Pigeon breed of G. & S. Verkerk (Reeuwijk, NL) demonstrates enormous breeding potential in other lofts as well, thanks to Olympic Solange, Eye Catcher, Olympic Fire Eyes etc.

Besides their great results at home, the Verkerk pigeons have shown their enormous potential in other lofts as well. And the breeding abilities of their best breeders has once again resulted in an impressive list of references.

Olympic Solange, New Olympic Solange, Olympic Bibi, Olympic Fire Eyes, Eye Catcher and many others have been responsible for a steady stream of top results both for their own team and in other lofts at home and abroad.

A lot, if not everything has been said about the achievements of Gerard and Bas Verkerk. The prestigious bloodlines of Olympic Solange, New Olympic Solange, Olympic Bibi, Olympic Fire Eyes and Eye Catcher have won national and international acclaim. These pigeons and their respective descendants have produced an ever-increasing number of prize winners. And most of you are already familiar with the many achievements of this breed, through the many reports in national and international pigeon magazines and websites.
As you know, many other renowned players have achieved great results with the help of the Verkerk bloodlines; the list of references of the Verkerk family in other lofts has become quite substantial indeed. Even the references from 2019 alone, which are listed below, clearly underline the sheer quality of the Verkerk family. It would be impossible to discuss every single reference for 2019, so instead we pick out a few.

References 2019

Eijerkamp Family, Brummen

The Eijerkamp family won a title of 1st National Ace Pigeon one day long distance (fondspiegel) for 2018-2019 with Xenon. This talented bird wins the following prizes:

1st Semi Nat. Chateaudun  5,889 p.
6th Nat Chateaudun       12,511 p.
7th NPO Fay aux Loges     6,957 p.
8th NPO Chateauroux       3,989 p.

The sire of Xenon is a son of Gavin x Bonita, which makes him a grandson of Olympic Solange. This grandson, Tanguy, has gradually developed into a super class breeder for the Eijerkamp family. And another grandson of Olympic Solange is the sire of a 1st Prov. Niergnies of 10,065 p. for team Eijerkamp.

Olympic Solange is probably the best pigeon ever in races of between 60 and 700km. And several (breeding or racing) youngsters are now part of the breeding loft. These descendants, combined with other top class bloodlines, are responsible for countless successes for Gerard and Bas, as well as for many other fanciers across the globe. Here we have Olympic Solange's most prominent results:

Winner of 6 national titles
Olympiad participant (allround) Dortmund 2009
1st National ace pigeon middle distance NPO 2008
1st National ace pigeon hens WHZB 2008
1st National ace pigeon allround WHZB 2008
1st National ace pigeon allround TBOTB 2008
1st National ace pigeon yearlings TBOTB 2008
1st National ace pigeon allround May WHZB 2008
1st NPO Argenton 6,595 p.

Doldersum & Son, Almelo

This combination too had a fantastic pigeon in their collection with Verkerk origins. He was bred by Eijerkamp, from a son of New Sensation x Olympic Bibi, and he wins a 1st NPO Morlincourt (3,065 p.) and a 4th NPO Melun (1,493 p.).

Olympic Bibi raced in the Superieur category (300-750km) in the Budapest Olympiad. These were some of her best results:

19th NPO Argenton 650 km  6,926 p.
22nd Sens         440 km 11,608 p.
38th NPO Ruffec   746 km  3,506 p.
55th NPO Vierzon  569 km  6,146 p.
38th Nanteuil     351 km  7,043 p.

And she is turning out to be a very talented breeder as well. This year alone, she is the dam of NL19-1666684 (1st Lennik of 7,656 p.) and NL19-1666514 (27th Quievrain of 3,783 p. and 15th Fontenay Nat. S2 of 11,157 p.). Olympic Bibi is also the dam of Ace Isabelle (a 1st National Ace Pigeon one day long distance Fondspiegel 2016-2017), and the grandmother of Bella Solange, winner of a 1st NPO Blois of 15,362 p. this season.

Scheele Brothers, Terneuzen

The Scheele brothers can look back on another great season, and these national champions are also relying on the Verkerk bloodlines. For instance, the dam of their 1st Prov. Roye (7,278 p.) comes from a half brother of Solange. And the dam of their 4th and 7th Prov. Roye (7,278 p.) is a full sister of Olympic Fire Eyes, and hence a descendant of Eye Catcher, the invaluable sister of Olympic Solange. Their top class racing bird Pink wins the following prizes:

2nd Nat. ace pigeon allround WHZB-TBOTB 2019
1st Prov. ace pigeon allround 2019
4th Nat. ace pigeon olds and 4th Nat. ace pigeon allround the best of the best (according to Olympiad criteria)
5th Nat. ace pigeon olds WHZB-TBOTB
14th Nat. S1 La Souterraine 11,959 p.
17th Peronne                 7,672 p.
24th Roye                    4,292 p.
39th Roye                    6,016 p.
60th Fontenay                9,062 p.
58th Quievrain               8,210 p.
46th Roye                    6,473 p.
19th Peronne                 2,589 p.

Eye Catcher, fantastic sister of Olympic Solange

Lin Combination, Rijnsaterwoude

This combination has the 3rd best one day long distance pigeon in The Netherlands 2019 (3 prizes) PIPA Rankings in their team. The dam of this prize winner comes from a half brother of Olympic Solange x daughter Solange. Again, this is a talented racing bird closely related to Olympic Solange.

