Poussart Daniël - Bourlers - Hainaut (BE)

Situé aux fins fonds de la botte du Hainaut, Bourlers est un petit village faisant partie de la ville de Chimay, ville qui est le berceau des princes de Chimay.

Located at the dead end part of the boot of the Hainaut area, Bourlers is a small village which is part of the city of Chimay, a city which is the cradle of the ‘Chimay Princess’. She is mostly known for her beer and her cheese manufactured at the Scoumont abbey which is one of the six  abbeys  where trappist monks live in Belgium. A few old glories from our sport, who lived a few hundred meters from Bourlers, shone with their performances in the national and international races, so asRegnier from Couvin, Marcel Denis from Bailleux or once again the well know Albert Monin from Cul-des-sarts.
It is just a few meters from this abbey where our friend Daniel Poussart decided to build his house. Pigeon fancier since his childhood, along with his brother Olivier, himself a pigeon fancier in Vaulx and specialising in the youngsters races, he has quickly built a loft in his garden with his own hands.

A very specific philosophy
Before going further with this report, it would be useful to geographically localizeour host  today.
He only lives 5km from France, so in the very first line of each radius, but especially deep in the boot of the Hainaut. There were not manyoptionsby choosing a niche. The long distance turned out to be the only plausible solution. The performances realized by his team are much more enjoyable because of his localization.
As shown in this report, Daniel owns only one loft destined for the races, composing of four compartments which house +/- 30 widows (half-half). We are talking about one of the smallest lofts in the country, especially when you see in which races he participates. The comparison with Marcel Aelbrecht was already made a few years ago, especially due to the small number of birds owned and this whilst knowing that the geographic situation is not the same. A comparison of this kind is of course a tribute to Daniel.

One of the reasons for this small occupancy is firstly due to his professional occupation. Doing things badly is not his way and so he is forced to limit the number of pigeons. But the main cause of this stems from the philosophy of the boss. One of his main goals is to truly create a strain, his own strain, based on the rusticity and the resistance. Iron pigeons with a nerve of steel who, for being at the top of the race, must benefit from strong flying conditions : face wind (max 1200 m/min), hot weather (if possible heat wave) and a sky perfectly clear. When I use the word ‘strain’, it is rightly so because the new introductions are extremely rare ! Daniel has the chance to rely on two exceptional top lines which have local accents. When you pay a visit to his colony, the feeling that we are only at the beginning of the ‘Poussart story’ is felt immediately. The 2009 and 2010 generation are slightly superior qualitatively compared to their parents, a feeling that allowed us to think about some nice possibilities for the next three years to come. This building is only possible with a very strong selection based especially on the achievement of top 100! Only a few fanciers are practicing like this, when the majority of them think about closing the holes, here the knife is always held high. A marking point of this philosophy is of course the specific participation in only a few races. Besides the Rhône line, which strangely is not the main objective of the season, Daniel particularly likes races like Montauban, Narbonne or Béziers in the past. So, races more ‘refocused’, whgenerally take place in very hard flying conditions. The teams basketted for these two races rarely exceeded four pigeons. Since 2005, no less than 9 prizes in the top 100 were won by the pigeons of Daniel in these two races by +/- 50 pigeons basketted in the 6 last editions for each of these two races. Simply remarkable ! The performance during the race of Montauban in 2005 is still in everyone’s memory. That year, Daniel won the 3rd, 43th, 44th and 96th national ahead of 7.303 p. Only seven fanciers were able to realize a  double in the top 100, Daniel allowed himself the largest slice of the cake, winning no less than 4 prizes in the 100 first national and this with only 6 pigeons basketted !! Amongst them, the three first pigeons were all brothers and are currently the leaders of the breeding loft, something we will later go into more detail babout. This incredible success is due to the fact that the pigeons are pampered, prepared ‘tip top’ for these deadlines and that Daniel baskets them only if he is 100% sure that they are able to shine.

The pigeons are mostly raced until they are 4 or 5 years old, after that the majority of them go to the breeding loft. Top cracks so as ‘Montauban 1’ (BE 03-9067843) or ‘Castres’ (BE 04-9073742) are the best examples. The philosophy used for the yearlings is more calm. They are ‘formed’ more for their future work. They take part in the small middle distance program, mostly Gien and Epernay, after which they have to pass their unique test with the national race of Tulle. Back in the old days, Limoges was also an alternative, but a bad experience contributed to the modification of the plans. Practicing this way, Daniel has a 2 year old team better physically developed, less impetuous and 100% able to shine. However, this deep respect of the birds has to be won when they are two years old, when the serious work begins. ‘Do or die’, this could his motto.

