. '13
​2nd  Argenton prov - 1,209 p. '12
3rd  Souillac prov -   586 p. '10
3rd  Tulle    prov -   844 p. '09
4th  Argenton prov - 1,017 p. '11
5th  Limoges  prov -   885 p. '10
7th  Limoges  prov - 1,807 p. '13

Father: The 616 (BE 05-9007616), 100% Van Neste from Feluy, super racer with, for instance, a 283th Limoges Nat 15,504 p, 476th Cahors Nat 7,347 p, 524th Souillac Nat 7,597 p. & 520th Brive Nat 17,446 p.
Son of the pair Van Buyten x Falbala. Falbala is a sister of Energie, grandfather of the 13th International Bordeaux '11 and above all grandfather of Chelsea, winner of the 2nd national Narbonne & 3rd international in 2011.
Mother: L'ortie (BE 07-9012544), an excellent racing hen with a 1st Toury 273 p. She is a daughter of the breeding pair Topaze x Bulle. Topaze won the 3rd national Bourges 19,024 p. in '08. It is interesting to know that this pigeon is a son of the best breeding hen of the colony, Paris, a direct Casaert-Sénéchal hen and grandmother of, for instance, Chelsea (2nd nat & 3rd Internat Narbonne '11).
(Click here to check the pedigree from Xavi)

You can click here and here again to check the entire performance list of Xavi.

The season in 2013

It wasn't really a big party seeing the direction of the wind this year but the colony from St-Léger was however successful and is still considered as one of the top lofts from the basketing club of Tournai who count several national winners/champions. With such pigeons, it's of course easier to deal with it. A little change happened this year: Xavier, the son of Carlos, is now racing alone and he races under his own name at his home in Evregnies. He will come to help his father when he needs him in St-Léger.

Carlos, Xavier, good luck for the future!