Caro & Zn - Lambermont

Marcel CARO & Zonen, Lambermont-Verviers<br>Win 1° Nat Souillac 7.312 pigeons!<br>
And are directly sitting in 'pole position' for the<br>
1° Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2008!





 Wed Marcel CARO & Zonen,

1st National Acepigeon Long Distance KBDB 2008
Coefficient 0,774
Distance = 2152 km

Prizes :
Brive Nat : 14.521 p. 97th
Cahors Nat : 5.441 p. 5th
Souillac Nat : 7.312 p. 1st

 "Le Cadurcien"

 Pedigree : Click here

With the national race from Souillac, the clincher of the 'Long Distance programme' stood on the calendar, this being the last race that counted for the 'National Long Distance championship KBDB'. It promised to be a fight under 'high tension', because many fanciers had had a 'small coefficient' for quite a while in 2 Long Distance races, and had in this Souillac a very last chance to achieve a 3° top performance with their respective 'crack pigeon', in striving towards this coveted title of 'National Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2008'.
After a lot of… not to say the majority of, fanciers whose 'cracks' missed their prize from Limoges, wondered what this Souillac would bring! It was now or never, wherein the weather in particular promised to play the role of 'executioner'. Because the predicted 'strong westerly wind', with once again (for the umpteenth week in a row) the necessary share of storms (especially to the north of Paris)… was certainly not of the nature, that the people in the Flanders were particularly 'ecstatic'.
The weather forecasts were correct when the pigeons were given their freedom on Saturday at 9am in particularly favourable circumstances. It was then a case of looking towards the 'east' of the country, where, according to the weather, the first pigeons were expected to land, which also turned out to be the case.

In the end it was the super crack "Le Cadurcien" from the widow of Marcel Caro from Lambermont near Verviers who signed for national victory, clocked at 16h38 from a distance of 712,55 Km equal to 1556 m/min. With this, this pigeon had a lead of more than 5 minutes on the pigeon from Joseph Schmitz from Baelen (1520,25 m) in 2° place, while Mariette Vandeweyer from Booischot ended 3° (1503 m).

"Le Cadurcien"
In addition to their national winner, the Caro family clocked a 2° top pigeon at 16h54, which is classified 6° in the provisional prognosis. The colony of Marcel Caro is run by his wife and both her sons Alain and Jean-Marc. As a tribute to her husband and their father they continued to take part in the races under Marcel's name after Marcel died. The colony comprises of 10 breeding couples, in addition to 70 old racing pigeons (roughly divided proportionally over old and yearlings) and 100 youngsters. Every morning mrs Caro trains and feeds the pigeons since both sons are out working, but in the evening Alain and Jean-Marc take care of the colony themselves… so that the tasks are proportioned perfectly. The Caro's aren't 'early birds', because the pigeons are not usually coupled until the middle of February. The widowers sometimes raise 1 youngster, sometimes there is only brooding… a question of not keeping all your eggs in one basket.
After the breeding season is finished, the breeding doffers usually serve as 'partner' for the racing hens (in widowhood). These racing hens are housed in a kind of 'shed' at the end of the grounds which has been turned into a racing loft for hens… but, bravura! Before the racing cocks leave for a race they are always shown their hen for motivation. The Marcel Caro colony has for years belonged to the toppers in the Luik province from sprint to Long Distance. They can hold their own in all distances, even though they openly admit to being housed 'rather favourably' for the Sprint and Middle Distance at local level… even though it's the pigeons that have to do it in the end!
The Caro-pigeons are then real 'all-rounders', kneaded and forged by the master hand of the late Marcel Caro who was well-known for his 'iron hand' by the selection. A selection policy that both sons have inherited from their father, and which without doubt has contributed to their current successes. Because with their top pigeon "Le Cadurcien" ring B05-1048372 they don't only win the 1° National Souillac, but this pigeon is without doubt 'the' top candidate by far for the title of 'National Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2008'!

This pigeon has up until now performed the following:
In 2005: as a youngster well trained with 3 prizes from Le Bruly and 2 x Mariembourg
In 2006: Gedinne Club 209 p. 17 (91 Km) Sugny Club 178 p. 5 (109 Km) Limoges Club 128 p. 13 (622 Km) Prov 297 p. 26 CFW 2.965 p. 368 Nat Zone C 2.469 p. 192 Nat 15.507p. 3699
In 2007: classified from Gedinne and Sugny Reims Club 360 p. 39 F.Esp 1.973 p. 157
Melun Club 175 p. 2 F.Esp 934 p. 14
Brive Club 619 p. 5 Prov 1.099 p. 13 CFW 5.215 p. 198 Nat Zone C 6.535 p. 137 Nat 16.007 p. 738
Cahors Club 147 p. 1 Prov 330 p. 1 Nat Zone C 2.172 p. 1 Nat 5.894 p. 3
In 2008 : already classified in advance from Sugny and Rethel (297 p. 15)
Brive Club 490 p. 7 Prov 1.004 p. 19 Nat Zone C 5.951 p. 63 Nat 14.521 p. 97
Cahors Club 170 p. 1 Prov 333 p. 1 Nat Zone C 2.002 p. 4 Nat 5.441 p. 5
Souillac Nat 7.312 p. 1

A success of format which will therefore in November in Oostende by the 'national champions days' from the KBDB possibly be allowed on the 'highest podium'! This would without doubt be the nicest tribute that Alain, Jean-Marc and their mother could pay to their deceased father and husband Marcel Caro, the stock layer of this glorious dynasty of super pigeons! The national podium in Oostende will really be 'Verviers-coloured' and they can reserve buses for Oostende with the 1° Nat Brive for 'Trooz', 1° Nat Orange for 'Theux' and now 1° Nat Souillac and who knows 1° Nat pigeon Long Distance KBDB for 'Lambermont', all from the same region… lying a stone's throw away from each other! Talk about a 'fertile year'!
We would like to give our sincere congratulations to the Caro family for their 'national victory' from Souillac!