Jean-Jacques Baleau (Moignelée, BE) - 1st National Ace Pigeon Small Middle Distance KBDB '11 !

For more than 3 months now, the PiPa reporters have driven accross the whole of the country to present you, each week, with a report about one of our national champions KBDB. The report over the colony of Jean-Jacques Baleau will be one of the last this year...

Approaching 40, Jean-Jacques is part of the new generation of fanciers who take off the national laurels. His brand new title of national champion is proof of this. A few years ago, our friend was quite a normal fancier like there are thousands in Belgium and nothing made him expect a future like he has now. I remember when I paid him a visit for the first time in 2009 when he was 3rd national champion of Belgium sprint with the youngsters. He was already walking in a different way..
Painful circumstances gave another direction to his life. Firstly, there was the death of his grandmother, who kept the pigeons of her husband when he passed away. She had a capital influence on Jean-Jacques as she fed him with her love for the pigeons. If she has not been here, he would probably have chosen another hobby. That's why he wants to dedicate his national title to her memory.                                                                                                                                                                                                
Later, our host had several operations on his back and on his knees. It didn't heal him completely, forcing him to stop work. From that moment on he decided to concentrate fully on the pigeon sport. We were at the end of 2007, begining 2008. Since then, he has become a topper and, way better, he didn't experience any bad or 'less good' season since his definitive turnover. Simply the proof that he is controlling the situation. He wants to state that he can count on the help of his wife Sandrine, who comes from a pigeon fancier family. Her main role is to raise the youngsters and she also takes care of the training during the week. Let's also mention their daughter, Charlotte, who also likes to spend her free time with the youngsters. Without their help, the daily care of a colony like this would have been very difficult.

To accomplish the road that allowed him to become a topper, Jean-Jacques is very grateful for the advice given by Jean-Marc Thibaut (Thibaut-Boons). At first, he could rely on his usefull tips (and Jean-Marc is not the last to help you, quite the opposite) and then he started with his pigeons.
The Thibaut-Boons pigeons were the first to glimpse better days for the loft in Moignelée. After that, eager to improve the quality of his loft, he purchased pigeons at well reputated colonis so as Deno-Herbots, Geenens-Peeters, the late Pros Roosens, Van Avondt, etc. The winter season is not only about coupling the pigeons, it's also about searching for new reinforcements. Over these last few months, he has purchased pigeons from Guido Loockx and Verreckt-Arien.

The 2011 season
After his 1st place in the general championship middle distance LCB in 2010, the 2011 season began with the interprovincial victory from Bourges won by 'Yvonne' against 2.026 yearlings (highest speed of 7.664 pigeons). A few months later the results of the championships were known and the balance is really exceptional:

1st National Ace Pigeon Small Middle Distance KBDB with 'Jack'
6th National Champion Small Middle Distance KBDB
1st Middle Distance Champion LCB
1st Provincial Champion Small Middle Distance
1st Provincial Champion Heavy Middle Distance
1st National Champion Middle Distance 'Het Duivenkrant'
2nd General Champion Provincial
2nd Provincial Champion Middle Distance youngsters
2nd General Champion Petit Club Wallon
3rd Ace Pigeon Yearlings LCB
4th & 5th Ace Pigeon Middle Distance LCB
5th General Champion National LCB
5th Provincial Champion Long Distance
7th Best loft National LCB
1st Reserve National Championship Yearlings KBDB

75x 1st price, 145x 1st price with dubbeling 
7x 1st Provincial or Interprovincial
29x top 100 National or Zonal

- 'Jack' (BE 09-8024071) - 1st National Ace Pigeon Small Middle Distance KBDB '11

1st National Ace Pigeon Small Middle Distance KBDB '11
1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB '11
1st Ace Pigeon Master Award '11
1st Ace Pigeon Superduif '11
1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB '10
2nd Provincial Ace Pigeon Speed Youngsters KBDB '09
24/04 La Ferté : 9/393
01/05 Melun    : 5/426
07/05 Toury    : 1/186, 1/259, 1/463 (*), 35/1.928
14/05 Toury    : 1/266, 1/427, 1/839, 1/2.446 (*), 5/4.106
21/05 Orléans  : 1/102, 1/183, 1/485, 3/1.723 (*), 9/2.687
28/05 Toury    : 1/125, 2/207, 2/368, 8/1.041 
04/06 Toury    : 4/149, 13/335, 54/1.159
11/06 Toury    : 8/181
02/07 Toury    : 1/233, 1/731 (*), 7/1.141
09/07 Toury    : 1/149, 1/601, 1/977 (*)
Directly stopped with a total coefficient of 0,670 % !!
(*) = results entered for the national title.
20/06 Soissons : 16/413, 16/427
19/07 La ferté : 14/427
26/07 Melun    : 4/371, 11/800
09/08 La ferté : 9/179, 17/573
16/08 Melun    : 2/383
23/08 La ferté : 10/792
30/08 Melun    : 2/639
01/05 Toury : 4/139, 9/582
08/05 Toury : 1/121, 1/185, 1/304, 1/1.020 & 1/2.220
12/06 Toury : 3/128, 8/324, 34/979
17/07 Toury : 5/108, 6/223, 6/556, 8/929
31/07 Toury : 4/131, 7/409

