Patrick & Philippe Podziadly (Loos, FR) - Owners of one of the most impressive collection of direct Aelbrecht pigeons

To dream about reaching the top at the highest level of the racing pigeon sport : an objective that a lot of young bloods are dreaming to reach someday. And, to be successful, nothing is better than getting the most valuable pigeons of today in the pigeon world.

In this regard, the pigeons from Marcel Aelbrecht, a pigeon fancier well know for his performances as well as the fact that he contributed to make the De Rauw-Sablon pigeons famous, are certainly the best to help anybody to race into the next level.

This last few years, the Aelbrecht's, and the De Rauw-Sablon pigeons in general, were greatly purchased by fanciers from all over the world and not the least fanciers: Limbourg, Koopman, Vandenheede, etc. These famous champions have all understood that this strain is simply exceptional and that the qualities of these pigeons are unbelievable. Each year, national victory won by pigeons from the De Rauw-Sablon strain are added to the list of references won by the birds from Lebbeke. This didn't escape the notice of the Podziadly brothers who, in 2003  (before these pigeons became practically unbuyable for most of us), already noticed the classy performances won by Marcel Aelbrecht. What impressed them the most ? The fact that Aelbrecht dominated all of Belgium with a small team of only 19 widows. And the word 'dominate' isn’t underestimated:

2003: 2° general champion KBDB - 1° national ace pigeon long distance KBDB
- 9° general champion fond KBDB
2005: 1° general champion KBDB - 3° general champion extreme long distance KBDB
- 4° general champion fond KBDB
2006: 1° general champion KBDB - 1° champion long distance KBDB

Beating the biggest loft of the world with the small basket, this made the pigeons of Marcel more interesting. 
'This was in fact what made us, Philippe and me, want to see what was going on behind the scenes'. Patrick Podziadly is clear. 
This is how they decided to make contact with the champion of Lebbeke the following year.
This wasn't an easy task in the beginning because of the language barrier but the legendary kindness of Marcel and the desire of the Podziadly brothers to get into the universe of this colony was much more stronger.
They visited him again in 2005, 2006 and in 2009. In the end these visits created a true friendship between the two lofts. It is needless to say that numerous pigeons moved from Belgium to France. Of course, Philippe and Patrick tried to catch the best origins. For example, they are the happy owners of a few descendants of the wondrous 'Limoges', of the 'Smallen', of the 'Cerafin' but mainly of a direct son of the famous pair 'Marseille' x 'Fijn blauwe', an acquisition that a lot of De Rauw-Sablon fans don't even dare to dream about. They also tried to buy a son of the dream 'Bak 17' pair but, to their great regret, they never brought him back to France. Anyway, the material was now adequate to enter the long distance races seriously, and that was the case in 2006. The two brothers already won top success, like:

2009 :
Tours 13 & 27/2.616 p, Argenton 40/6.229 p,
2010 :
St Junien 25/6.991 p, Blois 1 & 6/980 p, Châteauroux 6/1890 p, Jarnac 12/3.153 p,
Treignac 53 & 56/3.952 p, Argenton 63 & 91/10.991 p, La souterraine 94/5.892 p,
2011 :
Aubusson 205/12.843 p, Jarnac 43/4.213 p, Langeais 8/2.205 p, Pau 64/8.601 p

Let's take a look at the main results:

Tours 2010

La souterraine 2010

Mantes 2011

St junien 2011

Jarnac 2011



Langeais 2011

Angoulême 2011

These two pigeons are both very promising for the future. But, when you take a look at their pedigree, their results are quite logical. Let's take a look:

Father : 'The Marseille junior' (BE 05-4400600), son of the famous pair 'Marseille x Fijn blauwe'. Is it sinful to talk about the rest?

Mother: '658/05' (FR 05-132658), daughter of 'Gustaaf 218/98', a son of the 'Crack 066/91' who won the 7th national Cahors '95 coupled to a direct De Rauw-Sablon hen ('88/88') coming from the linge of the 'Motta' Vanhee. Her mother is the 'Chequered Van Overwaele' from '02 who comes from the lines of the 1st & 2nd national ace pigeon long distance '91 from Limbourg.

Ecouen 2009

Mantes 2009

Tours 2009

Poitiers 2009

Argenton 2009

St junien 2010

Treignac 2010

Father : '672/05' (FR 05-132672), a full brother to the '658/05' introduced above.

Mother : '827/04' (BE 04-4409827), a son of the '021/99', who is a half-brother of the 'Smallen', coupled to the '377/02'... a niece of the same 'Smallen'.

Ecouen 2009

Tours 2009

Clermont 2010

Pontoise 2010

Blois 2010

Jarnac 2010

Treignac 2010

lost in the first race of 2011




Ecouen 2009

Argenton 2009

Pontoise 2010

Blois 2010

Treignac 2010

Jarnac 2010

Pontoise 2011

Pontoise 2011

Blois 2011

Montrichard 2011

Aubusson 2011

Issoires 2011

Father : '032/04' (BE 04-4433032), 'blue cock 665/09', a son of the 'crack 066/91' already introduced above and coupled to the '937/90' who is nothing less than the mother of the 'Tamme witkopje' who won the 1st national La souterraine '97 in the Marcel Aelbrecht's lofts.

The mother of the '41069/09' is the '223/05' (BE 05-4408223), a daughter of the '308/02' who won the 34th national Argenton 17.010 p as well as the 1st provincial Limoges 3.494 in '04. This last one is a son of the... 'Marseille' x 'Fijn blauw'. Don't we say 'good blood doesn't lie' ?
The mother of the '41155/09' is a direct Houflijn hen but her pedigree is unknown.

The Podziadly brothers now want to focus on the extreme long distance races, or in other words the 'international races'. After a few successfull tests from Pau & Narbonne, they are on their way to the top. Our congratulations !