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A report of the British International Championship Club race from Pau on 20th June 2014 in conjunction with the international race.

One hundred and seventeen members entered three hundred and seventy nine birds into the British International Championship Club race from Pau, held in conjunction with the International. They were liberated at 5.45am on Friday 20th June into sunny skies with east and north in the wind at the liberation point. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

Mark Gilbert (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

First open and first centre section was timed by Mark Gilbert from Windsor and was a three year old, dark chequer hen flying five hundred and sixty two miles on a velocity of 909mpm. The sire of this hen is Rutz and Shone's Pau 06 international winner and the dam is one of Mark's best breeding hens, responsible for third international Pau, third national Barcelona, seventh national Tarbes and now first national Pau. An Emiel Deweerdt pigeon, this hen is a full sister to Ivan which was clocked four times in the top fifty international. In preparation for Pau the winning hen was given three inland races followed by three channel races and then three weeks rest. Raced on the roundabout system, all being well, this hen with now go on to St Vincent and Perpignan. Mark's clocked nine pigeons in all, taking first, third and fourth centre section and first, twelfth, thirteenth, forty-first, forty-ninth, eighty-fourth and one hundred and second open on the provisional result.

Rob Brooks

Second open and first west section went to Brooks Brothers of High Littleton and was a six year old, widowhood cock flying 562 miles on 904mpm. Rob's pigeon, Mendip Magic, was paired in February and raised two young birds before racing started. Its breeding is three quarters Brooks Brothers old long distance family and one quarter Geoff and Catherine Cooper. Geoff gifted the loft a hen a few years ago and this pigeon bred the dam of the section winner. Mendip Magic is a consistent racer for the loft having been timed in the result three times from Tarbes as well as Carentan, Tours and Alençon.

Derek & Jackie Reis

Mr and Mrs Reis of Colchester timed third open and first east section with a three year old, widowhood cock flying 594 miles on 812mpm. Derek and Jackie's pigeon was bred from a pair they purchased from the British Barcelona Club stud in 2010 and has previously been second open East of England Continental Club from Canappeville. Having retired in 2009, Derek wanted to build up a long distance team to compete in the internationals and this Pau race was the husband and wife partnership's first serious attempt.

Richie-Lee Dawes

Second east section and fourth open was clocked by fifteen year old Richie-Lee Dawes of Whitstable. This was a two year old, red grizzle cock flying 559 miles on a velocity of 801mpm. Richie-Lee has only been racing pigeons for the past two years and he only competes with the British International Championship Club. From Pau he clocked Benny, a Jan Aarden x Van Geel, the parents of which were on load to him from M Dunn and Daughters. These lines orginated with John Lane of Whitstable. In 2013 Benny was timed twice from Alençon and once from Tours. So far this season Benny has flown Falaise, Alençon and now Pau. Richie-Lee's mum trains his pigeons out to fifty miles for him and then they go with a local trainer. When he his not tending to his pigeons, Richie-Lee is a drummer in a band.

Preece Brothers & Sons

Preece Brothers and Sons of Abertillery timed second west section and fifth open with a four year old, roundabout hen flying 597 miles on 788mpm. Brothers Henry and Colin are helped with the pigeons by Colin's two sons, John and Leigh. The partners clocked Gwasted Brian's Girl, the same hen that they clocked from Pau in 2013 and a direct daughter of their Gold Cup winner Gwasted Benoni, first Welsh South Road National Bergerac. This cock is a Ponderosa Muller Aarden crossed with a Ko Nipius Jan Aarden that they borrowed from Alan Maull. The dam was loaned to them by Paul, Brian and Wendy Hyatt and contains Padfield Family and Ken Hine bloodlines. 

Robert Harris & son, Alfie

Third east section and sixth open went to Robert Harris of Ramsgate. Robert timed a three year old hen flying 560 miles on 769mpm. Raced on the natural system and sent sitting four day eggs, this hen was lost off the loft as a youngster only to be reported in Edinburgh that evening despite not having been trained at all. After a few short tosses to its new home it then decided that Ramsgate was more to its taste and it returned home under its own steam. Its breeding contains the bloodlines of Gebroeders Bruggeman and their pigeon Orhan and also the lines of Piet Lazerooms. This hen had three inland races followed by Alencon and then Tours prior to Pau.

Kevin & Lee Buddle

Lee and Kevin Buddle of Dover timed a four year old, mealy hen named Saffron, flying 545 miles on 766mpm to take fourth east section and seventh open. Flown on the widowhood system, this hen has previously been twenty fourth BICC Agen, and twenty sixth BICC Perpignan in 2013. The sire of Saffron is a grandson of both Jim Peters' Barcelona winners Lacoste and The Barcelona. The dam is a daughter of BC which won second BICC Pau in 2009, beaten by loft mate Amoy and also a daughter of Eve, a super racing hen for M G Mitchell of Dover. Father and son timed two further pigeons to provisionally take eighth section, fifteenth open and ninth section, seventeenth open respectively.

Mark Bulled

Fifth east section and eighth open was a three year old hen flying 583 miles on 752mpm for Mark Bulled of Harlow. Bred from Mark's old Westcott family this hen was flown on the natural system and sent sitting five day old eggs. It is a granddaughter of the hen, Sergeant Cecil, which was first open from Tarbes with the London and South East Classic Club and is also related to Legacy which was first NFC and Kings Cup from Tarbes.

Neil & Philip Coleman

N & P Coleman of Dover timed a three year old, blue white flight cock, flying 546 miles on 751.1mpm to take sixth east section and ninth open. Father and son, Neil and Philip, are previous winners with the BICC in 2012. They timed their single entry which was flown on the natural system and sent sitting six day old eggs. Prior to Pau it has three inland races and then Alencon and Tours. Neil and Philip's pigeon was bred from a paired they picked out from the loft of the late Brian Williams.

Dave & Vince Padfield (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Completing the top ten and in third west section we have the Padfield Family of Abertillery with a five year old cock flying 597 miles on 751.0mpm. This sire of this cock was bred from Brian Leadbeater's Favourite when paired to a daughter of 48 which scored in the top ten of the Midlands National Flying Club five times. The dam is a full sister to Vince, first open Pau with the Welsh South Road National Club in 2000. Prior to Pau, this cock has been fifth open Welsh South Road National and twenty sixth open NFC from Tarbes in 2012.  

Around the sections

Calum Edmiston

Second centre section went to C Edmiston of Horley with a two year old flying 542 miles on 750mpm. Calum clocked three pigeons, the first of which was a red hen of Van Der Wegen breeding. As a yearling it was fourth with the BICC from Agen. Flown on the natural system, this hen was sent feeding a three day old squeaker.

Gavin Duggan

The north central section was won by G Duggan of Chipping Campden with a three year old cock flying 608 miles on 657mpm. Gavin bought this cock through a charity auction and it was bred by Willy Donaghie from Scotland. Flown on the natural system, this pigeon was sent sitting eggs. Gavin timed a second bird on 554mpm to take second north central section. This one was a three year old hen of Camden Van Aarden bloodlines.

At the time of submission there are no birds timed into the north west or north east sections.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from Pau.