Klaas de Jong and son, Ee

Klaas and Jacob de Jong won this year's Ace Pigeon title young birds in their Entente. This young bird was bred from a grandson of New Olympic Solange x daughter Olympic Bibi. And Klaas & Jacob also bred a youngster for Marcel Postma, which won a 1st prize of 6,350 pigeons. This bird is another 100% Verkerk, bred from another grandson of New Olympic Solange x daughter Olympic Bibi.

Derksen-vd Keuken, Almelo

This combination had a terrific racing season, and a son of Olympic Solange played a key role. This son developed into a fantastic breeder in the lofts of Almelo, where he is the sire of:

 1st Morlincourt Prov. 9   7,778 p.
 1st NPO Chateaudun        2,390 p.
 1st NU Z3 Chateaudun      2,996 p.
 8th NPO Chateauroux       2,871 p.
26th Nat. S3 Chateauroux  10,300 p.
 9th PIPA Ranking Best one day long distance pigeon in The Netherlands 2019 (3 prizes)

Besides, this combination also owns a daughter of the aforementioned Eye Catcher (the fantastic sister of Olympic Solange). She is now the dam of 5 first prize winners, including a 1st NPO Vierzon (2,044 p.). This pigeon also won a 65th National of 26,141 p. that day, making it the only bird in the top 100 to have covered more than 600km.

Cor Jacobs, Heinsberg (DE)

Cor Jacobs (Germany) had a super class bird in his collection last year as well. His Marseille Star wins a 1st International Marseille of 10,929 pigeons this year, over a distance of 861km. The dam is a 100% Verkerk (through Van Kooten-Bemmel), and she comes from a half brother of Feline x New Magnum.

And the Verkerk pigeons have played an important role in the lofts of the following fanciers as well:

Alwin Petrie, Brummen:                4th NPO Chateaudun        3,272 p.
                                      5th NPO Issoudun          5,595 p.

Nick Aaldering, Brummen:              1st Bierges               7,193 p.
Comb Lokhorst, Doornspijk​:           10th NPO Vierzon           3,345 p.
Rik Hermans, Pulle (BE):              1st Bourges                 636 p. (and a 58th Nat 28,446 p.)
Sakis Minovgioudis, Alblasserdam:     his '10 is winner of: 
                                      1st Nanteuil              1,784 p.
                                      2nd Duffel                1,114 p.
                                      8th Melun                 1,341 p.
                                     11th Peronne               1,512 p.
Van Woestijne en Zoon, Opheusden:     1st Quievrain             3,099 p.
                                      5th Prov. Chalons en Ch. 17,360 p.
Freek Smit, Zwartemeer​:               Several top 10 prizes at prov. level and NPO
Reedijk-Jongekrijg, Puttershoek:      Several winners in important races
Zwieko, Wageningen:                   Their '222 wins 10 first prizes
                                      3rd Prov. Chalons en Ch. 17,360 p.
                                     11th Nat. Ace Pigeon middle distance WHZB-TBOTB 2019
                                      as well as several regional and provincial championships
Van Vliet-Mastrigt, Aalsmeer:         1st and 2nd Prov. Pontoise  6,374 p.
Chiel & Mala de Wit, Zuid-Scharwoude: 8th NPO Fontenay            7,523 p.
                                      and several Entente winners
Van Olderen-Meuwsen, Bemmel:          They have a super class bird in their team:
                                      20x basketed: 8x 1 / 100 and 17x 1 / 10
Comb Van Rooij, Tull en 't Waal:      1st Lessines                 4,006 p.
                                      2nd, 7th and 12th Prov. Roye 4,620 p.
Fechte & Son, Bochholt (DE):          1st Ace Pigeon one year old cocks RV
                                      1st Loft Champion long distance RV
Kees Nijeboer, De Pollen:             2nd NPO   Sens            2,039 p.
                                      6th Prov. Niergnies       6,941 p.
Gert den Houdijker, Hekendorp:        1st Ace Pigeon YBs Entente
                                      4th Superstar Golden Pigeon middle distance Aug/Sept

Pigeons of Gerard and Bas also very successful in One Loft Races

In addition to these excellent references, we have noticed that the pigeons of Gerard and Bas Verkerk are also highly successful in One Loft Races. For instance, the Bakker & Son combination (Veenendaal, NL) are off to a great start in the Pattaya OLR in Thailand. And the sire of their racing bird is a son of Olympic Fire Eyes x Olivia.

Olympic Fire Eyes is a son of Eye Catcher, and he took part in the Brussels Olympiad in 2017. He is a great breeder, and he had a great racing career as well:

3rd Chateauroux   14,602 p.
3rd Pont St. Max. 13,116 p.
6th Bourges        9,742 p.
6th Argenton       7,374 p.
38th Nanteuil     12,543 p.
2nd and 3rd Nat. ace pigeon one day long distance

In addition, fanciers from Morocco, China and Taiwan have won several important prizes (and a lot of prize money) with the Verkerk bloodlines as well. These numerous references, as well as their achievements at home, underline the enormous potential of the Verkerk pigeon.