It is this philosophy which attracted PIPA a few years ago. But the attractionwas only in its early stages because it was only when we visited the loft for the first time that we had such a good feeling. We have rarely been given the opportunity to contemplate such homogeneity, such a concentration of cracks, of quality, and this in such a small colony. Actually, you are given the opportunity to draw in that magnificent strain via our auctions. Do not miss this occasion because, believe us, we are only at the beginning of the ‘Poussart story’.

Basis strain

Base pair N°1

«Le Krack» (BE 97-9049494) X «Didi Rhône Valley» (BE 97-3299385)

This cock comes from local strains from Marcel Denis from Bailleux who was an old glory, especially from Barcelona. The father of the «Krack»(BE 88-0015726) has won 3x 1st local in this race. Before being an excellent breeder, the “Krack” was above all a phenomenal racer winning a.o. 1/1.033 p. La souterraine , 1/1.292 Toury, 8/3.796 La souterraine, 31/1.154 Argenton, etc.
The «Didi Rhône Valley» is a hen with a prestigious pedigree. Her father is the «Golden Didi» (BE 92-3092619), full brother to the «KleineDidi» from Etienne Devos. Is it necessary to introduce this pigeon ?  Her mother is the Rhône Lady» (BE 95-5247234), a remarkable hen coming out strong lines, even at the basis of ‘Camille’  1st national Barcelone 12.612 p. in ’07 at Harinck-Poelmans from Genk.

This pair has then produced the ‘Montaubandinasty’ who shone in this race in 2005.
The main cock of these three brothers is the ‘Montauban 1’ (BE 03-9067843) who is becoming the number 1 breeder inBourlers, at the very least the worthy successor of his illustrious parents. Another son of this pair, the ‘Montauban 4’ (BE 06-9031415) won in 2008 the title of 10th national ace pigeon long distance RFCB/KBDB with a.o. the 183th national Brive 14.521 p. ,302tb national Montauban 5.438 p. , 340th national Souillac 7.315 p. In 2009, 39th national Montauban 7.203 p., 81TH Zone C Limoges 2.429 p.

But the best of them all is possibly the ‘Montauban 5’ (BE 07-9088569) who in 2010 has won the 175th national Montauban 6.654 p. with the 32th Zonal C out of 2.179 p. as well as the 17th national Narbonne 6.362 p. with the 19th international against 13.531 pigeons and 1st provincial 1.311 p.
In 2009 the 145th national Montauban 7.203 p. with the 50th zonal 2.551 p.
For 2011, Daniel places all his hopes on the ‘Tulle’ (BE 09-9043984), who in 2010 won the 115thnational Tulle 8.313 p. with the 36th zonal 2.851 p., a true bulls-eye because he probably flew the biggest part of the distance alone. (to be notified, incomplete honours list). This ‘Tulle’ is what we can consider as the result of the best outcome of the crossing of the two principal lines.
His maternal grandfather is the ‘Montauban 1’, direct son then of the pair «Le Krack» X «Didi Rhône Valley».  On father’s side, we saw the line of the second pair introduced now.


Basis pair N°2
«Le 498» (BE 93-20498) X «La perle rare» (BE 01-8015832).
This ‘498’ is a son of the «Petit Brive» (BE 92-17704), a son of the ‘Petit Brive’ 3rd national Brive ’93 by Jean Marc Calice, a pure Marcel Denis from Bailleux, coupled with the «811» (BE 93-19811), a direct Marcel Denis again. La ‘perle rare’ is herself a pure Denis. Her father is the «82» (BE 96-9103082), the main breeder at the start, coupled with the «084» (BE 94-9145084). Here are their performances:


- The "Olympic" 765/02: winnings include
67° Nat Béziers 5.934 p. + 84° Intnat 6.602 p. (in '04)

- The "Nerveux" 837/03
winnings include '05 Montauban Nat 7.303 p. 96 Nat Zone 2.455 p. 26

- De "Castres" 742/05 won:
'05 Castres CFW 835 YL 1 S/Nat 1.682 YL 4
'06 Bourges Prov 1.094 p. 50
'06 Clermont Ferrand 907 p. 15 Intprov 4.546 p. 40
'06 Narbonne Nat 6.033 p. 60 Intnat 9.634 p. 68
Won in 2008 round about 550 Nat Barcelona 11.484 p. (provisional forecast)

- The "Orange" 427/06:
won 90° Nat Orange 4.587 p. in 2008 (54° Nat Zone C against 2.505 p)

- The "Narbonne" 445/06:
won in his very first international race 24° Intnat Narbonne 12.218 p. and 14° National 6.801p.
We can now add the ‘Tulle’, introduced above, as another outcome.


We wishDaniel good luck in his ascension to the top. A national victory would be welcome to give him an extra dimension. They are working on itat Bourlers !
Congratulations !