Thorsten & Finn Leon Daum (Germany) crown one loft dominance with FCI World Championship 2009/2010

It was a risk, changing the focus from regular racing to one loft racing. Especially as Thorsten Daum was one of Germany’s biggest champions in short & middle distance racing.

Now, a few years later, it is fair to say Thorsten and his son Finn Leon are the top in International one loft racing and even crowned as FCI World Champions in this discipline. No one does better in the most prestigious races in the world!!

“After many years of listing top results in the German programme, with even top 10 National acebirds & Olympiad birds, more and more the interest changed in to one loft race participation,” says Thorsten Daum. “Breeding is my passion and in one loft races all pigeons are treated equally, so the class most make the difference.” And super class pigeons this champion has in his lofts, with the Van Loon and Vandenabeele strain as main bloodlines. “I chose to put my best racers on the breeding lofts and some years later now, this was an excellent choice. My best - ‘Ultimate Lady’, ‘Sexy Lady’ and ‘Miss Adebar’ now produce me winners and breeders of winners around the whole world.”

And that is just an understatement ... In 2008 the story of success started, to never stop again. In that year the confirmation of Daum-qualities in one loft racing came in sight winning a/o

 3. Prize Final Race Million Dollar Race 2008
3. Prize Grand Average Million Dollar Race 2008
2. Prize Final Race Emerald Classic Ireland 2008 

In 2009 already the 2. acebird in Czech Republic was one, together with many more top positions in training and Hot Spot races! Especially the Final Races in 2010 were extremely successful resulting in a/o:

 1. FCI World Champion 2009/2010
1. FCI acebird FCI One Loft Race Spain
1. FCI acebird FCI One Loft Race Hungary
2. FCI acebird FCI One Loft Race Germany
1. Prize Final Race (516 km) Spain 2010
Also 11.,18.,19., 22. final race Spain 2010
2. Prize Final Race (330 km) Germany 2010
Also 3., 5., 6., 11., 18. final race Germany 2010
2. Prize Final Race (330 km) Hungary 2010
Also 11., 25., 33. final race Hungary 2010 


The super base
Formula for success was using the best racers for breeding and meant the genetic breakthrough of several amazing pigeons ... the top 3 in breeding however is obvious - their offspring steals the show worldwide 

DV04939-08-403 ‘Ultimate Lady’ was a fantastic racing hen, winning 2x 1. prize and grabbing the 1. acebird title in RV. Her best are:

 1. Ace hen in RV 2009
1. Chaumont RV 1,010 birds
1. Chaumont FG 2,771 birds
1. Tout RV 468 birds
2. Tout FG 1,235 birds
3. Verdun RV 1,140 birds
11.Verdun FG 2,867 birds
7. Auxerre RV 861 birds
10. Auxerre FG 2,323 birds 


DV04939-05-1906 ‘Sexy Lady’ is a magnificent performing hen winning many top positions and the prestigious 1. acebird title in RV … her impressing prize list is

 1. Ace hen in RV 2007
1. Auxerre 1,689 birds
2. Troyes 1,599 birds
3. Langres 1,317 birds
6. Auxerre 1,290 birds
6. Langres 830 birds
7. Riegel 961 birds
8. Nancy 1,748 birds
9. Offenburg 1,905 birds 


DV04939-05-1967 ‘Miss Adebar’ is the third wonder hen in line … she was runner up as RV acebird after ‘Sexy Lady’, but a superclass hen indeed. Her best are

 2. Ace hen in RV 2007
4. Riegel 1,809 birds
7. Weil 1,142 birds
8. Nevers 1,065 birds
11.Weil 763 birds
12.Neuenburg 1,768 birds
12 prize cards in 2007 


FCI Diamond Pair
‘Miss Adebar’ is female half of the FCI Diamond Pair ‘Blue Panamera’ x ‘Miss Adebar’. DV04939-08-597 ‘Blue Panamera’ is inbred to ‘Superschallie’ (2. Nat. acebird allround WENC 2005, 3x 1. prize & 3x 2. prize) and in fact half brother to the 22. & 96. acebird Grand Average Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2010. Direct children to FCI Diamond Pair are winners of

 1. final race & 1. acebird FCI Spain winner 516 km
1. acebird & 1. final race FCI Xacobeo winner 2010
1. acebird & 11. final race FCI Hungary winner 330 km 

One generation further, grandchildren to FCI Diamond Pair won

 3. acebird & 9. final race FCI Spain winner 2009
5. & 11. prize final race FCI Fritzlar winner 330 km 

To end this super bloodline with a grandchild to ‘Miss Adebar’ winning a/o

 9. prize in final race FCI Spain 2009 

Thorsten Daum emphasized especially the sons to ‘Sexy Lady’ match fantastic with the daughters to ‘Miss Adebar’!A grandchild to ‘Sexy Lady’ won 1. prize Radevo 420 Km Bulgaria with a 3 hours and 20 minutes lead ... Daum also won 4. Position in this race with a grandchild to ‘Evita’(7. Nat. acebird Germany)! Thorsten and Finn-Leon had only 2 pigeons in the race and at the first day only 8 birds arrived


All together many, many more top positions on the one loft classics were won … in conclusion just a few more highlights around the world from 2008:

 3. Prize Final Race Million Dollar Race 2008
3. Prize Grand Average Million Dollar Race 2008
2. Prize Final Race Emerald Classic Ireland 2008
2. prize Hot Spot Race II Emerald Classic Ireland 2008
4.-11.-45. prize Hot Spot Race III Emerald Classic Ireland 2008
3. prize Training Race Monaghan Emerald Classic Ireland 2008
1.-18.-19. prize Hot Spot Race I Kula Derby Bulgaria 967 birds in 2008
3.-14.-45. prize Hot Spot Race III Kula Derby Bulgaria 781 birds in 2008
7. prize Hot Spot Race I Sandrova Bulgaria 229 birds in 2008
4. prize Hot Spot Race II International Nordseerennen Sylt in 2008
5. prize Hot Spot Race III International Nordseerennen Sylt in 2008
4. prize Training Shenghi Internat. Pigeon Race China 4,800 birds 2008
5. prize Czech Race Training III in 2008
2. young acebird Czech International one loft race 2008
3. prize Training Race Derby Avusy Switserland 2008
2. foreign bird in final race Asia Pacific Racing Pigeon Conference 2008  
1. prize in Training Race VII Allflight Carnival City against 468 birds in 2008
2. prize in Training Race VIII Allflight Carnival City against 465 birds in 2008
7.-14. prize in Training Race XI Allflight Carnival City against 481 birds in 2008
6.-20. prize in Training Race XIV Allflight Carnival City against 425 birds in 2008
3. prize Official Training Race XIV Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race against 3,653 birds in 2009 

FCI World Champion 2009/2010

 Final Races 2010
1st ; 2nd; 2nd; 5th
Ace Pigeon
1st; 1st; 2nd; 5th