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Prosperous times for Team Thoné (As, BE): 1st and 2nd provincial Aurillac, 1st and 2nd prov. Libourne

Good times for Team Thoné from As, Limburg, as they continue to win first prizes at club, provincial and zonal level. To add to that, this renowned loft has also gained a top placing in the provincial ranking for both Aurillac and Libourne.

Jos and his team have in fact won both races. And on top of that, they claimed both the first and second prize.

Jos Thoné; a provincial gold and silver in Aurillac and Libourne.

We refer to the weekend of 22nd and 23rd of June, which was an absolute highlight for Team Thoné from the province of Limburg: they took a 1st National Argenton zone C olds, a 1st and 2nd Nat. Argenton Zone C yearlings, an 8th Prov. Montauban and a 14th National Pau Zone C. Besides, they added 8 first prizes from Mettet and Soissons to their 2019 palmares, resulting in a total of 40 first prizes in 100 to 808km races. But that does not mean they had had enough this year. Team Thoné claimed another result on 13th and 14 of July with a 1st and 2nd provincial Aurillac, as well as a 1st and 2nd provincial Libourne last weekend. These were two impressive double wins. And yet, this loft still has a hunger for victory, which they will likely show in the next few weeks. After all, this team and their top class pigeons are incredibly motivated.


The provincial win from Aurillac was won by Victor (BE16-2226633). The fact that this chequered cock is named after the father of loft caretaker Marcel Vierendeels might sound like a minor detail but it isn't. Jos Thoné knows that his successes in pigeon racing are not only the result of a very gifted pigeon family and of his own efforts; he relies just as much on the hard work of his entire team. And that is why he named this bird after Marcel's father.

Team Thoné also claimed a provincial second place with Victoria (BE16-2226721). The name of this blue coloured hen also refers to the father of Marcel Vierendeels.

Click here for Victor's pedigree.

Little Joe is the grandfather of Victor from his mother's side.

Click here for Victoria's pedigree.

The racing strategy of Team Thoné resembles that of most other top lofts: founded on a modern approach, heavily based around the team's very best bloodlines and with highly proficient fanciers, whose experience has served many other players as well. Grandmaster Jos continues to be a great star both at home and around the world. He is a trendsetter who has delivered every single season since his debut in 1991.


Libourne was yet another major success for Team Thoné, with a provincial victory yearlings for BE18-5025072. This grey coloured hen named Aldina is related to the lines of SednaCrow and Galax.

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 ‘Wulf’ (BE15-2180963) rounded up the race from Libourne with a provincial second place old birds. This blue coloured cock is a son of Maybeline, from Sachi Son 801 of Marc de Cock.

Wulf: a provincial second place from Libourne old birds.

You can find further details about these pigeons on the fully updated website of Jos Thoné: www.thone.be. This is a highly professional website unique on its own: well designed, with a concise overview of their racing and breeding birds, well put together and easy to navigate.