Anthony Maes (Waregem, BE) is the owner of the 1st national ace pigeon KBDB

Pigeon "Bonte Crack" from Anthony Maes wins the title of 1st national ace pigeon KBDB. For the umpteenth time, there is a true super pigeon in the lofts of Anthony in Waregem.

Anthony and Chantal Maes 

Bonte Crack: 1st national ace pigeon KBDB

Pigeon Bonte Crack (BE17-3033516) is the proverbial "white blackbird" on the loft of Anthony Maes. Since his last season as a yearling in 2018, this very strong cock was already doing very well as a third nation winner on Chateauroux agains 13.098 yearlings (2nd provincial against 1.780 pigeons and first local against 273 pigeons). But also the 86th national on Argenton against almost 20.000 pigeons (22st prov. against 2.594 pigeons and third local against 321 pigeons) and the 44th zonal against 8.080 pigeons from Chateauroux were on his record. This pigeon has already proven that he is more than just a promise as you can see here.

Unfortunately, this wonder pigeon could not be used any further due to problems caused by the bird flu. At a certain moment, Bonte Crack was in the PIPA ranking of 2018 with only 0,99% on 3 distance flights when he was forced to quit racing because the lofts of Anthony Maes were located in the protected zone where no birds or poultry were aloud to be transported at that time, very regrettable... 
But now in 2019 as a 2 year old, this beautiful athlete ran out of control and flew 3 times top 15 national. It also characterizes Anthony Maes dat he didn't keep his pigeon at home after he excelled in the two races from Limoges. Bonte Crack was first aiming next to the national victory and then he finished again at the top with a prize per 1.000. The ultimate confirmation appeared at Libourne with the title of 1st national ace pigeon KBDB, a worthy successor of the world famous Armando in 2018.

Click here to see the pedigree of Bonte Crack

Bonte Crack has won the coveted title with a coefficient of barely 0,3914% over the 3 flights in below:

Limoges II nat. :  2 /  9.661 p.   (prov. :  2 / 1.947 p. and reg. : 1 / 367 p.)
Limoges I  nat. : 12 / 13.569 p.   (prov. : 11 / 2.614 p. and reg. : 3 / 408 p.) 
Libourne   nat. : 13 /  4.605 p.   (prov. :  4 /   953 p. and reg. : 2 / 154 p.)

We can conclude that it can only be a true pleasure for a fancier to own a pigeon that always finishes on the stage on local level against strong competitors. It is clear that this is undeniably the best long-distance pigeon of 2019 in Belgium. It is quite right that Bonte Crack from Anthony Maes takes his place among the other champion pigeons that won the title of "1st national ace pigeon KBDB" in the past.

This wonder pigeon is medium-sized and likes hot weather and headwind. The fact that this pigeons always returns back home in optimal condition after a flight of 10-11 hours confirms that it is a pigeon from an exceptional athletic origin.

Inspecting the wings

Chris Debacker at the base

The mother of Bonte Brack comes directly from Chris Debacker from Beveren-Leie. She is a granddaughter of "Nick", the absolute ancestor at Debackers's lofts. The fact that a strict fancier as Anthony Maes can use the best that Chris Debacker has to offer can only result in a wonderful combination. The well-known superbreeder "Nick" from Debacker has already bred many descendants with superior qualities both on fly and breeding level and so is the brand new ace pigeon from Anthony Maes.

"The origins of a pigeon never lie" so also the other pigeons from the loft of Anthony have been in perfect shape since the beginning of the season, which resulted in super results (see the notes in below with a summary of those results). Since the introduction of the "Chris Debacker-breed", the level in Waregem has been raised to great heights.

The beautiful lofts of Anthony Maes in Waregem.

After the national victory in Argenton and the provincial ace pigeons, there is also a national KBDB ace pigeon on the list of winning pigeons from Anthony Maes. Toppigeons as Sero Sero and Papillon amazed everyone with their breathtaking results. So thanks to the achievements from Bonte Crack, everyone will talk again about the superbreeder from Waregem. Breeding miracle pigeons seems to be easy for Anthony but nothing is less true. The richness of the breeding loft and the strict selection of Anthony are without a doubt essential for his success. We certainly haven't seen everything yet of superman Maes!