Rutz & Zonen won national Barcelona Germany 2008! This was an absolute World result : 1°, 3° and 4° national!!


Hans-Peter Brockamp, Sven & Jens Rutz

Sven, Thomas Gyselbrecht & Jens Rutz




The name Rutz undoubtedly rings a bell by many Extreme Long Distance fanciers. Rutz & Sons can safely be called an 'established name' in the international Extreme Long Distance world. It seemed as though they had 'easily' stringed together national and/or international victories. Easily is of course the wrong expression, because the vigour with which one handles the pigeons there in Altheim, is then an explanation for the already achieved top performances.

Contrary to what you would first think as an outsider, it is not the father who takes the lead in the pigeon affairs and whereby the sons are the followers. It is the sons of Karl-Heinz Rutz: Jens & Sven, 25-year old twins, who for a few years now have taken complete care of the pigeons. They learned the pigeon sport through their father, but they soon overtook their father and the twins were, as 13-year old 'cheepers' already champion in their club, indeed, just in front of their father Rutz… It then became clear to them that they would be wise to combine their strengths and so they started racing in combination: the tandem 'Rutz & Zonen' (Sons) was born.


The tasks have been nicely allocated in the Rutz household. Jens is responsible for the racing pigeons, whilst Sven is kept busy with the breeding pigeons and the youngsters. Father Rutz is, despite not having any concrete tasks, a very important link in the team. Due to a very busy self-employed job, Karl-Heinz Rutz can only assist his sons with advice when necessary, he doesn't have hardly any time to help with taking care of the pigeons.
He has raced pigeons for more than 30 years and so sees things that only experienced fanciers can see. For example, he keeps a close eye on the pigeons by the training and he tries to analyse which pigeons are getting in shape and which pigeons are not up to form. And the Rutz-pigeons were in good form for Barcelona…


"6-7 days before basketting the Barcelona-team trained well, but not well enough. They were given a cure for the airways for 2-3 days. We don't know if this was the reason for the intensive training that the pigeons imposed on themselves for the last 2-3 days prior to basketting" says Sven Rutz. "You know that the pigeons are in good shape when they completely disappear out of sight for 10-15 minutes, and then continue their training separately. If they stay as a group by the loft for the whole of the training then you know something is wrong. The final days prior to basketting the Barcelona-team trained so as it should be. With the well-known result: 1°, 3° and 4° national and in the end 12 prizes per 4 from the 29 basketted pigeons."

"The three top pigeons are all hens, the recurring problem by the hens is of course the mutual pairing. You have to feed the pigeons well, but if you feed them too much they start to pair with each other very quickly. It is usually the case of looking for a compromise. The later Barcelona winning hen was now also paired with another hen and both hens had laid their 2nd egg 4-5 days prior to basketting. In other words: the 1° National Barcelona was basketted with four 4-5 day old eggs. Coincidence or not, but this is exactly the same situation as when we won Barcelona National in 2003!"

Winning , 3° and 4° national Barcelona is a historical performance, but the Rutzens have won a lot of things. As it happens, it is their 2° national victory from Barcelona. Their 'Jessie' won the 1° National Barcelona in 2003 and is now grandmother of both the 1°, 3° as well as the 4° national Barcelona!

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Pedigree : Click here

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"The focus clearly lies on Barcelona, but of course this does not mean that we are not interested in the other international races. Lets say that we actually concentrate on all the international races, but we try to excel from Barcelona. With a lot of luck the pigeons keep their absolute top condition for 2 to max. 3 weeks. However it is usually difficult enough to keep the pigeons in absolute top condition for 1 to 2 weeks, so we try to be at our peak for the most important race of the year.
" In principle the yearlings here by Rutz are given 1 big test in the Extreme Long Distance. The pigeons that win a good prize in this race OR don't win a prize but return home very fresh, are kept as 2-year olds.
The doubters are given another Extreme Long Distance race. If we look at the TOP 3 from Barcelona this year, we see that the 1° and 4° National are both 2-year olds who have both raced Irun as yearlings, but who both only returned home the following morning. No special result when you had 10 pigeons home the previous evening.
"But they had still won a prize and they returned home in good condition, and naturally we keep such pigeons as 2-year olds.
" The 3° National Barcelona is a 3-year old pigeon that hasn't performed anything special up until now. As yearling she had prize from Carcassonne and as 2-year old prize from both Barcelona and Perpignan, but nothing else. It is nice to see how 2 young chaps have worked their way up to the absolute top of the international Extreme Long Distance races with such commitment and passion. We wish them all the best for the rest of the season and also for the coming years!