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The British International Championship Club young bird race from Guernsey: a report on the winners

The penultimate race for the British International Championship Club saw one thousand, five hundred and nineteen young birds liberated at 8 am UK time on Sunday 26th August, due to a one day holdover because of bad weather on the Saturday. Initial light westerly winds over the channel strengthened later in the day to a direct south westerly.

Peter Howard and Sue Gore

In first place and first east section was a Delbar x Janssen Van Loon hen bred and raced by Peter Howard and Sue Gore of Eastbourne. The partner's national winner is a dark chequer pied hen which was raced on the natural system. She had had two races prior to Guernsey and was paired up to an older Barker stock cock so was fed on the stock birds field beans and barley rather than a dedicated young bird mixture. On her arrival the partners thought she was a late returnee from the previous week's race as she was a lot earlier than they had been expecting.

The winning pigeon

Second open and first centre section went to the Brighton partnership of L & G Sullivan and P Gent. The sire to their winner was bred from their National Flying Club winner when paired to a daughter from Iceman of Sheldon Leonard of Ireland. So far this season the partnership have topped the South Coast federation twice with young birds.

The lofts of Howard and Gore

Again in Brighton, third open and second centre section goes to the partnership of Peter Russell and Philip Nye, with a Janssen hen bred from birds the partners bought at Lier market. Raced on the darkness system this hen had previously had four inland races and had been second club from Exeter the previous week.

Meg Murray

Meg Murray from Burnham on Crouch was fourth open, second east section. Meg's pigeon was a chequer hen, the sire of which came from Stuart Ager of Tilbury. Her dam was 3/4 Soontjen, 1/4 Staff Van Reet and was given to Meg by fellow club member Lee Bastone.

Lee Bastone

By coincidence Lee Bastone was fifth open, third east section with a Soontjen hen bred down from Sabre and Secret lines. Her dam is the out of the Shiftie cock belonging to Ray Forbes. Lee feeds his young birds on Gerry Plus and Junior UK mixes.

Sixth open and third centre section was timed by Mr and Mrs Waterhouse of Portmouth on 1557 ypm.

Packer and Clark

Packer and Clark from Grays in Essex timed seventh open, fourth east section with a young Vandenabeele cock of Eisenhowe and Jack Jones lines. Flown on the darkness system this was his first race having only been trained to seventy miles in the run up to Guernsey.

Rob Wilton & Son

Eighth open and fifth east section was a chequer hen raced by Rob Wilton and Son from Chadwell St Mary in Essex. The partnership had two birds drop together. The first one to clock was one of a batch of twelve youngsters the partners purchased from Jamie Clark of Canterbury. The sire stems from Ron Williamson lines and the dam is a granddaughter of Brockamp's Euro Diamond.

Gladwin, Jarvis and family took sixth east section and ninth open with a blue pied hen with Formula 1 lofts Frans Zwol bloodlines. This hen has been consistent throughout the young bird season but not quite scored in previous races.

Mr and Mrs Harris and Daughter

Tenth open and fourth centre section was clocked at the Porchester lofts of Mr and Mrs Harris and Daughter. The partnership is father, Steve, mother Yvette and daughter Lauren. The partners clocked a Jan Theelan x Vandenabeele hen which was bred for them by Steve's dad.

Brian Sheppard

Brian Sheppard of Trowbridge clocked two together to take first and second west section. First in the clock was a Jos Thoné cock bred for Brian by Sean Burrows and raced on the natural system. Brian's second bird was another gift bird, this time a Cooreman bred by Bob Fenech.

John Rodway of Worcester is probable third west section with a natural young bird which had previously had just two inland races.

Bethany Wright

The north section was won by A Wright and Daughter from the village of Otley near Ipswich. Anthony and Bethany's pigeon was a Jan Aarden x Jan Theelen hen raced on the darkness. She was bred for them by Paul Warren of Ipswich.

Roger Strowger

Second north section was clocked in Leiston in Suffolk at the lofts of Mr and Mrs Strowger. This was a red chequer Marcellis hen raced on the darkness system. She comes from the lofts of Ray Lander.

Flowers and Clark from Sutton Heath took third north section with a darkness hen which had been allowed in with the young cocks a couple of days prior to basketing. The partner's timer was bred from the best of Clive Yates' Wildermeersch lines.

So, just one more race this season for the British International Championship Club, Guernsey (2) on the 8th September.