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Demaret A., " The best Barcelona bird that ever flew 2106367/58 'Barcelona' "

Two time Barcelona International Winner ! 1962 and 1963

The international racing sport was delivered a knockout punch in 1962 when A. Demaret from Ottignies won the Barcelona International for the second time witch his four year old silver cock. Such a thing had never happened before and in all the years that have passed since then it has not happened again.

Many records have been broken , it happens regularly, but the silver cock "Barcelona's record may well stand forever.
In 1963 A. Demaret gave in to the fortune offered and solt the bird to Daniel Devos from Dikkebus who was then a man of considerable weight (130 kg/286lbs) and who paid almost his weight in gold.
"Barcelona" was put to stud so to speak and in November 1965 there were already 31 sons and daughters in Devos' roomy flypens. In august 1965 "Barcelona" was sold to an extremely wealthy Japanese fanciers who paid a veritable fortune. Then Daniel Devos (D.D.D.) gave up racing pigeons and solt everything, loft, materials and everyting, on the 14th and 21st of November 1965.

Back to the famous Barcelona flyer; he's worth talking about.
The pedigree of this "back-to-back" Barcelona winner shows that he was mostly Bricoux.
Alaska (this loft name is from the owner's margarine company...he was from Jumet and later moved to Amay), was in the early post war years, a veritable Bricoux stock-center while Notary Herman from Ceroux-Mousty kept pure Tremmery birds by inbreeding them over a period of years. The preponderence of silver colored birds springs from the Bricoux birds bred by Tremmery in Oudenburg.

"Barcelona's" (2106367/58) flying Record

12 June
19 June
26 June
3 July
10 July

Pont St.Maxence
St Denis
Pont St.Maxence
St. Denis

A very slow trapper, he was not sent to any more races this year.
(Translator's note : These are very short races; from 80 to 130 miles)


14 May
4 May
18 June
16 July
30 July


Pont St Maxence
Marseille Regional
Marseille Provincial
Marseille National

1962 27 May
3 June
17 June
7 July
Barcelona International
1963 12 May
26 May
16 June
5 July
Barcelona International

"Barcelona" 2106367/58 at stud for "D.D.D." - Daniel Devos in Dikkebus

From the time he arrived in Dikkebus towards the end of August 1963 "Barcelona" was kept in a special, individual breeding pen where he was mated to at least 9 different hens. Possibly he was tried on more than nine since some of the matings may not have succeeded !
In any case, there were 31 sons and daughters left at the end of November 1965 and they were out of nine different hens. "Barcelona" never actually reared any youngsters. He was allowed to set on eggs for 8 or 10 days and then was given a new mate.
As a matter of information and just in case anyone has a descendant of "Barcelona," we include a very brief resume of the nine hens.

1. "Schone 87/45" Bred by D.D.D. out of birds directly from the Cattrysse Brothers from Moere. The parents were down from "87" and "45" as well as the world famous "Blinde" from A. Dussee from Tilburg, NL.

2. The sister of the Ostend Olympiad winner from "Parker" from England. D.D.D. bought the winner and all its relatives.

3. "Grote Blinde" a bluebar hen, daughter of a son of Hector Desmet's world famous "Prins" and "Blinde" from Tilburg. Her mother was "Oude Steek" a daughter of a brother of "Klein zotteke" and "Koerspaard", both parents being 100% Huyskens-Vanriel.

4. A daughter of Mr Parker's Olympiad winner.

5.The mother of the Osten Olympiad Winner.

6. A daughter of the Cattrysse Brothers 87/45 line with the mother of the world famous "Blinde" from Tilburg.

7."Sterke oog" A sister of "Grote Blinde" described above in Nr 3.

8. "Princes I" From Hector Desmet, Geraardsbergen with "Blauwe 13" from Charles Vander Espt.

9. "Oude Steek" a Huyskens-Van Riel hen. A daughter of "Klein Zotteke" and "Koerspaard." "The Huyskens-Van Riel strain came to D.D.D. through Celis-Degreef from Antwerp.