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A report on the British Barcelona Club race from Fougères on 30th June 2018

Two hundred and twenty-six members entered one thousand, eight hundred and seventeen pigeons into the British Barcelona Club race from Fougères. They were liberated at 06.55CEST into blue skies and sunshine. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

Willie Healy

First open and first section H was won by the winner from Palamos last week, Willie Healy of Jersey with a two year old on 1258ypm. Willie timed a chequer hen that was sent sitting ten day eggs. This hen is a Van Loon x Van Der Wegen and Willie promised his best friend that if he won a big race with a hen he would call it after his mother, who has since sadly passed away, so the Fougères winner has now been named Jackie Sharp

Stuart Laws with John Gerard

S Laws of Poole was second open and first section B with a three year old on 1210ypm. Stuart timed a pigeon containing Ingram and Langton from Derbyshire Wildermeersch bloodlines.

Dickinson & Newton

Third open and first section C was won by Dickinson and Newton of Weston super Mare with a two year old on 1196ypm. the partners clocked a pure Venner pigeon bred by their good friend Dave Vowles of Street, flown on the natural system and sent sitting fourteen day eggs. It was this hen's first channel race this season.

Phil Newton

Phil Newton of Weston Super Mare was fourth open and second section C with a four year old on 1190ypm. Phil clocked a dark chequer cock flown on the natural system and sent to the race sitting seven day eggs. A very consistent racer, this cock was fourth west section and sixth open from Falaise last season with 4,065 pigeons competing.

Rod Berry

Berry and Matthews of New Milton were fifth open and first section A with a three year old on 1190ypm. The cock the partners timed was from their Janssen Van Den Bosch family of pigeons which they have had since 1986 from their good friend ken Darlington. Last year this pigeon bred Super Blue, which was the best pigeon in the Wiltshire Federation.

Paul Kenny & Family

Mr and Mrs Paul Kenny and Family from Wantage were sixth open and first section D on 1177ypm. The section winner is a Gaby Vandenabeele bred from stock from Mark Evans. He has previously won first East Prawle in the club and second section, fourth open Bergerac.

Marg Cowley

Mr and Mrs L Cowley of Dorchester timed a yearling on 1173ypm to take seventh open and second section B. Lawrence and Marg clocked a dark roundabout cock bred by Bob McKie of Chopwell, Newcastle. This cock was one of six sent down annually by Bob. Its bloodlines contain Brian Denny x Peter Virtue and are closely related to Bob's good Jan Aarden hens, Phillipa and Timba.

Eighth open and third section B was a two year old on 1172ypm for Graham Glaze of Shaftsbury. Graham timed a grizzle cock which was bred from a cross into his old Cattrysse family.

Alan Horton

Mr and Mrs A Horton of Telford were ninth open and first section E with a two year old on 1169ypm. Husband and wife cocked a De Rauw Sablon cock which is a full brother to Irene's Pride, winner of first open, British Barcelona Club Messac in 2017.

The Gower hen

Completing the top ten and in fourth section B are Mr and Mrs Mark Gower of Fordingbridge with a two year old on 1164ypm. This hen is a Vandenabeele and is a grand-daughter of ther best racing hen which won three x first sections with the National Flying Club. It was raced on the roundabout system.

Around the sections

Cyril & Jean Lever

Mr and Mrs C Lever of Romsey were second section A with a two year old on 1160ypm. This pigeon has been raced lightly as a youngster and yearling and the was sent straight across the channel this season. A cock, it was clocked from the National Flying Club race from Ancenistwo weeks ago and on early times was thirtieth section B.

Jason Ross of Portsmouth was third section A.

Brown and Elliott of Devizes were third section C.

Dick Burgiin

Burgin and Marshall of Bovingdon were second section D with a three year old on 1142ypm. Dick timed a black Dutch cock containing Lelieveld x Van Den Locht and LB Geerinck bloodlines that he purchased at the Houten show. It was raced on the celibate system.

Sherman and Wells of Oxford were third section D.

Alan Shore

Mr and Mrs A Shore of Crewe were second section E with a two year old on 1151ypm. They clocked a cock bred from John Barnett's old family when crossed with a Gaby Vandenabeele hen from Andrew Lawley. This cock was also flown on the celibate system.

Mr and Mrs N Shaw of Basford were third section E.

Tony Welch

Mr and Mrs Tony Welch of Chichester were first section G with a yearling on 1032ypm. Husband and wife, Tony and Carol, timed a pigeon bred from a son of their Barcelona hen. The breeding line is from a long distance Martin Mitchell Janssen which was a gift from Lou Severe some years ago.  They were also second section G with a gift pigeon from Crammond and Langstaff of Chichester, a brother of Frankel, a top pigeon raced by Green and Hilson of Manchester.

Derek Reid

Derek Reid of Weybridge was third section G with a yearling on 923ypm. Derek's long suffering wife, Elaine is often seen carring the baskets into the marking station! His first pigeon from Fougères was a blue pied cock, a son of his Film Star cock that was ninth open from Fougères in 2017.

Nigel Legg

R Legg and Sons of Guernsey were second section H with a three year old on 759ypm. Nigel's timer was a Patrick Vandenabeele cock.

P Davies of Jersey was third section H.

Gosling & Jarvis

Gosling and Jarvis of Mountnessing were first section J with a three year old on 1019ypm. Keith and Mick timed a dark pied hen named Madame, a very consistent racer often beaten only by loft mates. Madame is a half-sister to Frenchy, second section, sixth open from Poitiers with the BICC two weeks previously. The sire was bred by John Searle and is a grandson of Tuff Nut, fifth NFC Pau. The dam was bred by John Halstead and is a daughter of Maurice, first BBC Palamos.

David Coward-Talbot

David Coward-Talbot was second section J with a two year old on 971ypm. David's timer was a cock from his natural loft that has been consistent all year. He is from the lines of Black Eagle from Maurice Dann and Angel Bros. The sire is a grandson of Black Eagle and the dam is a Vandenabeele of the Bliksem lines.

Dean Childs of Wickford was third section J.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British Barcelona Club race from Fougères.