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Geoff and Catherine Cooper (Bath, UK) winners Bordeaux International old birds

Geoff and Catherine Cooper clocked a two year old chequer widowhood cock called Farmer George at 17.32.17 UK time to win 1st International Bordeaux against 10.611 old birds.

Farmer George was 3rd National West Section from Tours with BICC National on the 11/06/11.  This was his last race prior to basketing for the International.  He is bred from Farm Boy who has won many top International and National prizes and a daughter of George who  the Grand National from Tarbes plus many other top National prizes.  When you look at “Farmer George’s” pedigree you will see winners in every generation, Geoff and Catherine can trace their top birds winning bloodlines back to the early 1980’s imports. In 1980 Geoff introduced birds from Deweerts of Kortemark, and has had much success with them.  When Geoff retires a good racer he line breeds to these top birds to keep the excellent gene pool.

The International winner Bordeaux 10.611 Old Birds: 'Farmer George'

They clocked another bird, a son of “PD” called “Shiraz”. He is at the moment 5th International. He is named “Shiraz” because local club member John Smallcombe, who won the National section G from Tarbes the same day, with a bird whose parents were bred by Geoff and Catherine,  called round in the afternoon with a bottle of Shiraz for  them. They told him they would open it and drink a glass to celebrate his win whilst they waited for their International birds.  They had just finished the first glass when “Farmer George” came racing to the loft.  As he already had a name they called their second bird after John’s bottle of shiraz wine!

The 'Shiraz': winner 3° International Bordeaux 10.611 old birds

“PD” has raced very well for Geoff And Catherine winning 2nd National  section (provincial) from Tarbes and 2nd National section  (provincial) from Alencon National plus many other top prizes.  More details of all these birds are on their website www.geoffcooper-pigeons.com

Geoff and Catherine have won many top National and International prizes but it has been their dream to win an International.  This season Geoff has sent the birds with the BICC National program where the majority of the birds are all flying to the East of the UK and very few to the West.  This meant that the chance of winning a major open prize was slim, but this did not worry Geoff as the main purpose of sending to these tough  races was to teach the birds to break from the main drag of the birds.  This is essential if you want to win an International in the UK.  The British entry of 648 had a very hard task of breaking from the convoy of 22,028 birds, Geoff and Catherine’s birds then have over 220 kms of the English Channel to fly over, which if the weather is bad can be  a grave yard for many good birds.   When you consider the direction the main International convoy fly from the race point, then consider that the British birds have to fly in a totally different direction you can appreciate how hard it is for them.