Final Race Golden Algarve 2019 / Live updates on PIPA on race day. Pigeons liberated at 08h00 (WEST). Pedigree + Video winning pigeon online!

The Golden Algarve Race is considered to be the biggest one loft race in Europe with over 5000 pigeons participating pigeons from all over the world. Around 3500 pigeons will be basketed Thursday 26th of September for the final race of Saturday from 505 km.

The temperatures are high, it will be around 30 degrees C° and changeable wind on the route of the race, so we expect a though race.

Video of 1st price winner :

Pedigree 1st price winner :


Liberation of the pigeons can be followed here Saturday morning:

The live results can be followed here.

We wish all participants good luck!

Basketting pigeons of Golden Algarve Race on Thursday 26th of September. Final race on Saturday (505 km)

More pictures below.