Carlos & Xavier Vandemeulebroeck (St Léger, BE) win the 2nd national Narbonne 7.027 yearlings!

2011 brought a new 'hit', won on the national race for this father and son combination for the area of Tournai. A performance which is a reflection of the last few years !

This year, the national race from Narbonne was really, really hard for the 22.685 pigeons released at 7 o'clock with good weather. Right from the beginning, the north wind was on their programme, and so only a few arrivals were expected for the first day of the flight which made the shorter distances hope for an exploit. There were more or less 200 old birds clocked on the first day, but it wasn't the same case for the yearlings, who were of course less experienced and so couldn't claim the same performance as the old birds. Little more than fifty of the 9.966 pigeons (at the international level) made the distance from Narbonne to their loft in one day. This bird was of course one of these, the chequered cock from the association De Rijck-Duym from Ninove, who was the fastest of the entire convoy (1.033 m/min) overtaking 'Monar', the supercrack of Etienne Meirlaen from Deurle who won the international victory by the old birds, with 4 metres/minute (1.029 m/min). At national level, the difference was even more impressive because the international winner by the yearlings had a lead of more than 30 minutes on his closest opponent, the hen from Carlos and Xavier, clocked at 21h12'12 from 841 kilometres, good for the average speed of 986,98 m/min. This lead proves the difficulty of the race. In third place, we find Ollevier B&L from Warneton with the average speed of 985,34 m/min for a distance of 846 kilometers. Given to the geographic proximity of these two villages and the so little gap between these two pigeons, we can assume that they flew a part of their way back together ! 

Xavier & Carlos.

How do they work?
Carlos has been a pigeon fancier for many years. He was kind of a specialist in the game with the youngsters. His biggest satisfaction ? It's maybe the fact that he transmitted the virus to his son Xavier. This young lad developed his interest for the pigeons at the begining of the 2000. He was a reliable help for Sébastien Casaert when the latter was still living in St Léger. Around 2005, Xavier decided tobecome more and more involved with the colony of his father. Carlos is very busy with his work. He cultivates plots and he is even working another part-time job when he has got the time. It's useless to say that it was almost impossible to seriously take care of a colony. This is when Xavier entered the game but he already wanted to race the long distance. Their colony is actualy mostly based on the Casaert-Sénéchal from Russeignies & the Van Neste from Feluy (uncle of Carlos). A few exchanges with Sébastien are often made and that's how they are now the proud owners of a few pigeons closely apparented to 'Palme d'Or', 1st Interprovincial Vierzon '11 and 1st National Ace pigeon Heavy Middle Distance KBDB but also nephew & nieces of the famous 'Eagle Eye' of Limbourg. With this kind of material, 'the future looks bright' in St Léger! To this, you can add the line of their 'Poséidon' who, despite a lot of interest from abroad, hasn't left his land and you will realize that they own all the ingredients to make real fireworks.

Concerning the daily care, everything is given to Xavier (24 years), who will become a civil engineer in two years time. Between school and his pigeons, his daily life is busy ! And even more when you know that they own a big colony of 40 widows as well as ten hens raced in classic widowhood or on nest position. The breeders are coupled on the 25th of november, same date for a racing loft so that they can place the breeders eggs under the widows. After a few days, the breeding cocks are coupled to another hen again at the same time as a second racing loft. This way, Carlos & Xavier can raise three rounds of youngsters from their breeders. And, as they are still in a test phase, 'we breed a lot to race a lot'. This gives them the opportunity to know what their pigeons are capable of and so, never keep a lot of 'dead weight'. They still race their youngsters but not as much as before. The first round is raced in the 4 national races for the youngsters but without any special motivation. They are not even given a training race during the week for preparation. Actually, they are mostly racing the long distance calendar.

