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A report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club young bird race from Falaise

Two hundred and eleven members entered one thousand, five hundred and fifty-eight pigeons into the British International Championship Club young bird race from Falaise. Following a one day holdover, they were liberated at 08.45 CEST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

Preece Brothers and Sons' winner

First open and first west section was won by Preece Brothers and Sons from Abertillery on 1274mpm over 236 miles. The partners timed Gwasted Polly, a young hen flown on the darkness system and sent showing to an old cock. Polly is a full sister to their 2015 gold cup winner and her sire is their number one stock cock, Gwasted Nikon, that contains the best of the old Lefebre Dhaene, Burgham Brothers and Morgan and Cook bloodlines. The dam of Polly was a gift from Geoff and Catherine Cooper, being a direct daughter of Champion Wriggler.

Preece Brothers & Sons

John Webber

J and P Webber of Abertillery were second open and second west section on 1150mpm over a distance of 134 miles. John and Pat clocked a smokey blue cock flown on the darkness system and originating from Peter Norton's Van Reet family of pigeons, being a grandson of Giggsy. In the week prior to the race he was fighting another cock for a hen, creating a natural jealousy system.

Williams Brothers, Son & Burgham

Williams Brothers, Son and Burgham from Tredegar were third open and third west section on 1143mpm over 240 miles. The partners timed a chequer cock raced on the darkness system and to the perch. The sire is Little Sprut, a great racer for the loft and the dam was a Brockamp hen bred from a grandson of Euro Diamond paired to a direct daughter of Hannah.

Shaugham Nicholson

Fourth open and first north-east section was won by Shaughan Nicholson of Bury St Edmunds on 1141mpm over 238 miles. Shaughan's pigeon was bred for him by Ron Prewer of Bury St Edmunds and the sire is a Janssen cock that has won two firsts this season. The dam is a Gaby Vandenabeele that Shaughan bred for Ron last year. This hen was sent sitting ten day eggs.

Anthony Royce's pigeon

Anthony Royce of Colchester was fifth open and first east section on 1124mpm over 206 miles. Rodney races a small young bird team and his section winner is bred down from a Soontjen sire from Fenwick and Howard which has already bred three first prize winners. The dam is a Vandenabeele from Terry Bentham.

Aaron Haines

Aaron Haines of Cheltenham took sixth open and fourth west section on 1107mpm over 225 miles. Aaron clocked a chequer cock, flown on the lightness system and bred from his young Boris family of pigeons originating from Richard Green. The dam was crossed in with a son of Louis from Matt Rakes which was kindly lent to Aaron by Tom Scott.

Gary Hunt

G and J Hunt of Norwich were seventh open and second north-east section on 1084mpm over 254 miles. Gary timed four pigeons which should feature in the top ten of the section in the final result. First to clock was a youngster bred by his dad from his Maurice Mattheeuws bloodlines.

Russell Ayres

Eighth open and first centre section went to Russell Ayres of Aldershot on 1072mpm over 164 miles. The section winner is a mealy, white flight Janssen x De Rauw Sablon hen, the sire of which is a red cock from R Keegan and Son, Red Ceasar and the Hollywood Derby Cock bloodlines. The dam was a gift bird from Steve and Jackie McPhail of Rodboro Stud and contains the best of their De Rauw Sablon bloodlines.

Belcher and Son from Eltham were ninth open and second east section on 1058mpm over 178 miles. Vic and Anthony clocked a pigeon bred by Dave Malpass and containing Stoffel bloodlines. This cock was purchased at a breeder buyer sale and won the resulting race.

Ray Strawbridge & John Williams

Completing the top ten and in fifth west section are Strawbridge and Williams from Newport on 1051mpm over 225 miles. The sire of this pigeon came from a pair of John Williams' pigeons, whilst the dam is from a son of Tom Thumb, Ray's Barcelona winner, when paired to the dam of Dennis Ford's Seren Eleven and Ray's good hen Marie.

Around the sections

Russell Torno

Russell Torno of Northolt was second centre section on 1041mpm over 183 miles. Russell clocked a blue cock, raced on the darkness system and containing Janssen bloodlines.

Terry Smart of West Molesey was third centre section on 1032mpm over 174 miles. Terry purchased this pigeon at a breeder buyer sale and it contains 100% Fountainhead Lofts Busschaert bloodlines with both parents being bred by the late Eddie Wright. This blue chequer cock was bred by Paul Llewellyn and Grandson from Wiltshire.

E Guinchard of Upminster was third east section on 1028mpm over 185 miles. The Guinchard pigeon is a Koopman blue hen bred by Tim and Jan Rodwell and raced on the natural system.

Martin Wright

M Wright and Son of Barton Seagrave were first north-centre section on 906mpm over 242 miles. Martin timed a chequer hen containing Vandenabeele x long distance bloodlines and raced on the natural system.

Clive Brown

Clive Brown of Alconbury was second north-centre section on 463mpm over 237 miles. Clive clocked a Jan Aarden hen the sire of which is a direct son of De Cas from the House of Aarden.

Vincent Mudd of Roxton was third north-centre section on 422mpm over 227 miles. Vincent clocked his Busschaert cock on the second day, a little late as he didn't realise it was a two day race.

Jeremy Nicholson's pigeon

Jeremy Nicholson of Ipswich was third north-east section on 1031mpm over 223 miles. Jeremy clocked a blue chequer hen bred from a pair of Lindlauf stock birds from the late Mike Rodgers of Bromsgrove when crossed with a De Klak cock, also from Mike.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club young bird race from Falaise.