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Team Florea Sorin (RO) combines champions without borders

A unique project in pigeon racing, inspired by the Romanian visionary Florea Sorin. In business and in life his ability to think beyond borders with co-operation and participation as keywords, brought him great success. These exact same starting points are now the base of Team Florea Sorin in order to reach their ultimate goal; breeding and racing winners all over the world.

Team Florea Sorin is a partnership involving Florea Pea Ion, Florea Sorin, Dr Dinu Mihai from Romania with Nikolaas and Thomas Gyselbrecht from Belgium. Dinu Mihai directly emphasizes: “But naturally also the guys that are responsible for the daily work; cleaning of the lofts, feeding, etcetera. All involved have put some soul into it.” And here the ambitious PIPA agent directly mentions what it is really all about; Passion. Passion for super pigeons that is bound to be translated to a greater goal. To win everything that is to win … to become the best … in Romania from 100 to 1000 km  … but also in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and in one loft races all around the world!

Florea Sorin - also a boxing promoter - likes to the make connection between Team Florea Sorin and the legend Muhammed Ali, who once said: “Champions are made from something they have deep inside; a desire, a dream, a vision.” These ingredients are shared by all participating in Team Florea Sorin. Nikolaas Gyselbrecht: “Mr. Sorin came with the idea of this project. For many years now he is bringing top pigeons to his breeding stables; only the most finest of the Belgian, German and Dutch pigeon sport. He knew from the beginning that youngsters with Romanian rings can compete anywhere in the world, in any circumstances. We agreed and asked for the help of many good friends we've made all over the world through PIPA and our beautiful passionate pigeon sport.”

Team Florea Sorin started new partnerships with some of the great names in international pigeon sport, names like Alfons Klaas , Klaus Stieneker and Andreas Drapa in Germany, Eros Carboni in Italy and Marcel Sangers in Holland. To all these big names, teams of 20-25 youngsters with Romanian rings were sent, and the results are more than promising already. All these champions are supplied as a direct product of the treasure chamber with top pigeons in the Balcanic states, to which Florea Sorin holds the key.

One of Europe's best breeding colonies

From all dominating European colonies, Florea Sorin owns the very best. A summary of the pigeons present at probably the most impressive breeding colonies in Europe:
Original Alfons Klaas pigeons:
    - Sister of Galopin Garbage, 1. prize Final Derby Arona 2013 - 300 km over the sea
    - Children and full brother Mr. Bolt, 1. prov. ace cock 35,196 b. and master breeder
    - Children of Mr. Sun City, breeder of Million Dollar race top 100 winners
    - Children of Alfonso, super acebird and breeder of winners
    - Children of Vettel, brother of Million Dollar race winner Victor and super breeder
Original Bart Geerinckx pigeons:
    - Son and daughter of Wittekop Sylvester, base breeder of the loft Geerinckx
    - Daughter of Gladiator, Olympiad bird and breeder with top results
Original Benny Steveninck pigeons:
    - Brother and son to Sun, 1. Nat. acebird great MD YB KBDB 2013
Original Braad-De Joode pigeons:
    - Henky 97, 3.-19.-26. NPO and nest mate 2. Nat. acebird Henky 98 (3.-3.-4.-6. NPO)
    - Henky 930, winner 11.-25.-69.-84. NPO and full brother to Henky 98
    - Brother and sisters to Aragorn, 3.-5.-6. NPO winner

De Rauw-Sablon pigeons:
    - Children of Lucky 848, best De Rauw-Sablon breeder alive
    - Lady Rose, super breeding hen from Super 309, top daughter Marseille x Fijn Blauw
    - Children of Bak 17, the modern base breeding pair of Marcel Aelbrecht
    - Child of New Freddy, 1. Nat. acebird great middle distance KBDB 2010 and super breeder
Original Diego Wouters pigeons:
    - Magic William, winner 4 x 1. prize and grandchild Da Vinci Veenstra
    - Buzz Lightyear, 1. old acebird and 6. NPO winner
    - Kate, winner of 2 x 1. prize
    - Children of Magic Blue, 7 x 1. prize and 4 x NPO top 10 winner
    - Children of Mr. Spaubeek, wonder breeder original Pieter Veenstra