Narbonne, first 'hit' of the 'Poséidon' line
It was then a granddaughter of this superior long distance crack who achieved the exploit last 30th of July. We hope that she is only the first of a long series of 'national cracks' raised from this line! This hen had an original preparation but it definitely paid off. In fact, she was coupled in two different lofts with two different partners: a cock and... a hen! The day of the basketting, she could fly from a loft to another, to see which one of her partners was the hotest. She was christened as:

'Chelsea' (BE 10-9043147)

1st Narbonne - CFW           1.856 pigeons
1st Narbonne - Provincial      416 pigeons
1st Narbonne - Derby Hainaut   420 pigeons
1st Narbonne - DH Prov         241 pigeons
2nd Narbonne - National      7.027 pigeons
3rd Narbonne - International 9.966 pigeons

St Quentin 13/157
Soissons   65/432
Soissons   44/303
La Ferté    6/252
Vierzon    28/282
Guéret  882/3.413
Nanteuil         74/296
La Ferté         89/311
Toury           123/384
Châteauroux 1.519/5.441
Jarnac    5/83 & 83/356

Father: 'Djokovic' (9061780/09), directly placed in the breeding loft and inbred product of the 'Poséidon' because he is a son of the super couple 'Poséidon 620/05' x 'Paris 277/03' (nest sister 'Farenheit', father of ... 'Poséidon'. 'Paris' comes from the Casaert-Sénéchal loft and is a daughter of 'Art x Annouchka'. She is a golden breeding hen and mother of the following pigeons
- ‘Odiel’     BE 08-9037418 : 66th national Orange 4.466 ’10, 3rd Toury 429 ’08, 5th Châteauroux 581 ’09, 6th Guéret 273 ’08, 11th Argenton 601 ’09.
- ‘101/10’ BE 10-9043101 : 1st St Quentin 157, 7th Soissons 432, 9th Soissons 149, 11th Argenton 521.
- ‘Alaïs’      BE 07-9012562 : 5th Guéret 297 ‘07
- ‘Topaze  BE 06-9097912 : 3e national Bourges 19.024

 Mother: 'Florette' (9037405/08), a great racing hen that won a.o. 1st Toury 102 p. & 1st Dourdan 162 p. She was already mother of the 'Limoges', 1st Limoges 297 p. & 59th nat 14.673 p. but also 1st Angerville 719 pigeons. She is a pure Van Neste from Feluy because her father is nobody else than 'Energie 031/02', a super racer with 4x per 10 at national level with Cahors & Irun between 2004 & 2006. Her mother is 'Valentine', also a 100% Van Neste hen that won a.o. 4th Argenton 550 p. & 30th Bourges 910 p. She was mother of the 'Montélimar', 17th Montélimar Nat Zone 1.270 pigeons. Good blood doesn't lie!

Another superior racing pigeon is without doubt the 'Xavi' (BE 08-9037436), a pigeon of unfailing regularity that also comes from the same lines than 'Chelsea' and so from 'Poséidon'.

Father: 'Bleu 616/05', super racer with, a.o., 283th national Limoges 15.504 p., 476th national Cahors 7.347 p., 524th national Souillac 7.597 p., 520th national Brive 17.446 p. Son of the couple 'Van Buyten' x 'Falbala', full sister of 'Energie', the grand-father of 'Chelsea' (mother side), and then a 100% Van Neste from Feluy.
Mother: 'L'Ortie 544/07', 1st Toury from 273 p. in '07. She is a full daughter to 'Topaze', 3rd national Bourges 19.024 p. in '08, son of the '871/04' x 'Paris', nest sister of 'Farenheit'... father of 'Poséidon'.

When we made a report about this colony in March 2011, we wrote 'The Vandemeulebroeck are ready and waiting for the future with the line of the Poséidon'. At this time, we didnt know that we were so right... 4 months later, the dream became reality and a granddaughter of this splendid breeder had a perfect match. What's next ? What will the future bring? We will know over the coming years. But with that kind of breeding material, nobody is doubting that the colony of St Léger will continue to be part of the national top in the races of 500 to 800 kilometres. And why not shake the flanders specialist by earning a place in the national result ? We wish you all the best! Our warmest congratulations.