Youri Deblanc (Ronse, BE) becomes one of the top players at national level

Youri Deblanc has a world class bloodline in his collection: the Julien dynasty. His 2019 season was a major success, with several national top results and a victory in Libourne as the icing on the cake.

Youri Deblanc and his family

Youri Deblanc has performed at a very high level in the national races; his pigeons achieved some impressive results pretty much on a weekly basis, and many considered Deblanc to be one of the best performing fanciers during the season. That is particularly true if you take into account that this fancier does not race with a lot of pigeons; he prefers working with a select group of top quality pigeons, which he can really be confident about. One thing that does play in his favour is that he relies on one particularly gifted breeding bird that has provided him with an impressive five generations of race winners

Julien: a top of the line stock breeder

The Deblanc pigeon family is built around a unique and fairly young group of breeders, including numerous descendants of stock breeder De Julien, many of which are national top 10 finishers. Thanks to this top quality foundation, this team was able to make a lot of progress. Youri has a demanding day-time job, which explains why he decided to jump back into the sprint just five years ago, relying on one single breeding cock: Julien (BE05-3072796), a pigeon with excellent origins. He stems from the lofts of Eric Vermander from Oekene and Noel Lippens from Aarsele. Julien did great in a number of national races: 7th national Irun, 51st national Pau and 80th national Chateauroux.

This is a very dominant breeder who produces great youngsters with different partners. These partners come mainly from the Denis Vanderbeken breed, from a joint breeding with Marc Valepijn. The pigeons that stem from these breeding combinations are fast finishers in races of between 300 and 900 km. And you can tell from his palmares that Youri Deblanc was able to become a top level player with the help of these very bloodlines.

Youri did a smart move a few years ago, transferring all of his national top ten finishers from 2015-2017 straight to the breeding loft. This move quickly paid off, and team Deblanc soon began to deliver great results one after another. He collected several national top finishes, and everybody knew he was bound to take an important victory one day as well.

National victory from Libourne with Star Julien 

The first highlight in the career of this pigeon family, which is still in full development, was a 1st National Libourne with Star Julien (BE17-4002888). The 2019 season began with several weeks of hotly contested races, in which it was clear that Youri Deblanc was one of the best performing fanciers: he claimed for instance a provincial first prize from Limoges, and a 2nd and 7th zonal Aurillac. And the crowning achievement came later in the season, in Libourne. Youri had opted to basket just three birds for this race, but one of them was Star Julien, and he claimed victory in a highly contested national flight, racing against a very strong field. He is a grandson of stock breeder Julien, and he already had quite a bit of experience: this fantastic racing cock was excellent in Limoges, Bourges as well as Argenton. Click here for Star Julien's pedigree. These earlier races have given him quite a bit of confidence.

Star Julien: 1st national Libourne

Their future is assured

And we are confident that this victory is just the start. This fairly young team has only just started its journey to the top, backed by a group of high quality breeding pigeons and a very ambitious pigeon fancier, who wants to use only the best bloodlines available. Looking at what this pigeon family is already capable of today, you can safely assume that quite a few of these racing birds are well above average athletes. Take for example Soulmate Julien (BE16-4144617). He is another grandson of Julien, as you can tell from his pedigree. He was 6th Provincial Ace Pigeon KBDB long distance in 2019, thanks to some excellent results, including a 2nd Zone and 7th Nat. Aurillac. And he had several more top results to his name, in the races from Cahors, Limoges, Brive, and Argenton.

Soulmate Julien: top quality bird for team Deblanc

And Eagle Eye Julien (BE16-4144692) is doing wonders for team Deblanc as well. This son of stock breeder Julien (click here for his impressive pedigree) had a tremendous 2019 season: a 1st regional + 1st provincial of 2,200 pigeons and a 4th national Limoges of almost 10,000 pigeons. He is a fantastic racing bird with four victories to his name already: he was also victorious in an earlier race from Limoges, winning a 1st regional of 284 pigeons and a 82nd zonal of more than 5,000 pigeons, and he also took the win in Pithiviers, in a preparatory race. In other words: this is quite a unique racing bird.

Eagle Eye Julien: 4th national Limoges 9,661 p.

Another talented son of Julien is Crack Julien (BE14-4225167), which took a win at club level both in Montauban and Gueret, as well as several early finishes in national races. His club win in Montauban also led to a 2nd provincial and 6th national of 4,327 pigeons. He also finished in the national top 100 in Gueret, even though the race from Brive appears to suit him really well too. And that is something we have seen before from the Julien bloodline: they can easily excel in sprint races too, with Crack Julien (click here for his pedigree) taking the win in Souppes, for instance.

Crack Julien: 6th nat. Montauban and 51st nat. Gueret, just to name a few.

