Bloodline of Norbert & Stefan Ally (Aarsele, BE) particularly successful in the national long distance this season

It is no secret that the pigeon family of Norbert & Stefan Ally has been a highly successful breed. And they are known to produce great results in other lofts as well. Over the last few weeks their breed featured in the pedigrees of as many as three national winners.

Norbert & Stefan Ally

Success stories for new owners

All old birds of Norbert & Stefan Ally were sold on our website in late 2012. And it is clear that those who invested in these birds have done quite well with them; it was the starting point for several success stories. At home, the descendants of Schumi are proving particularly successful. But the old Ally breed surprised us even more in recent weeks: this bloodline features in the pedigrees of the national winners from Souillac, Tulle and Libourne - three long distance flights of 600 to 700km over three consecutive weeks, raced in perfect summer conditions. Fanciers from West Flanders call his genuine pigeon racing weather, and it is the type of weather which the Ally pigeons thrive in. And we already knew that the Ally pigeon is highly suited for crossbreedings. They demonstrated this again in recent weeks, not once but three times!

1st National Libourne olds (Youri Deblanc - Ronse, BE)

Youri Deblanc claimed a national victory from Libourne with a great-grandson of Lucky BE06-3061226, which was the fastest of 4,624 old birds with a velocity of 1.242 m/min. Lucky was a big star back when he was racing for father and son Ally, with 2 top 10 prizes to his name in national races:

4th National Souillac 2010 - 7,039 pigeons
10th National Bourges 2008 - 19,084 pigeons

And Lucky claimed several other top prizes:

3rd provincial Souillac 2008 - 1,712 pigeons
5th provincial Argenton 2007 - 5,134 pigeons

Lucky was the leader of the team that excelled in the 2010 race from Souillac, where Ally claimed a 1st, 2nd and 4th national. After this memorable race Lucky moved to China, along with the 1st and 2nd national Souillac. As a result, Lucky was never used as a breeding bird in Aarsele. But Norbert and Stefan did obtain a few eggs from Lucky right before his farewell. And one of the descendants from these eggs, Lucky Eric, is now one of the most talented breeding birds in the team, having bred several top class racing birds with different partners. The best old bird of Ally in 2019, 'Jarnac' (BE17-3011653), happens to be a descendant of Lucky Erik (we discuss his palmares later on).

‘Lucky’: great-grandfather of the 1st National Libourne old birds 2019, and the grandfather of 'Jarnac', the best old bird in the lofts of Ally in 2019

‘Lucky Erik’ - one of the leading breeders of today, and the sire of the best old bird of 2019: 'Jarnac' (BE17-3011653)

Besides Lucky, we also found the names of the renowned Ally birds 'Bolleke' and 'Ronaldo' in the pedigree of the grandmother of the national winner in Libourne. We know Bolleke first of all as the dam of superstar Lucas, and her parents are De Bordeaux and Luna. The latter one is also the grandmother of Gouda, which became perhaps the number one breeding hen for the Ally breed after the total sale. By the way, a full sister of 'Bolleke' is the great-grandmother of the national winner in Souillac for Platteeuw D&D (see below).

Ronaldo (the sire of a 1st National Souillac '10, a 1st Nat. Zone Argenton, a 12th Nat. Chateauroux, etc.) appears in the pedigrees of all three national winners. 

Click here for the pedigree of the grandmother of Star Julien, Lucky'tje; click here for the national winner's pedigree.

1st National Souillac (Daniël & Didier Platteeuw - Zillebeke, BE)

A few days after the race from Libourne the birds were basketed for Souillac, during the hottest evening ever registered in Belgium. The winner in Souillac, a bird of D&D Platteeuw from Zillebeke, claimed victory against 3,737 old birds in sunny weather, with a slight east-southeasterly wind. Their 'Bernard' was also by far the fastest that day of 7,793 competing pigeons. Bernard's two grandparents from his father's side had been bred by Norbert & Stefan, and they were obtained as eggs from Marc Bogaert. The grandfather is a direct son of super class bird Schumi, a 1st provincial ace pigeon yearlings 2005, having won an 18th National Limoges (17,496 pigeons), a 28th prov. Chateauroux (7,206 pigeons), and a 22nd prov. Argenton (5,458 pigeons). In Aarsele, Schumi became the sire of the best racing bird in the old birds' sale from 2012, which was called 'Lucas'. This bird gained an international reputation after one of his grandchildren claimed a title of 1st Ace Pigeon in the prestigious Pioneer Club in Beijing for his new Chinese owner.

