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Mark Gilbert Wins 1st UK National Perpignan 2018

It is my privilege to write once again about one of the UK’s most talented pigeon racing men. The combination, of not only Marks talent as the breeder and racer of the pigeons, but how he works so closely to the birds that he is able to coach them to levels of fitness and performance rarely seen in the UK at International level.

Mark’s European status must also be at an all time high, as this year alone he has won seven Nationals in the British International Championship Club that facilitates the International racing in the UK.

The Internationals last old bird race of the season from Perpignan took place on Friday 3rd August and the 12.353 birds were liberated at 07-00 CEST.

Many pigeon men revere this race as much as Barcelona, and Marks latest superstar, a Blue Bar cock GB16E26322, racing against an entry of 12.353 International entries, returned to his home in Winkfield on day two recording a velocity of 555.941m/min. winning 1st UK National Perpignan.

This pigeon can take the title of Superstar, as previously this year he won the following unprecedented victories.

7th National Palamos 1102 km, 2nd National Marseilles 1013 km and now 1st National Perpignan 1020 km. All these races had a high degree of difficulty, including NE winds and high temperatures not forgetting around 140 miles of the notorious English Channel.

You can find the pedigree of Southfield Iron Man here.

Clearly, fanciers will be talking about this pigeon’s performance for a long time as achievements such as these are remarkable, and unforgettable.

I could write a book on pigeons of this calibre, but hopefully the discerning fancier will appreciate the quality of this indefatigable fancier and his equally brave and tenacious pigeon, from the information above.