His father, ‘James Bond’ (NL 02-2065707), is a direct Gheenens-Peeters, Maastricht (NL) and he was 1st Ace pigeon speed youngsters at the club ’02. He is a son of the ‘Blauwe Witbef’ (grandson of the ‘Wittenbuik’ VDB & of ‘Fieneke 5000’ from the late Flor Vervoort) coupled with the ‘Blauwe 144’ who won 1/1.179, 1/1.621, 2/1.487, 4/1.689, 5/1.746.
His mother, 'Joséphine' (BE 07-8007700) is a 100% Gheenens-Peeters, daughter of the ‘son Donkere Superkweker 449/03’, one of the best breeders of the loft, father of the 25th national Bourges ’10, of the 1st Toury 2.044, 1st Toury 566 & 1st Toury 817. Great grandson of the ‘Wittenbuik’ VDB.

If you want to check his pedigree, click here.

Actually, the mother of 'Jack', christened 'Joséphine', is without any doubt the N°1 breeder of the loft as she is also mother of a cracking hen in the national races, simply called 'Miss National', while her nest brother, 'Happy', is also a very good performer. Have a look:

- 'Miss National' (BE 10-8008060)

1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Heavy Middle Distance KBDB 2011
2nd Ace Pigeon Long Distance Super bird 2011
3rd Ace Pigeon Yearlings LCB 2011
4th Ace Pigeon Middle Distance LCB 2011
3rd   Toury 204 p. '11
6th   Melun 330 p. '11
6th   Guéret 226 p. '11
17th  La Ferté 273 p. '11
25th  Bourges 2.025 p. '11
1st   La Souterraine - Interprovincial 709 p. '11
1st   La Souterraine - Zone C 1.420 p. '11
7th   La Souterraine - National 3.562 p. '11
1st   Bourges  - Interprovincial 2.221 p. '11
8th   Bourges  - Zone C 5.141 p. '11
41th  Bourges  - National 12.607 p. '11
34th  Bourges  - Zone C 9.512 p. '10
112th Bourges  - National 30.742 p. '10
45th  Argenton - Zone C 1.648 p. '11
78th  Argenton - National 4.123 p. '11

Father: 'Le bon yearling' (BE 06-8031604), a son of the '552/03' from Albert Paduwa, co-winner of the national championship speed zone KBDB in '04 coupled with 'Fanny' who flew as a young hen 3x top 10 and 4th Provincial Ace Pigeon Speed in '04. She is a 100% De Roeck from Manage, daughter of the 'Lucky Luke' x 'Sibelle' with the best origins of the cannibal from Manage.
Mother: 'Josephine' (BE 07-8007700), the mother of 'Jack', 100% Geenens-Peeters daughter of the super breeder 'Donkere Superkweker' !

If you want to see her pedigree, click here.

As said above, her nest brother is also a talented racer:

- 'Happy' (BE 10-8008059)


2nd Provincial Ace Pigeon Heavy Middle Distance KBDB 2010
7th  Bourges  - Prov    562 p.
21th Bourges  - LNL   1.705 p.
30th Bourges  - Noyau 3.595 p.
16th Argenton - Prov    417 p.
96th Argenton - Noyau 1.123 p.
5th  Guéret   - Prov    274 p.
5th  Guéret   - LNL     736 p.
6th  Guéret   - Noyau 1.218 p.
63th Guéret   - CFW   3.413 p.

This title of National Ace Pigeon is probably the crowning of the very young pigeon career of Jean-Jacques but it also means the end of the career for this super racer. Since 2009, the year of his birth, until last year, he was simply the best pigeon of the colony Baleau and seeing how he performed since then, this pigeon was an exceptional racer. As proof, we already showed interest in this pigeon in the previous report we made about this loft. After three seasons of flying expectations, 'Jack' finally moved to the far east...

Jean-Jacques, there is nothing more to add about the balance of the last three seasons. We just have to wish you the best for the future ! Our congratulations.