Rutz and Sons, "1st International Pau. Tough Pau 2006 fell prey."

Rutz and Sons in Blieskastel-Altheim (DE)

Pau 2006 will be recorded as one of the toughest races ever. Pau 2006 was raced in the blistering heat as from the moment of release on Friday afternoon 1:30 PM, until arrival; not pleasant at all for humans nor for animals. Only the strongest ones in superior shape had a chance to achieve a top performance that day. This race will also be recorded as the first Pau race with an afternoon release. President Danny van Bael of “La Colombe Joyeuse” had promised an honest race. The goal was that none of the pigeons would get back to their loft on the day of release. Danny van Bael achieved this goal and several races will probably follow his example in the near future.

The winners
As soon as the time of release was announced, everyone started to speculate on times of arrival. And people reasoned that arrivals would not be early, otherwise release would have happened sooner. The Dutch were comparing the time of release of this Pau race with the national classic St.Vincent. A tense and restless night followed and to the Rutz’s in Blieskastel in Saarland, Germany, were excited as well. During the past few years, this combination of dad Karl-Heinz and his sons Sven and Jens has achieved some real top results. Some examples of their national and international successes:

nat. Barcelona 2003
1st int. nat. Bordeaux 2005 yearlings
1st nat. Bordeaux 2005
2nd int. nat. Barcelona 2003
2 nd nat. Barcelona 2004
6 th int. nat. Barcelona 2004 etc.etc.

Such excellent results simply have to lead to first positions in the championships. During the super season of 2005, they won the Europe Marathon, the Europe Cup, 1st Euro Diamond Pigeon, etc. etc. Many would be happy with less!

Expectations for the first international classic were high. Although they did fear bad results looking back at the past weeks. I contacted them by e-mail after they basketed for Pau. It appeared that they had suffered quite some losses during the preparation races. But they were not the only ones, the same happened to all the fanciers in Saarland.

Nonetheless, expectations for Pau were high and the result is quite impressive. On Saturday morning, they heard that the Frenchman Eric Vanacker, who has his loft near to Laon, had clocked at 8:15 AM. Normally, it would take their pigeons several extra hours to arrive in Blieskastel-Altheim. They remembered this from their experience with e.g. the international Dax of the past years. While they were checking the correct distance of Vanacker, Karl-Heinz shouted that a first pigeon had arrived. It took him about 4 minutes to enter the loft and make the ultimate registration. That it had to be an extremely early pigeon was clear very soon. Then... the horrific waiting started...waiting for the next announcements. Minutes seemed hours and it would indeed take hours before they had somewhat of an idea of the ultimate stunt which was pulled off by their ‘886’, called ‘Pau 06’ as from now.

De ‘Pau 06’ 1st International Pau 2006

Pedigree "Pau 06 : Click here"
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‘Pau 06’
‘Pau 06’ is a small pigeon and has a rather long shape. He is certainly not an average pigeon and Sven Rutz describes him as a wriggler of great endurance. He performed very well during his last training race (Bourges).

‘Pau 06’ is a cock with a fantastic descendance. On father’s side, he descends from ‘Rocco’ who is the son of a cock which is owned by the sympathetic Dutchmen Jan van Keulen and Son in Asten and which goes back all the way to the world famous ‘Chebet’, best Barcelona pigeon in the years 1993 – 1996. The mother of ‘Rocco’ is ‘Angelina’, the best breeding hen of the loft of Rutz and Sons. ‘Angelina’ is a crossbreed of the famous strains of Stichelbaut x Catrysse and she comes from another known long distance loft in Saarland, namely Helmut Grün’s loft. ‘Angelina’’s father is a.o. father of the 3rd national Pau 1993 and 4th national Perpignan 1986. True winner’s blood!

The mother of the ‘886’, ‘DV4900-98-1380’, is a direct from the champion loft of Kipp and Sons in Althornbach, Saarland. This ‘1380’ is once more the proof that great successes can be achieved thanks to inbreeding. The ‘1380’ descends from brother x sister, even nest brother and nest sister! Father is the ‘222’ and he was the 2nd national Ace Pigeon in 1998. Mother is the ‘221’ and she was the 30th national Ace Pigeon in 1998. They descend from a Bölting cock and ‘Emma’, a Kipp hen. A real first class product, see descendance.

As a yearling, the international Pau winner managed to record as 49th in the national Bordeaux competition and achieved a 57th international position. This qualification got the attention of his bosses and he achieved a score of 100% in the season of 2005 with a 172nd national Perpignan and 213th national Dax.

At the end of our conversation, Sven Rutz mentions that as far as medication is concerned, they are trying to use as less products as possible. ‘It’s a fact that we’re using as little as possible and we totally agree about what we give. During training and races up to 350 km, our pigeons exclusively receive Pigeon T-Special and Pigeon Garlic Special produced by the Dutch firm ‘Kreutzer’. Afterwards, we switch to the products of Belgica de Weerd but we’re not giving the products as prescribed. We’ve developed a system of our own. If, for example, it’s recommended to give a particular product for 3 days, our pigeons receive it for 4 days. We’re very happy with this way of feeding and we’ll certainly continue to use the products of both firms in the future’.

By achieving this international victory, ‘Pau 06’ has added yet another success to the list of achievements of his bosses, Karl-Heinz Rutz and his sons Sven and Jens. Considering the qualities of the Rutz loft, this will certainly not be the last time that they are mentioned on PIPA’s website.