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A report on the British International Championship Club race from Alencon held on 13th May 2017

530 members entered five thousand, six hundred and forty-four pigeons into the British International Championship Club race from Alencon. They were liberated at 9.45BST into broken cloud and sunshine. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members verifications.

White Mist - the Alençon winner (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Jonathon Smith from New Romney timed a two year old on 1687mpm over 180 miles to take first open and first east section. Jonathon's hen was bred by Martin Blythe of MB Lofts and the sire is Sumo 879, a grandson of two of Jos Thoné's top pigeons, Sumo and Grandson Arnoldus. The dam is Poco Queen, a half-sister to top stock hen Pocaru.

Johnathan Smith (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Fagg & Pullen's winner

Fagg and Pullen from Herne Bay clocked a yearling on 1669mpm over 207 miles to take second open and second east section. The partners timed a cock , the sire of which was a full brother to Gaston VD Wouwer's national winner, Laura, whilst the dam is a direct Frans Laereman.

Robbie Harris (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Third open and third east section was won by Robert Harris of Ramsgate with a two year old on 1663mpm over a distance of 209 miles. Robbie clocked one of his long distance pigeons containing Walkingshaw x Jan Aarden bloodlines and bred by Wilmore and Proctor of Rossendale in Lancashire.

Keith Weller

Keith Weller of Cuxton was fourth open and fourth east section with a three year old on 1651mpm over 204 miles. The sire of Keith's cock was given him by Bernard Gasson whilst the dam was an unrung pigeon containing Thoné bloodlines given to him by Andrew Marney and Lisa Howard.

Ted Varley

Fifth open and fifth east section was won by Mr and Mrs T Varley from Whitstable with a two year old on 1648mpm over 206 miles. Husband and wife timed a celibate hen on its first ever race. Its bloodlines are Busschaert and William Geerts.

Pat Newell from Billericay was sixth open and sixth east section with a yearling on 1643mpm over 221 miles. Pat timed a cock sent sitting five day eggs and bred from a stock cock gifted to him by Meg Murray. The dam was a grand-daughter of Pat's Perpignan winner.

Meg Murray (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Seventh open and seventh east section was won by Meg Murray of Burnham on Crouch with a yearling on 1642mpm over 224 miles. Meg's first pigeon home was a chequer pied cock, the sire of which is a twelve year old super breeder gifted to Meg by Lee Bastone and containing Soontjen x Staff Van Reet bloodlines. The dam was another gift pigeon, this time from Craig Booth of Blackhall, Co Durham.

Barrie Myhill of Dover was eighth open and eighth east section with a five year old on 1641mpm over 195 miles.

Robert Hume

Mr and Mrs R Hume of Rochford were ninth open and ninth east section with a three year old on 1638mpm over 221 miles. Rob clocked a Jan Aarden hen bred from his sixteenth open Alençon, thirteenth open Pau winner, timed on the day. This hen was racing to the perch with a view to being paired up for St Vincent.

Asher & Standeven

Completing the top ten and in tenth east section are Asher and Standeven from Ramsgate with a four year old on 1637mpm over 210 miles. The partners timed a widowhood cock containing Ulrich Lemmen bloodlines down from De Gust. Alençon was its second race of the season, the other being an inland race from Bedhampton.

Around the sections

A Stoner

First centre section and fourteenth open was won by A Stoner and Son from Morden with a three year old on 1629mpm over 204 miles. The partners had two pigeons arrive together and first in the clock was a Van Lint x M and D Evans cock. The dam was bred by Frank and Sue Carson of Cheam.

Mark Gilbert

Mark Gilbert of Betchworth was second centre section and seventeenth open with a four year old on 1619mpm over 194 miles. Mark clocked a widowhood cock containing Vandenabeele Benetton x Band of Gold bloodlines.

R and K O'Connor of South Norwood were third centre section.

Bob Hill

In the west section, which had to battle against the prevailing wind, Mr and Mrs Hill and Daughter were first section and two hundred and twenty-second open with a four year old hen on 1409mpm over 241 miles. The section winner is bred down from birds purchased from M and D Evans in 2009 and was also the partners' winner in the any age race from Falaise last September.

Clive & Jill Rogers & Neil Sales

Clive and Jill Rogers and Neil Sales of Writhlington were second west section with a yearling cock on 1388mpm over 227 miles. The sire of this cock was a son of Crowley and Green's Vagabond, whilst the dam is their Sienna, a hen containing Van Rhyn x Janssen x Maris bloodlines.

Mrs and Mrs Mears of Newport were third west section.

Paul Loom

B and P Loom of Wyboston were first north centre section and sixty-second open with a three year old on 1556mpm over 261 miles. This is the partner's third section win in two years of racing with the BICC. This time they timed the same blue hen that won the section from Alençon last season, it was raced on the roundabout system.

Pieter Oberholster

Pieter Oberholster of Keysoe took second north centre section and eighty-fourth open with a two year old on 1537mpm.

Mr and Mrs Spiller of Moulton Chapel were third north centre section.

Dave Downing

In the north east section, D Downing of Suffolk took first section and thirty-eighth open with a three year old on 1585mpm over 263 miles. David's section winner was a widowhood cock containing M and D Evans Vandenabeele bloodlines, the sire being a grandson of Bennetton and the dam being bred down from a son of Jester.

Robert Saunders of Suffolk was second north east section and forty-fourth open with a five year old on 1577mpm over a distance of 289 miles. Flown on the double windowhood system this pigeon was bred from Robert's 2011 Tours winner.

Arlow and King of Suffolk were third north east section.

John Rodway

The north west section and three hundred and sixth open was won by John Rodway of Rushwick with a three year old on 1336mpm over 279 miles. John clocked a blue bar hen sent sitting sixteen day eggs and on the first channel race of its life. John had nine out of eleven sent on the day.

Bauress & Murray

Bauress and Murray of Huyton were second north west section and three hundred and twentieth open with a four year old on 1325mpm over 367 miles. The partners' timer was a blue hen from a new distance family which they purchased from Belgium. The nest mate to this hen was their third in the clock from Alençon.

Jeremy Davies

T and J Davies of Birtsmorton were third north west section. Jeremy's pigeon contains Mike Ganus' Terminator bloodlines crossed with Gaby Vandenbeele, the sire being a grandson of Bliksem.

Pigeon Lane (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from Alençon on 13th May 2017.