Youri Deblanc (Ronse, BE) 1st national Libourne 4,624 old birds

Youri Deblanc from Ronse has been racing at a high level throughout 2019, having played a prominent role in the national races pretty much on a weekly basis.

Youri Deblanc from Ronse

1st national: a crowning achievement with Star Julien

After having excelled in the national races week after week, the team eventually took a big prize in Libourne. Star Julien (BE17-4002888) claimed a prestigious win against 4,624 old birds. This race winner is a grandson of the number one stock breeder of team Deblanc, called Julien. We will talk about this bird in closer detail later on. Star Julien (click here for his pedigree) proved the fastest of all old birds at national level after racing for almost ten hours with a velocity of 1242.88 m/min. A descendant of stock breeder Julien, Star Julien felt particularly at ease in these racing conditions. The pigeons were released, with a one day delay, on Belgian National Day, and they covered more than 700km. It was a difficult but honest race that was well suited for talented pigeons in peak form. Looking at the previous top results of the Deblanc racing loft, a national victory was almost bound to happen one day. Star Julien eventually pulled it off: this is the preliminary highlight in Youri Deblanc's already impressive pigeon racing career.

Star Julien, 1th national Libourne 4.624 p.

National races: his competition of choice

The national long distance races are Youri's specialty, this is where he gets his high prize percentages. And his team has also gained prominence thanks to a high number of top prizes with a rather limited team of racing birds, as well as with their numerous 100 prizes. Here is a brief overview of the prizes that Youri has won in national races over the course of this season: 

01/06 Limoges national   : 13,569 p.  94-383-910-945-957-967-990-2872-3005 (9 op 15)
15/06 Cahors national    :  6,903 p.  64-193-388-1505 (4 out of 6)
22/06 Montauban national :  5,408 p.  53 (1 out of 2)
22/06 Argenton national  : 15,235 p.  69-705-972-3086-3088-3621 (6 out of 7)
05/07 Limoges national   :  9,661 p.   4-113-204-449-451-474-637-920-1990-2032-2391 (11 out of 17)
13/07 Aurillac national  :  3,888 p.   7-16-459 (3 out of 6) 

On a total of 53 basketed pigeons, he wins 34 prizes per 4, including 24 prizes per 10! This is a palmares that will be hard to match in what is turning out to be a hard and honest 2019 racing season. 

The 'Julien' family

Youri Deblanc was fortunate enough to have a collection of top quality pigeons at his disposal in recent years. Breeding bird Julien (BE05-3072796) is the number one stock sire of this team; he has bred an extensive number of pigeons who have made it their mission to win top prizes in national competitions. Over the course of his racing career Julien won for instance a 7th National Irun, a 51st National Pau, an 81st National Chateauroux, etc. Julien is a direct Eric Vermander from Oekene, who is known to supply numerous fanciers with high quality birds.

The Julien descendants feel particularly at home in races of 400 to 800km. Youri was clever enough to transfer some of his national stars from 2014 and 2015 to the breeding loft, including the following champions: Crack Julien (1st reg. / 2nd prov. and 6th national Montauban of 4,327 p.), Son Crack Julien (1st reg./2nd prov. and 3rd national Brive of 5,929 p.), Young Julien (8th national in 2016 and 39th national Brive in 2017), Princess Julien (3rd international St. Vincent), and Juliette (30th national Chateauroux, 37th national Tulle,...). This is what many fanciers would consider to be a confidence-inspiring team of breeding birds, because pigeons of such quality are quite rare. The Julien bloodline of team Deblanc does have a bright future.

Some of the breeding birds of the Deblanc family

And the younger descendants of this invaluable bloodline have been working hard in 2019 as well. We take a look at the achievements of Youri's team of yearlings this season:

11/05 Orleans provinciaal  : 2,721 p.   72-103-105-130-... 
18/05 Vierzon zonaal       : 3,357 p.  125-207-230-255-274-288-... 
25/05 Bourges zonaal       : 4,302 p.   26-61-...
01/06 Issoudun provinciaal : 4,054 p.   43-47-104-117-127-148-...
08/06 Chateauroux zonaal   : 6,645 p.   19-61-64-105-... 
15/06 Argenton provinciaal : 4,986 p.   15-113-133-...  