Original P. & dr. H.-P. Brockamp pigeons:
    - Direct son Euro Diamond, best marathon racer ever in the world.
Original Erik Limbourg pigeons:
    - Copy Gilbert, 59. Int. Bordeaux winner & full brother 1. Int. Bordeaux. Direct son Gilbert
    - Miss Fantastic, full sister Eagle Eye and mother 5. Nat. acebird Eagle Ace
    - Full sister to Witpen Patron, 1. Nat. acebird LD yearlings PIPA Ranking 2010
Original Eros Carboni pigeons:
    - Il Ragno, National acebird and best racer ever in Italy, also super breeder
    - Children of Shock, 1. National acebird and Olympiad bird 2003
    - Children of Geyser, Olympiad bird middle distance 2003
    - Children of Romolo, Olympiad bird Porto 2005 and 1. Nat. FCI acebird allround
    - Children of Adonis, Olympiad bird Oostende 2007 

Original Gaby Vandenabeele pigeons:
    - Children of Rudy, the new wonder breeder & father ‘New Bliksem’ & ‘Super Romeo’
    - Children of Super Romeo, 1. Nat. acebird LD KBDB yearlings 2013
    - Children of The Lion King, 1. prov. Tours 2,045 b. and winner 3x 1. prize
    - Children of Neptunus, Mr. Magic, Jason, Titus, Goliath, all super breeders
Original Gaston Van De Wouwer pigeons:
    - Brother Laura, 1. Nat. Bourges 2010
    - Several inbred Kaasboer pigeons
Original Gino Clique pigeons:
    - Daughter of Golden Prince, 1. Nat. ace long distance YL KBDB 2014 with 3.-4.-14. National
Original Herman Beverdam pigeons:
    - All children of his world famous (most original) Gebr. Jansen breeders
Original Jacob Poortvliet pigeons:
    - Royal Jet Junior, winner 3x 1. prize and multiple acebird
    - Blue Arrow, winner of 1.-4.-5.-5.-6.-7. prize
    - Mother to 3. NPO Ablis winner and grandmother to 7 different 1. prize winners
Original Jan Hooymans pigeons:
    - Daughter of Laatje 56, 2. NPO winner and full sister to Harry
Original Jos Thoné pigeons:
    - Son of Faro, Olympiad ace marathon Poznan 2011
    - Inbred to Sedna I, 1. Int. Narbonne winner
Original Klaus Stieneker pigeons:
    - Grandfather to car winner in the Million Dollar pigeon race
    - Gerard, original Koopman and best yearling racer in RV
    - Children of Carlos, Olympiad bird 2007 and 3. Nat. ace cock Germany
    - Children of Daisy, winner 3 x 1. prize and best racing hen in RV and 2. prov. racing hen
Original Leo Heremans pigeons:
    - Children of Olympiade, the nr. 1 breeding cock Leo Heremans
    - Children and brothers/sisters Gilbert, 1. Nat. ace speed LCB and 4. Nat. ace KBDB
    - Children of Beautiful, super breeding brother to Den Euro
    - Children of Den As, 1. acebird HAFO Turnhoutand 2. Nat. acebird AVE Regina
    - Inbred children of Galantos, breeder of Olympiad bird Olympic Sperwer
    - Child and brother of Nieuwe Olympiade, Olympiad bird and now super breeder at Eijerkamp
Original Marc De Cock pigeons:
    - 4 direct children of Eagle Eye, best all-round bird in the world
Original Marcel Sangers pigeons:
    - Elfie, mother to Buddahari 1. I.prov. acebird 34,294 b. and 6. Nat. acebird
    - Children and full sister Fast Red, 1.-7.-7. NPO winner and top breeder
    - Sister & h.sister to Edani, Europa Cup bird 2012 and 1. NPO Chateauroux winner

Original Pieter Veenstra pigeons:
    - Full sister Dolce Vita, Olympiad bird and 5x 1. Nat. title, best breeding hen ever
    - Full brother Dolce Gabanna, 1. NPO Morlincourt 8,834 b.
    - Son of Da Vinci, 1. NPO winner and father Dolce Vita, Chanel No. 5, etc.
Original Rudi De Saer pigeons:
    - Children to Groten, founding breeder De Saer
Original Casaert-Senechal pigeons:
    - Brother & child Amalia, 1. Nat. ace great MD KBDB 2011
    - Children to Nikolaas, 1. Nat. acebird great middle distance old KBDB 2013

“Working together in Team Florea Sorin feels like a dream come true for all involved. Dinu Mihai concludes: “When you say Team Florea Sorin, you say family. Because we are a beautiful group of friends. Friends that share the same passion and work towards the same goal. There’s nothing more beautiful than that. And we are all sure; it’s the start of something beautiful that will make a difference for the future of international pigeon sport."