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Buysse Placied, "One of the very best sprinters for years in a row in the West Flanders province!"

In 2007 : including 7 x 1st……and…… top prizes on a conveyor belt including also ……
4 pigeons placed in the top-20 of the provincial ace pigeon championships
sprint youngsters KBDB W-Fl.

Damme , a unique tourist place a stone's throw away from the Venetian Bruges , and because of its many fine restaurants, its rich past in the Belgium history and so much more…… it is a well visited harbour in the north of the coast province. In this beautiful Damme we can find one of the top racers in the sprint from West-Flanders. For many years in a row the name Placied Buysse - when it concerns the sprint - is well-known to our ears. For the last few seasons this sprint champion has only raced youngsters, because he is such an enormous motor cross fan, that in September he trades the pigeon game in for his second hobby.
This is no problem because between the middle of May and the end of August the proverbial "harvest" is reaped for Placied. Don't think that he baskets a great many pigeons…..After racing for a month, the number of pigeons he enters has been halved and from that moment on the competitors have to fight very hard against this strong sprinter. First prizes and a chain of top prizes are never far away ! He rings 50 youngsters every season out the first and second rounds, but unfortunately every year 10-15 become victim to the pylons that are a couple of hundred meters from his lofts. Placied leaves with the rest for "the war" ! From the middle of May form Arras and Clermont the disciplines for his young elements.
These youngsters stay together until they have flown Arras twice, which is at the end of May…. Starting in June, the sliding door system is used. Saturdays at 1pm they are put together until basketting and Sundays they stay together until the evening. In the beginning the pigeons are taken to a distance of 40km with own transport ….. For the last few seasons Placied has refused to enter his youngsters for the first training race from Moeskroen or Le Toucquet (so as the fanciers in the region do every week via the club) and the reason for this is : to "spare" the still stressed youngsters against the feared adeno-plague. After the training from roughly 40 km they go directly to France….to Arras …..mostly two or three times at the start of the season then for the rest they switch over to Clermont (nicer races and more pigeons).

In order to get an idea how Placied performed weekly in 2007, we have the following for you….. Week in, week out, he made the cash register ring…. Look for yourself !!!
20/5 Arras 223 p: 1 -3-6-8-9-18-20-24-27-28-29-…..(16/24)
27/5 Arras 280 p: 4-5-6-7-24-27-44-45-46-49-54……(20/24)
3/6 Clermont 352 p : 1- 17-28-33-43-44-53…….(19/26)
10/6 Clermont 717p: 2-11-25-58-83-85……(15/22)
17/6 Clermont 577p: 17-19-38-42-48…..(19/22)
24/6 Clermont 268 p: 8-18-19-28-31-50…..(10/12) 8/7
Momignies 658 p: 3-8-10-46-69-72-81…..(21/27) 14/7
Momignies 397p: 2-10-19-26-42-45…..(8/8) 21/7
Momignies 300p : 1-2 - 7-8-22-26…(8/10) 29/7
Clermont 143 p: 1-8-12-16-18-24…..(9/15) 5/8
Clermont 134 p: 2-13-14-28……(8/12) 12/8
Clermont 145p: 1- 4-5-6-7-18-24….(8/10) 19/8
Clermont 86 p: 1-13-14-17-20-28-30……(8/10) 26/8
Clermont 93p: 1-2-3-5-12-14-21-22…..(9/9)

With this, Placied classified 4 pigeons in the Ace pigeon championships from the KBDB W-Flanders; as 4th - 7th - 9th and 18th …. One for one 4 champions …..We will give you their prizes in a nutshell !

- the 3002402/07 won 9 prizes per 10 and classified as 4th provincial Ace pigeon. This pigeon won 1st /352p - 1st /93p - 1st /86p - 4th / 145p - 25th / 717p from Clermont- then the 4th Arras 280p - the 10th Momignies 397p - the 22nd Momignies 300p - the 63rd Ablis 1668p .

- the 3002434/07 won 7 top prizes and classified as 7th prov. Ace pigeon with the following : 2nd Momignies 397p - the 2nd Clermont 93p - the 4th Arras 280p - the 4th Clermont 352p - the 8th Clermont 268p and the 9th Arras 223p.

- the 3002426/07 classified as 9th prov. Ace pigeon and won amongst other things: the 2nd Arras 131p - the 3rd Momignies 658p - the 6th Arras 223p - the 7th Arras 280p - 8th Momignies 300p and the 19th Momignies 397p.

- the 3002425/07 classified as 18th prov Ace pigeon and scored the following: the 2nd Clermont 717p - the 6th Arras 280p - the 7th Momignies 300p -the 7th Arras 157p - the 17th Clermont 352p and the 18th Clermont 268p.

One of Placied's great secrets is: the strict yearly selection.
In 2006 he even reduced his breeding couples to a minimum and introduced fresh blood…. Which he found with the purchase of 10 pigeons from Gerard Desserano from Assebroek , a move that turned out to be an enormous success, seeing the fact that the 4 pigeons that classified themselves in the provincial Ace pigeon championships in '07 had either a father or a mother from the sort G. Desserano. So in each case with 50 % Desserano-blood in the veins ! In 2006 a few pigeons were added from Georges Piceu from Ruddervoorde and this was also a successful move. Placied would like to thank both his friends for their honest service. Placied only believes in two things……."Healthy and Good !! " : "That's what they have to be !!!! Some things he uses a lot are: naturaline - garlic - brewers yeast - apple vinegar…..or in other words, keep close to nature and don't mess with it too much!! We wish Placied success and pleasure in the pigeon sport for the coming season and many congratulations for the marvellous performances in 2007.