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Van Rompaey Karlo, "1ste National Bourges II - 9896 Old p."

Van Rompaey, Sint Truiden (BE)


Karlo was born in 1979 in his home town Sint-Truiden. Last year he is graduated as a veterinarian.

The beginning.
He got the pigeonvirus from his grandfather, Jos Van Rompaey (80 years old now). He lives in Schriek, province of Antwerp and is still racing well with the pigeons. Jos became champion old pigeons out of Noyon and vice-champion with the yearlings. He never raced middle distance, always sprint.
As a kid Karlo always went to his grandparents during the holidays to spend day in, day out with the pigeons, together with his grandfather.
In 1988 the first racing pigeons entered the loft between the fancy pigeons in a chickenloft.
Because the intrest of Karlo in racing pigeons increased all the time, his father decided to build a big loft for his son and he became member of the KBDB in 1990. Since then he races very well with the sprint pigeons of his grandfather and even races the national middle distance races with them.

30 widowers and 12 hens started in april with as main goal performing well on the races between 300 and 600 KM. About 100 youngsters are darkened to participate in the complete middle distance program. He uses the sliding door system all the time. But because of the big losses this year he changed his program a little bit.

Medical Supervision:
Golden rule: Check the health and condition of the pigeons constantly and only use medication when it is really necessary! But supporting products as vitamins, minerals, garlic etc… are weekly on the menu. During the season the pigeon needs a lot of energy to recuperate.

95% of his pigeonfamily are based on the pigeons of his grandfather Jos, added with some direct Houbens (Itegem), René Claes (Keerbergen) and indirect Clerinx (Nieuwerkerken).
Basic pigeons is the “de oude witte” (1984). He is grandfather of the “17” 5039217/96. De “17” you can find back in 95% of the current racing team. Also the national winner has the blood of the “17” in his vains both at father and mothers side. He is also halfbrother of “de witte perigieux” 1st Prov. Perigieux 1997, father of 3rd Prov. Acepigeon sprint 2003 and grandfather of the 4th Prov. Acepigeon middle distance 2004!

Motivation of “De Jos”, winner of Bourges and named afther the grandfather of Karlo:
Next to his normal box where he lives in, “de Jos” has a box on the floor where he is in charge also.
This box was put on the loft only 3 weeks before the Bourges race was scheduled. Only after the arrival of a practice race and the 2 sundays before Bourges he could go into the box for a few hours.
The monday before Bourges, all widowers who wouldn’t participate on the Bourges race where removed from this loft. On this way “de Jos” was alone together with 2 loftmates, untill the day of basketting. Wednesday evening they got to see their hens untill just before they went to the club.
On Thursday the love for his 2nd box showed now why it was usefull. After a 30 KM practice fligt he was locked up in his normal box together with his hen. The 2 other pigeons in the loft could take over the other box on the floor without any problems, while “de Jos” was watching! One hour before they went to the club “de Jos” could get back into the box on the floor. The result of this motivation system is now well know…1st National and his yearling loft mate is also ranked in the top 50 national. The 3rd competitor of the loft arrived 10 minutes later and will also be ranked high!

Pedigree of "The Jos" : Click here
his palmares : Click here

"De Jos" and his box .

The cock has 2 places to live in: his usuall box and the box on the floor. In the week of basketting he got lockep up in his usuall box regularly and the 2 other pigeons in the loft could take over his box on the floor.
On the day of basketting he could take over his box on the floor again. On this way he was very motivated to get back at home…

Karl in front of his lofts

Beautifull installed

Highlights untill 2003
2nd National Champion Youth KBDB 2003
1st Semi-National Chateauroux 1994 (520 km)
1st Zone Gueret 2001 (600 km)
1st (Inter)Provincial Vierzon 1994 (460 km)
1st Provincial Reims 1995 (200 km)
1st Provincial Perigeux 1997 (700 km)
1st Provincial Gueret 2001 (600 km)
1st Provincial Melun I 2003 (300 km)
1st Provincial Melun II 2003 (300 km)
4 times winner of the Gouden Duif Junior (Belgium-The Netherlands-Germany) 1992, 1994, 1995, 1996
2 times 2nd Gouden Duif Junior 1993, 1997
General Champion (=King) Sint-Truiden 1994, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2001, 2002, 2003
2 times Emperorr (= being King 3 years in a row) Sint-Truiden 1998, 2003
General Champion Hafo-club Sint-Truiden 1994, 1995, 2001
General Champion Middle Distance ‘Fondclub Zuid-Oost Limburg’ 2001
Melker 1996 : 1st old and yearlings Duivenkrant
Ster 1996 : 1st young p. Duivenkrant
2nd Best Loft young pigeons sprint De Reisduif 1996
4th Best Loft young p. sprint De Reisduif 1998
Melker 2001: 3rd young p. Duivenkrant
Ster 2001: 5th young p. Duivenkrant
4th National Criterium Youthclubs KBDB
Sens 1992 : 3rd of 14 140 young p.
Marne 1994 : 1st of 23 881 young p.
Angoulème 1994 : 3rd provincial
Clermont-Ferrand 1996: 4th provincial
Argenton 2001 : 3rd provincial young p.
La Souterraine 2002: 2nd provincial young p.
Argenton 2003 : 3rd provincial young p.
La Souterraine 2003 : 3rd provincial
Melun 2003 : 1st, 2nd,3rd provincial young p.

Good performances in 2004
20 victories in the club
3 victories in the region
2nd provincial Melun 29/08 old p. (1 basketted pigeon)
nice performances on the 5 big young pigeons races:

Orleans 758 young p.: 1, 11, 17, 63… (8/23)
222 yl : 1, 4, 14, 28… (4/10)
124 old p. : 2, 22 (2/6)
Bourges 398 young p. : 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 12, 16, 35…(10/20)
90 yl : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 (7/12)
Argenton 142 young p. : 2, 5, 7, 11, 12, 13…(12/18)
39 yl : 1, 5 (2/2)
La Souterraine 240 young p. : 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 18…(14/26)
73 old p. : 2, 3, 14 (3/5)
Vichy 120 young p. : 1, 2,8…(8/20)
68 old p. : 1, 6…(3/5)

BOURGES 31/07 : 48.553 young p. : 38, 85 - 14.207 yl : 11, 29, 31, 37
ARGENTON 14/07 : 23.078 young p. : 68 - 3.994 yl : 20 - 1340 hens : 7, 100
LA SOUTERRAINE 28/08 : 16.297 young p. : 60 - 3.096 old p. : 32, 39
VICHY 12/09 : 11.296 young p. : 33, 44 - 2.460 old p. : 28 - 1200 hens : 10

5181337-03 (hen, raced together with the young p.)
club: 1st Bourges
1st Vichy
1st Melun
3rd Chimay
3rd Nanteuil
4th Chimay
8th Nanteuil
Region: 1st/132 Melun
45th/1068 Nanteuil
47th/952 Nanteuil
Provincial: 7th/1544 Bourges
2nd/334 Melun
10th/317 Vichy
National: 11th/14207 Bourges
28th/2460 Vichy
10th/±1200 Vichy