The grandmother of the national winner is a full sister of top class bird Bolleke, which we talked about earlier on. Hence, she stems from the same parents as well: Bordeaux and Lena (the grandmother Lucas Gouda).

Like we had already said earlier this season: this combination has a bright future, thanks to the descendants of Schumi, Lucas and Gouda. (Click here in case you missed our previous article).

Schumi has left his mark on the national winner from Souillac, which adds to his reputation as a top quality breeder.

Lucas, one of Schumi and Bolleke's most renowned youngsters, moved to China after the big sale of late 2012. 
It was there that he became the grandfather of the 1st Ace Pigeon pioneer racing club Beijing 2017.

Gouda is another fantastic grandchild of super class breeder Lena, along with Lucas

It is also worth mentioning that the sire of the national winner in Souillac (a 100% Norbert Ally, bred by Marc Bogaert) is himself a great racing bird called Daniël (BE10-3049099 - check his pedigree here). He claimed a 1st provincial in Poitiers for Daniël & Didier Platteeuw in a strong northeasterly wind (of 1,043 pigeons).

Click here for the pedigree of the grandfather; click here for the grandmother. For the pedigree of the national winner click here.

1st National Tulle yearlings (Luc Tytgat - Ooigem, BE)

One week after Souillac, the pigeons for Tulle were released in beautiful conditions and a north-northeasterly wind, which is why only three pigeons reached a velocity of more than 1200 m/min. The national winner from Tulle yearlings (7,155 pigeons) was also the fastest overall of 13,361 birds, and its great-grandmother is Florette (BE07-3104108). Florette, one of the best breeding hens of Marc Ampe, is a direct Norbert & Stefan Ally. The sire Rolandis is a direct son of Ronaldo, himself winner of a 32nd Nat. Souillac '06. He was also the sire of a 1st provincial Gueret young birds '07 (a full brother of Florette) in his home loft. Florette was in turn the grandmother or dam of a 1st prov. Ablis (6,185 pigeons), a 1st prov. Ablis (4,687 pigeons), a 1st prov. Tours (1,252 pigeons), etc. for Marc Ampe.

The pedigree of Florette can be found here. For the origins of the national winner click here.

Fantastic results in their own loft as well

And father and son Ally have no reason to complain in their own loft either. Like we said, the best old bird of 2019 is a son of Lucky Erik, and his name is Jarnac (BE17-3011653). This bird is related to a half sister of Gouda from his mother's side, and this is a grandchild of LenaJarnac was given this name after claiming a 2nd National Jarnac as a yearling in 2018 in tropical conditions and a northeasterly wind. Jarnac was basketed for five long distance races in 2019 every two weeks: Limoges I - 85th National (13,569 pigeons), followed by a 13th National Montauban (5,408 pigeons). He then went on to narrowly win a national prize per 10 in Limoges II, followed by a 140th National Libourne (4,605 pigeons) two weeks later. He ended the season with an excellent 75th National Tulle (6,206 pigeons). It results in a 2.07% prize percentage in three long distance races or 5.11% in four. This makes him the 18th National Ace Pigeon long distance old birds KBDB 2019; he finishes 4th in the PIPA Ranking with four long distance races. Click here for his full pedigree.

The best yearlings this season have won the following prizes:

  • The BE18-3115248 wins a 38th National Argenton (22,826 pigeons), 14th National Limoges (10,783 pigeons) and 87th National Souillac (4,056 pigeons) (pedigree)
  • The BE18-3115117 wins a 60th National Argenton (22,826 pigeons), 67th National Limoges (10,783 pigeons) and 202nd National Souillac (4,056 pigeons) (pedigree)
  • The BE18-3115280 wins a 462nd National Argenton (22,826 pigeons), 476th National Limoges (10,783 pigeons) and an impressive 9th National Souillac (4,056 pigeons) (pedigree)

The BE18-3115248 & BE18-3115117 are two grandchildren of Schumi, while BE18-3115280 is a great-grandson of Schumi and of Lucky Erik. The three races were done without any intermediary flights in between. Stefan also wanted to underline that racing bird BE18-3115280, winner of a 9th National, stems from a joint breeding with John Meurysse (the sire of this bird).

A bright future

These results in his own loft are just a brief selection of what has been an excellent 2019 season. And the achievements in other lofts are almost just as impressive. The three national winners that we discussed in this article will get a special mention in the list of references for Ally, which continues to grow longer. The bloodlines of Schumi, Bolleke, Lucky and Ronaldo have shown their worth once again. These are top-tier bloodlines that will no doubt continue to deliver in the years to come.