We have seen some great results from their racing cocks, but the racing hens have been quite strong as well. The daughters and (great-)granddaughters of Julien appear to have great potential indeed. Princess Julien (BE13-4188628) is for instance a highly gifted bird. This great-looking hen was able to finish in the top three in an international race, winning a 3rd International hens (1st reg. and 7th prov.). She was outstanding in Chateauroux as well, finishing in first place at club level, alongside a 16th national of 5,418 pigeons. For the pedigree of Princess Julien, click here.

Princess Julien: a truly fantastic racing hen

We did not want to spend too much time discussing this prestigious line of super class pigeons, so we move on to the last top descendant: Son Crack Julien (BE15-4076756), a genuine Deblanc pigeon. As you know, grandfather and stock breeder Julien has bred a long list of highly talented sons, daughters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren seemingly with ease, and this Son Crack Julien - as his name suggests - is another highly gifted descendant of the third generation. His palmares includes victories in the classics of Vierzon (1/574 p.) and Brive (1/192). And as we've come to expect from a Deblanc pigeon, he was also successful at provincial level in Brive, with a 2nd prov. of 1,354 pigeons and an impressive 3rd national of almost 6,000 pigeons. And this outstanding racing bird was on top of his game in Limoges, Tulle and Cahors as well. It appears that both the grandfather (Julien) and the sire (Crack Julien) of this fantastic racing bird have passed on their many qualities to their descendants. For the pedigree of Son Crack Julien, click here.

Son Crack Julien: a genuine Deblanc pigeon.

Julien's excellent breeding abilities have resulted in a pigeon loft that is now packed with Julien descendants, and this is what Youri has invested a lot of time in. Besides the aforementioned Star Julien (1st nat. Brive), Soulmate Julien (7th nat. Aurillac etc.) and Eagle Eye Julien (4th nat. Limoges), this renowned pigeon loft in Ronse is home to several other talented pigeons: Son Crack Julien (3° nat. Brive), Princess Julien (3° international St.-Vincent), Crack Julien (6° national Montauban), Young Julien (8° and 39° nat. Brive, as well as best Brive racer 2016-2017-2018), Strong One (16° nat. Aurillac and 53° nat. Montauban), First One (20° nat. Bourges and 45° nat. Narbonne), Juliette (30° nat. Chateauroux, 37° nat. Tulle, 61° nat. Bourges), Louise (57° nat. Montlucon and 65° nat. Issoudun), Framboise Frivole (co-winner 10° nat. KBDB middle distance YBs), Jules Cesar 900 (69° nat. Argenton, 18° zonal Chateauroux), Julien VDE (4° prov. Argenton), Louis Julien (60° nat. Tulle), and many others.

The Julien bloodline: 5 generations of race winners

All of these racing birds are descendants of super class breeder Julien. Youri takes great care of his pigeon breed, so he only wants to crossbreed his existing family with pigeons from other renowned teams, such as the PEC (Porsche 911, Boxter, Golden Boxter, Jana), Eric Vermander (Cesar, Junior Barabas), and Frederik Everaert (Smart Fred Mirages, Libourne).

References thanks to the Julien bloodline

Even though Youri has only recently made his return to pigeon racing, numerous other fanciers have managed to make some important progress thanks to the Julien descendants. For instance, Marc Valepijn claimed a 17th national Limoges with a grandson of Julien. Meanwhile, the talented young fancier Patrick Grammens, a good friend of Youri, has also done really well with these bloodlines: he claimed a 7th and 88th national zone in Bourges, as well as a 17th and 62nd national zone Chateauroux of 5,686 young birds. This made him the young birds' champion long distance in a competitive club in Elst. And Team De Baere-Deblanc, which was founded only in 2018, did remarkably well in the demanding 2019 race from Argenton, winning the following prizes in their club in Ronse: 3-4-7-8-11-14-15-16-.../ 228 p., which led to a 113th and 114th national etc. And the race from Chateauroux was a major success as well for them, with a 23rd and 72nd of 7,593 young birds. 

The goal? A unique set of breeders that are likely to breed national stars

A highly ambitious Youri continues to invest in the future. Star Julien, winner of a 1st national Libourne, was moved over to the breeding loft, and the same goes for Eagle Eye Julien (4th national Limoges): they were both sent straight to the breeding loft! Youri's main goal is not only to have a group of top class breeding birds in his collection but more importantly to create a solid pigeon family that is likely to breed multiple generations of highly talented racing birds. And it is fair to say that his pigeon family has a promising future.

Due to the increasing demands of his work and family life, Youri often struggles to make time for his hobby. Fortunately for him he can always count on his good friend Jeroen, and his trusted assistant Bart. He would like to express his gratitude towards both of them.