Embregts-Theunis (Hoeven, NL) achieve superior results and their first short distance championship in Department Brabant 2000

Top pigeons as De Witbuik, Super Rossi, the Millennium couple and their offspring are still a guarantee for succes for Peter Theunis. These pigeons always perform at the highest level, whether or not crossed with the best pigeons of the Dutch and Belgian pigeon sport.

For many years, Peter Theunis has been a well-known name in the Dutch pigeon sport. His 3 NPO victories and the participation in the Olympiad with the Olympic Millennium in Poznan last year are still fresh in our minds (you can read the report again by clicking here). Also this year Peter appears in the headline of the results and this resulted in winning the 1st Short Distance Championship of Brabant 2000.

Below you can see the results with which the 1st Short Distance Championship of Brabant 2000 was achieved:

Quievrain    142 km 3.929 p.: 10-17-32-68-80-85-88-92-117-140-144-etc (38/58)
Niergnies    170 km 6.295 p.: 11-17-28-29-38-57-59-95-132-145-148-165-etc (50/59)
Peronne      216 km 5.454 p.: 2-10-67-113-121-126-132-etc (30/58)
Peronne      216 km 5.464 p.: 23-24-31-47-75-108-182-185-etc (34/58)
Pont St. Max 277 km 3.959 p.: 22-40-60-109-178-etc (12/28)
Morlincourt  239 km 2.910 p.: 11-21-46-64-90-etc (12/28)
Quievrain    142 km 2.510 p.: 21-185-186-187-etc (8/14)
Quievrain    142 km 2.380 p.: 13-37-67-68-72-75-etc (10/14)
Peronne      216 km 1.508 p.: 18-36-42-51-etc (8/10)

Before we introduce you to the most important pigeons that are co-responsible for the results mentioned above, we give the word to Peter and his vision on the pigeon sport:

"The season starts with ± 24 flying couples that are played entirely in the widowhood system. Next to them, I have 24 breeding couples at my disposal. About 175 youngsters are bred and after a strict selection and some losses I still play with about 70 pigeons. I think it is quite normal to keep 1/3 of the pigeons, you can't avoid the losses. Not every pigeon that comes from good parents is a good one and not every beautiful pigeon is a smart one, although many people think like this.

I am always looking for good pigeons, real all-round pigeons that can play from 150 km but also from 650 km. I have searched the Netherlands and Belgium quite well and I have succeeded with 1% of all my purchases, that satisfies me. Only 1% of the pigeons I breed are good enough, that's just how simple it is. The purchase of Super Rossi has made my life a lot easier. He won a lot of first prizes and that is quality that he passed on through several generations and at all distances. In addition, the offspring easily crosses with other pigeons.

I don't want my lofts to be overcrowded and I also don't like scraping them clean. That is why I use lava granules as covering soil. I have been feeding my pigeons the same mixture for years, 12 months a year: the Champion/NPO mix that I developed myself.

Pigeons that fly 5x on 600 km as a yearling also fly at the head of the race as a 2-year-old. I also don't want to have just long distance pigeons. They have to be able to perform from 100 to 700 km if they are good. Otherwise they will automatically fall through the selection.

It is my opinion that the pigeon makes the fancier and not the other way around. You need to keep your best pigeons.

NL17-3715057, Lichte Super Rossi

Lichte SuperRossi is one of the best pigeons of the last two seasons. In 2018, he finished as 15th Ace Pigeon in Brabant 2000. This year he won the following top prizes:

 2th Peronne   5.454 p.
 4th Fontenay  1.762 p.
12th Vierzon     850 p.
14th Niergnies 6.275 p.
18th Peronne   1.508 p.
32th Quievrain 3.929 p.
38st Melun     5.702 p.

The parents of Lichte Super Rossi are two absolute top performers: flying and breeding phenomenon Super Rossi x Super Scheel. Lichte SuperRossi is a full brother of Golden Ace who played 2 times a first place at Quievrain against 5.214 and 6.509 pigeons. Click here to check the impressive pedigree of Lichte SuperRossi.

