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A report on the provisional result of the British Barcelona Club race from Bordeaux on 28th July 2019

One hundred and fifty members sent eight hundred and forty-eight pigeons to Bordeaux with the British Barcelona Club, After a one day holdover they were liberated at 07.15 CEST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

Dean Childs with sons, Sidney & Dylan

Dean Childs of Wickford clocked four pigeons to take first, second, fifth and sixth open and first, second, third and fourth section J. First to time was a two year old on 1233ypm. The winner is named Chalice Dylan after Dean's youngest son. Chalice Dylan is a full brother to Chalice Lightening which was second open Guernsey as a young bird, being bred from Champ 25 and Chalice Draper. It was raced on the natural system and sent sitting seven to ten day eggs. Second to time was Chalice Consistent, bred from a son of Southfield Miss Consistent when paired to a half-sister of Champ 25.

Don Green & grandson, Riley

Don Green of Monks Risborough was third open and first secvtion D with a three year old on 1169.7ypm. Don's pigeon was bred down from Marshall, Marshall, Marshall and Smith pigeons that he purchased as late breds in 2016. It had no racing for three weeks and then two single tosses from 74 miles.

Gary Inkley

Fourth open and second section D was a yearling on 1169.6ypm for Gary Inkley of Hillingdon. Gary timed a widowhood cock that had been re-paired and sent sitting tne day eggs. The sire was bred by Ko Van Dommelen direct from De Oliebonte and the dam is Peroni Naustro, a daughter of Mark Bulled's Legacy.

A McIlquham of Enfield clocked a two year old on 1156ypm to take seventh open and third section D.

Mark Bulled with Abbie & Charlotte

Eighth open and fifth section J was a two year old on 1154ypm for Mark Bulled of Harlow. Mark timed a hen sent sitting a five day old squeaker. This hen is a direct daughter of Legacy, 1st NFC Tarbes, when paired to the mother of Bump, 2nd BBC Bordeaux.

Bob Bate

B Bate of Lovedean was ninth open and first section A with a two year old on 1148ypm. Bob timed a chequer hen bred by Paul Baker of New Haven. It had two channel races with the Solent Fed and was sent to Bordeaux sitting twelve day eggs.

Dave Bridger

Completing the top ten and in first section G is D Bridger from Littlehampton with a three year old on 1142ypm. Dave timed Jimima, a hen that had been flown all season on Dave's version of widowhood, where the cocks and hens are both raced. Her pedigree includes many winners with three out of four grandparents being bred by Dave's friend Jim Whitehead of Durham.

Around the sections

Tony Leggatt

Mr and Mrs Leggatt of Havant were second section A with a yearling on 1126ypm. This yearling cock has been one of Tony's most consistent birds and was bred by Calum Edmiston.

Wearn Brothers and Neilson timed three pigeons to take second, third and fourth section A.

Marg Cowley

Mr and Mrs L Cowley of Dorchester were first section B with a yearling on 971ypm. Marg and Lawrence timed a hen flown on the roundabout system and sent sitting a small squeaker. This hen contains the best of Bob McKie's pigeons with the Brian Denny and Peter Virtue bloodlines.

Kevin & Chris White

Mr and Mrs K White of Weymouth were second section B on 964ypm. Kevin and Chris clocked a pigeon late bred in 2016 and bred from a cock from Andy Parsons when paired to a hen from Crammond and Langstaff bloodlines. It was sent sitting overdue eggs.

G Owers of Bere Regis was third section B.

Clive & Wendy Merrills

Mr and Mrs Clive Merrills of Swindon were first section C with a four year old on 1109ypm. Clive races on a chaos system where the birds are separated all week and then together at the weekends. The sire was a Bryden x DeWeerdt that came from Graham Clift of Tirley and the dam was a DeWeerdt from Guy Reed of the Isle of Wight.

Brian & Linda Dixon

Mr and Mrs B Dixon of Milton Under Wychwood were second section C on 1057ypm. Brian and Linda's black hen has been a consistent racer and was bred from original stock from John Musselwhite of Wargrave. She contains Ebony, Jan Aarden and Krauth bloodlines. It was sent sitting twelve day eggs.

R Beaconsfield of Marlborough was third section C.

Mick & Daniel Hughes

M Hughes of Market Drayton was first section E with a three year old on 1012ypm. Mick was the National Flying Club winner from Sigogne the previous week and his Bordeaux pigeon is a half-brother to that winner.

Mick's son Daniel Hughes of Market Drayton was second section E on 988ypm. Daniel's yearling was also a half-brother to the Sigogne winner.

P Dewsnap of Stoke on Trent was third section E.

Derek Reid

Derek Reid of Weybridge was second section G on 1137ypm. Derek's pigeon was raced on the widowhood system and was a great-grandson of his 2006 Bordeaux winner. Derek clocked a second pigeon which was a grandson of Mick Parish's Palamos winner when paired to a direct Wim Muller hen.

D Harvey of Dover was third section G.

Willie Healy

Willie Healy of Jersey was first section H with a two year old on 1060ypm. Wille timed a Van der Wegen x Jo Letwico of Alloa bloodlines pigeon. A chequer pied cock, it was raced on the natural system and sent sitting ten day eggs.

Nigel Legg

R Legg and Sons of Guernsey were second section H on 878ypm. Nigel's pigeons was a late bred hen, raced on the natural system and sent being driven to nest.

Daniel Pazdyk of Jersey was third section H.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British Barcelona Club race from Bordeaux.