Erik Limbourg (Brussegem, BE): breeding loft with talent in abundance leads to excellent results

The year 2019 goes down in history as another great season for Erik Limbourg. He had two pigeons in the Poznan Olympiad with Barcelona Tripple 5 and Kleine Olympiade, and he went on to win several provincial and national championship titles over the course of the season as well.

Roeper 593, the latest breeding sensation

Roeper 593 (DV01274-09-593) is yet another terrific breeding bird that lives in the Ace Pigeon Loft in Brussegem. He had already earned his stripes for Wolfgang Roeper both as a racing and breeding bird, and he has proven to be an invaluable breeder in the lofts in Brussegem as well.

Roeper 593's brief racing career was nothing short of impressive; this is his palmares:

1st  prize (221 km) -   564 pigeons
2nd  prize (392 km) - 1,348 pigeons
2nd  prize (311 km) -   398 pigeons
4th  prize (264 km) - 1,190 pigeons
6th  prize (311 km) - 1,058 pigeons
14th prize (311 km) -   670 pigeons
20th prize (392 km) - 3,074 pigeons
33rd prize (602 km) - 1,360 pigeons
60th prize (156 km) - 1,406 pigeons
76th prize (511 km) - 2,020 pigeons
80th prize (313 km) - 1,950 pigeons

He did win 12 prizes in 12 races, including 11 prizes per 10. And he was 4th National Ace Pigeon of Germany Yearlings in 2010 as well.

The sire of Roeper 593 is a direct Heremans-Ceusters from top pair 'Den 426' x 'Wonderaske'. Den 426 has won five first prizes, as well as the following championship titles:

1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Ave Regina 2001
2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon De Reisduif 2000
2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Ave Regina 2003

Wonderaske has also won a title of 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Ave Regina in 2001, and she was 1st Ace Pigeon Antwerpse Fondclub + 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Duivensalon middle distance & long distance 2001.

The dam of Roeper 593 is also the dam of Olympia 44, a 1st Nat. Olympiad Pigeon from 2009. She was bred from Der 45, winner of 41 prizes, and a daughter of Jef, who has an impressive 13 prizes to his palmares!

When still in the breeding loft of Wolfgang Roeper, Roeper 593 became the sire of Der 114, which is a 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Germany. And a youngster of this Roeper 593 became in turn a 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Germany for fellow fancier F. Neuhaus.

At home, Roeper 593 is the sire of two top class pigeons:

Laurence, BE18-2053885

2nd Nat. ace pigeon long distance KBDB 2019
1st prov. / 1st Nat. Zone Aurillac (684 km) - 1,009 pigeons / 2nd Nat. - 3,854 pigeons
1st prov. / 2nd Nat. Zone Limoges (641 km) - 3,418 pigeons / 12th Nat. - 10,783 pigeons
50th Nat. Zone Bourges (449 km) - 7,514 pigeons 2018
55th Nat. Bourges (449 km) - 17,818 pigeons 2019
13th Noyon (177 km) - 4,726 pigeons

Creyon Roeper, BE19-2008603

11th Nat. ace pigeon young birds long distance KBDB 2019
1st Semi-Nat. ace pigeon young birds Club Fond de Wallonie 2019
3rd Noyon (177 km) - 310 pigeons / 58th - 3,064 pigeons (Pajot Union)
6th Noyon (177 km) - 886 pigeons / 44th - 4,192 pigeons (Pajot Union)
6th Noyon (177 km) - 339 pigeons / 36th - 2,769 pigeons (Pajot Union)
5th club Bourges (449 km) - 365 pigeons / 56th prov. - 2,935 pigeons / 
   472nd Nat. - 28,446 pigeons
2nd club Chateauroux ( 496 km) - 203 pigeons / 26th prov. - 1,751 pigeons / 
   74th Nat. Zone - 6,671 pigeons / 207. Nat. - 22,476 pigeons
19th Noyon (177 km) - 656 pigeons / 73rd - 3,035 pigeons (Pajot Union)
1st club Argenton (525 km) - 166 pigeons / 4th prov. - 1,844 pigeons / 
   17th Nat. Zone - 6,657 pigeons / 66th Nat. - 23,258 pigeons


14e Nat. Ace KBDB YL 2018
6e Nat. Zone Gueret – 2.775 pigeons / 29. Nat. – 8.517 pigeons 2018
14e Nat. Zone Bourges – 6.920 pigeons / 29e Nat. – 19.133 pigeons 2018
21e  Nat. Zone Argenton – 2.550 pigeons/ 51e Nat. – 8.818 pigeons 2018
33e Nat. Zone Chateauroux – 1.563 pigeons/ 64e Nat. – 4.641 pigeons 2018

Another direct son of Roeper 593 proved very successful for Michael Coppens. This is his palmares:

6th Vierzon (440 km) - 388 pigeons / 15th - 831 pigeons (FCD)
9th Limoges (626 km) - 333 pigeons / 37th Nat. Zone - 2,510 pigeons
37th Noyon (173 km) - 849 pigeons
10th Orleans (370 km) - 285 pigeons
2nd Argenton (521 km) - 434 pigeons / 41st prov. - 4,350 pigeons / 
   198e Nat. - 15,235 pigeons
10e Limoges (626 km) - 321 pigeons / 76th Nat. Zone - 2,658 pigeons / 
   432nd Nat. - 9,661 pigeons
1st Aurillac (670 km) - 83 pigeons / 11th Nat. Zone -  1,112 pigeons /
   48th Nat. - 3,886 pigeons
8th Souillac (702 km) - 107 pigeons / 45th Nat. Zone - 998 pigeons /
   374th Nat. - 3,737 pigeons

2 talented new breeders: Barcelona Tripple 5 & Kleine Olympiade

The team's two latest Olympiad Pigeons also joined the breeding lofts in Brussegem in 2019. They are both great champions indeed.