NL17-3715068, Super Gold

Super Gold is a grandson of Super Rossi (as you can see here) and won the following top prizes:

 1st Pont St. Max      1.005 p.
 3th NPO Pont St. Max 11.479 p.
 6th NPO Pont St. Max 22.709 p.
18th Niergnies        20.420 p.
 4th Quievrain           833 p.
16th Morlincourt       1.665 p.
11th Niergnies         6.295 p.
21st Quievrain         2.510 p.
36st Peronne           1.508 p.
34th Vierzon             850 p.

Super Gold is yet another proof of the great inheritance power of the phenomenon Super Rossi. His flight performance was impressive but the performance on the breeding loft can be called even more impressive. The direct children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Super Rossi prove that Super Rossi has given a boost to the pigeon stock of Peter Theunis. A small selection of top pigeons from Super Rossi can be found in below:

Super Daisy     : 1st NPO Argenton
National Rossie : 1st NPO Gien
Superstar       : 1st Asse Zellik 1.560 p. and 1st Quievrain 1.692 p.
Silverstar      : 1st Fontenay 1.426 p.
Super Boy       : 1st NPO Morlincourt
Golden Ace      : 1st Quievrain 5.263 p. and 1st Quievrain 6.509 p.
Athena's Rossi  : 1st Ace Pigeon Brabant 2000

NL17-3715060, Blue Bingo

Blue Bingo is a son of Blue Cavendish, a direct Dirk van Dyck (Zandhoven, BE) and he is also the father of the 3rd NPO/Nat Orleans (7.383 p.). His mother is Space Girl en she is the daughter of Golden Bingo x Miss Goldnugget. Golden Bingo herself has won 10th NPO/Nat. Orleans against 9.323 pigeons. Miss Goldnugget was the 5th Ace Pigeon Brabant 2000 and has won a.o. 6th NPO/Nat. Orleans against 8.136 pigeons. She is the mother of a whole series of top pigeons including Super Rossi. Click here to check the pedigree of Blue Bingo. Last year, Blue Bingo became the 13th Ace Bird Brabant 2000 and also this year he has made an important contribution to the first championship Short Distance Brabant 2000.

NL17-3715036, Millennium

Millennium is a daughter of the "Millennium couple" (Mister Millennium (Frans Maris, Ittegem, BE) x Millennium) and these are also the parents of Olympic Millennium (2nd Olympiade pigeon at Poznan cat. A). Click here to check the pedigree of Millennium. They are also the parents of Rockets Winner (6th Ace Pigeon Brabant 2000) and NPO winner Avatar. The hen of this breeding pair (Millennium) is a daughter of Blue Rocket and comes from one of the mose important pillars of the Embregts-Theunis loft: "the Rocket-line".

In the past two years, Millennium (NL17-036) has won the following top prizes:

 9th NPO Pont St. Max 11.477 p.
13th NPO Melun         5.678 p.
31st NPO Melun        13.540 p.
 3rd Quievran          1.295 p.
58th Niergnies        20.420 p.
17th Quievrain         3.929 p.
38th Niergnies         6.295 p.
37th Quievrain         2.380 p.
16th Melun             4.032 p.
36th Fontenay          2.308 p.
87th Melun             5.702 p.

BE17-6020477, Fado,s Lioness

The last pigeon that we present to you and that also made an important contribution in achieving the first Championship Brabant 2000 is Fado,s Lioness. This pigeon comes directly from Peter van Oerle (Sint-Job-in-'t-Goor, BE) with whom Peter Theunis has been trading pigeons with for years. (Click here to see the pedigree of Fado,s Lioness). Below you can see the prizes she won in the top 11 against an average of more than 5.600 pigeons:

 3rd NPO Melun          13.540 p.
 7th NPO Pont St. Max   11.477 p.
11th NPO La Souterraine  3.037 p.
 9th Quievrain           6.509 p.
 4th Orleans             2.386 p.
 5th Peronne             2.092 p.
 2nd Melun               4.032 p.
11th Issoudun            2.472 p.

Winner's type

The words "winner's type" is without a doubt the best description for Peter. He doesn't believe in peripheral matters and is always searching for good pigeons. "It is the pigeon that makes the fancier and not the other way around", Peter says. The many broadcast teletext prize announcements, NPO victories, National championships and last but not least his participation at the Olympiad in Poznan prove that he has succeeded in this search over the years. Also now in 2019 he proves himself again by winning the first championship Short Distance in Brabant 2000 with the offspring of top pigeons as De Witbuik, Super Rossi, the Millennium couple and many others.