A few of the stars of 2019

We begin with Eagle Eye Julien (BE16-4144692), a son of Julien. His dam is a hen of Denis Vanderbeken (BE09-4073860) through M. Valepijn. Eagle Eye Julien is the leader of the racing team, and he is natural born race winner, as one would expect from a team leader. This champion performed as follows in Limoges: he wins a 1st provincial of 2,200 pigeons and a 4th national of 9,661 old birds. This was already his fourth top result from Limoges, after having won a 248th, 223rd and 230th national against an average of 12,000 pigeons in previous editions. And he has been highly successful in Toury (7th of 1,051 p.) and Pithiviers (1st of 347 p.) as well.

Eagle Eye Julien: 1st provincial Limoges

Soulmate Julien (BE16-4144617) is another grandchild of Julien and an important member of the Deblanc racing team. This super class bird has not missed a single prize in races of over 600km. He won a 7th national of 3,888 p. from Aurillac on 13th of July (and a 2nd zone), after winning a 193rd national of 6,903 p. in Cahors and a 204th national of 9,661 in Limoges earlier this season. And let's not forget his previous top prizes from Argenton, Brive, etc. The sire is a son of Julien (BE13-4188614) and the dam is a Loobuyck hen (BE15-4008304), a sister of a 5th nat. Limoges.

Smart Fred (BE17-4183805) deserves a mention in this article as well: this pigeon comes straight from fellow fancier Frederik Everaert. Fred won the following prizes this year: Orleans 247th of 3,826 p., Argenton 93th of 4,481 p. and Limoges 113th of 9,661 p. He won several prizes as a yearling in 2018 as well: Brive 17th of 4,384 p., Tulle 79th of 5,326 p., Angoulême 302nd of 5,030 p., Chateauroux 99th of 4,708 p., Fontenay 9th of 303 p. etc.

Smart Fred

The Strong One (BE17-4002535) took a 53rd of 5,408 pigeons in a very difficult national race from Montauban, as well as a 16th of 3,888 p. in a demanding national race from Aurillac. This strong pigeon has yet to miss a prize this season; he did great in Orleans, Vierzon and Limoges. His sire (BE16-4143402) comes from the loft of Marc Vandeneeckhoudt from Kalken, paired to the team's stock dam number one. The dam of The Strong One (BE12-4261404) stems from stock dam number two. In other words, this bird too stems from some of the best that the Deblanc pigeon family has to offer.

The Strong One

And then there is Julien 622 (BE16-4144622), a great-grandson of stock sire Julien and winner of a 64th of 6,903 p. national in Cahors. He had already been very successful in Vierzon and twice in Limoges as well, and last year he claimed a national top 100 prize in Limoges, as well as a 5th of 347 p. His sire is De Zot (BE15-4076762), winner of a 25th national in La Souterraine. The dam of Julien 622 is Granddaughter Julien (BE13-4188633).

Jules Cesar 900 (4002900-17) stems from a son of Julien, paired to a direct hen of fellow friend and fancier Eric Vermander. This pigeon stems from the lines of an 8th national Barcelona (Cesar) and a 1st national Montauban (Napoleon). Jules Cesar 900 won top prizes in Limoges (69th nat. of 15,235 p.), Chateauroux (18th of 8,089 p.), Orleans and Bourges. His sire (4188614-13) went straight to the breeding loft, and he stems from the line of Meurysse-hen and a 30th nat. Libourne. The dam is Cenapo (3050370-15), a direct Vermander pigeon from the lines of Cesar x Napoleon. This means Jules Cesar 900 is also a half brother of Soulmate Julien, which we talked about earlier.

Julien VDE (BE16-4144671) claimed a 1st of 335 p. on 15th of June in Argenton (club), and a 4th prov. of 4,481 p. He also won a 475th nat. of 9,661 p. in Limoges on 6th of July. Julien VDE was also successful in Vierzon (317th of 20,956 p.), Chateauroux (1st club of 364 p. and 118th nat. against as many as 26,965 p.), Toury (5th of 1,051 p.), Chateauroux (5th of 917 p.), etc. earlier on. The sire of this champ is a direct Vandeneeckhoudt (BE14-4123219), and the dam (BE15-4077715) is yet another daughter of Julien.

2019: a major breakthrough

The 2019 season will go down in history as a very demanding racing season, in which only the strongest birds can shine. A fancier who can rely on a group of birds that excels in the national classics week after week has a bright future indeed. The racing team of Youri Deblanc from Ronse comes into prominence on a regular basis, thanks to the descendants of super class breeder Julien. This breed is a good example of quality over quantity, and that is why Youri Deblanc can look towards the future with great confidence.