Barcelona Tripple 5 is without doubt one of the best extreme long distance birds of his generation, with an impressive list of achievements:

Olympiad Pigeon Poznan 2019 category E 
2nd National Ace Pigeon extreme long distance KBDB 2018 (instead of 1st) 
3rd International Ace Pigeon extreme long distance 2018 (instead of 1st)
Silver Wing Barcelona 2018
Bronze Wing Barcelona 2017
Best pigeon in Barcelona 2017-2018

And his results in the (extreme) long distance speak for themselves as well:

Barcelona 2017: 5th National of 7,874 pigeons
                21st International of 17.026 pigeons
Barcelona 2018: 5th National of 7,441 pigeons
                16th International of 15,700 pigeons
Perpignan 2018: 17th (would have been 5th) National of 3,966 pigeons
                37th (would have been 16th) International of 12,339 pigeons
Valence 2017:   30th National of 6,843 pigeons
Perpignan 2017: 238th National of 4,620 pigeons (arrival with a major back wound)
Brive:          270th National of 9,049 pigeons
Gueret:         393rd National of 16,619 pigeons

Most of you will already be familiar with the story behind Barcelona Tripple 5. Since the control ring was registered by the wrong device, Barcelona Tripple 5 was demoted to 17th National.

The sire is a son of the brother of a 2nd National Limoges (Marcel Vandenabeele), and he is also a grandson of Super 209, which is another Marcel Vandenabeele and winner of a 2nd National Irun and a 10th National Pau.

The dam is a sister of Witpen Patron, 1st National Ace Pigeon PIPA Ranking long distance and the dam of Black Magic, a 1st International Perpignan of 17,965 pigeons. She is also a granddaughter of De Patron of Marcel Aelbrecht, a 1st National ace Pigeon Long distance KBDB in 2003.

Kleine Olympiade is quite a champion as well, judging from his many great results:

Libourne 2018:    23rd National of 3,171 pigeons
Valence 2018:     36th National of 7,682 pigeons
Brive 2016:       59th National of 5,929 pigeons
Narbonne 2017:    66th National of 4,272 pigeons
                  113th International of 10,421 pigeons
Agen 2018:        223rd National of 4,512 pigeons
Agen 2017:        215th International of 12,007 pigeons
Limoges 2016:     73rd National Zone of 3,380 pigeons
Chateauroux 2016: 136th National Zone of 8,663 pigeons
Tulle 2016:       263rd National of 7,322 pigeons

These marvellous results also led to a title of 2nd Olympiad Pigeon Poznan 2019 category E.

The sire is De Fondman, winner of a 1st provincial Narbonne in 2014, as well as a 52nd National Zone Cahors (2,363 pigeons), a 28th National Zone Souillac (1,081 pigeons), a 106th National Zone Limoges (5,476 pigeons), etc. He is close to a 100% Marcel Aelbrecht descendant, and a grandson of Mister Rhone and Favoriet Marseille, as well as a nephew of the world famous Eagle Eye, winner of a 4th National Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB 2009. And he stems from as many as three national winners from his father's side: a 1st National Barcelona, a 1st National Cahors and a 1st National Perpignan. And he is related to a 1st National Perpignan from his mother's side as well, besides a 3rd International Bordeaux, a 5th National Limoges, etc.

The dam is a sister of Magic 092, a 2nd National Ace Pigeon Long Distance yearlings KBDB 2014, and she is a granddaughter of Lucky 848 from her father's side. Lucky 848 is a super class breeder for De Rauw - Sablon, having bred Blue Ace (2nd National Ace Pigeon KBDB 2017) and Bak 17 for Marcel Aelbrecht. He is also the grandfather of Nicole (1st National Argenton). And the dam is related to Blue Ace from her mother's side as well. Blue Ace is the grandfather of a 1st National La Souterraine 2009, a 1st National Argenton 2011 and a 1st National Argenton 2010, as well as of a 2nd National Ace Pigeon long distance Yearlings KBDB and a 12th National Ace Pigeon middle distance KBDB 2014.

The last one in the row: Number One

This talented bird has quite a palmares as well:

5th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB
3rd nat. zone Brive - 2,810 pigeons
9th nat. zone Limoges - 3,380 pigeons
4th Souppes  - 2,281 pigeons
9th Souppes  - 2,418 pigeons
36th Souppes - 3,069 pigeons

The apple does not fall far from the tree: this clearly applies to Number One. Taking a quick look at his pedigree, we quickly noticed that he is related to nothing but talented racing birds through both his parents. The many top class birds in his pedigree have several achievements to their name:

Best Belgian Pigeon Allround 2007–2009 (Eagle Eye - grandfather)
5 x 1st prize
1st Nat. Ace Pigeon LCB
1st Ace Pigeon Brabant Union
4th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB long distance
10 x 1st prize (301/07 – grandmother)
1e Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB extreme long distance (Lucky ’85 – great-grandfather)
3rd nat. zone Souillac 2,304 p.
4th nat. Aurillac 6,611 p.
16 x 1st prize (Iron Lady 002/04 – great-grandmother)
2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB long distance yearlings (Magic 092 – dam)
3rd nat. Jarnac
8th nat. Tulle 5,731 p.
2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB long distance (Blue Ace 095-03 great-grandfather)
1st Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB (2x)
Double provincial winner in Bourges (Het Bourgeske – great-grandmother)

With so many talented new breeders on board, which are in turn crossbred with other invaluable bloodlines (such as the bloodlines of Remy, Blue Ace, Magic 092, Lucky 85, Iron Lady, Eagle Eye, Gilbert, etc.), this loft is almost destined to produce a new generation of top quality racing birds, that will in turn leave us speechless as well.