Jo and Florian Hendriks (Nijswiller, NL) crush the field in national Argenton Sector 1 with a 1-2-3-4-5 etc. of 9,512 pigeons

Jo and Florian Hendriks have demonstrated repeatedly over the years to be one of the top teams in the one day long distance in The Netherlands, with marvellous results and championship prizes to their name. They delivered again in the latest one day long distance race from Argenton, winning the first five prizes of 9,512 pigeons.

Father Jo and son Florian Hendriks

Jo, now 67 years old and enjoying his retirement, and his son Florian (34 years old) were both introduced to pigeon racing at an early age. Jo's father and grandfather and a few uncles used to race pigeons, and his grandfather had even founded a pigeon racing club in his hometown back in 1921. His grandfather was also running a café/basketing club. And Florian would often assist his father in his pigeon loft from a young age as well. The two eventually started racing as a combination called Jo Hendriks & Son, taking things a lot more serious from then on.

Today's successes founded on renowned birds

In his early career, Jo obtained a number of Janssen pigeons through Wout Smeulders (Nuenen), bred from all of his champions, including Het Kanon, De Generaal, and Olympiade 08. His uncle Thijs Vluggen (Gulpen) provided him with Kleine 273. This pigeon bred many talented descendants, including his son Popeye, who turned into a super class breeder himself as well. His name can still be found in many of today's stars. In 2008 Jo and Florian agreed to make the one day long distance the number one objective for their old birds. As a result, they invested specifically in pigeons from some of the leading one day long distance lofts in Belgium and The Netherlands: Gaby Vandenabeele, Jan Hooymans, Gerard Koopman and a hen of Eye Catcher of Gerard and Bas Verkerk. They soon became quite successful in this competition, and they scored their first big results. Here are some of their most notable achievements over the past two seasons:

La Souterraine  1,094 p.: 1-2-3-32-93-etc (6/13)
Issoudun        5,233 p.: 2-7-9-21-41-etc (14/26)
Marche          2,314 p: 1-2-3-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-19-20-21-22-24-25-26-27-30-etc (56/90)
Charleville       970 p.: 1-11-12-14-etc (37/86)
Argenton Nat S1 9,512 p.: 1-2-3-4-5-23-48-51-etc (12/16)

Their achievement in the most recent one day long distance race (Argenton) on 6th of July is particularly noteworthy indeed. 8 pigeons have won a prize 1:100 (50%), with an additional 12 pigeons winning a prize 1:10 (75%). We introduce you to their first three pigeons in this race.

NL18-5112260 Bully Harry, 1st Nat. Sector 1 Argenton (9,512 p)

One year old racing cock Bully Harry claims a 1st Argenton of 9,512 pigeons. He is without doubt a very promising newcomer in the team, judging from his earlier results as a yearling:

  1st Nat. S1 Argenton   9,512 p.
 76th NPO Orleans        1,277 p.
105th NPO Sens           4,012 p.
120th NPO Epernay        7,640 p.
235th NPO La Souterraine 1,725 p.
 26th Marche             2,314 p.
 49th Charleville        1,071 p.
 52nd Sens                 410 p.
 73rd Chalons en C.      1,813 p.

The sire of Bully Harry is Perfect Harry, which is in turn a son of the world famous Harry of Jan Hooymans. The dam is a daughter of King Kong, a fantastic breeder from Cadier en Keer. Click here for Bully Harry's impressive pedigree.

Perfect Harry, the sire of Bully Harry, in the upper right corner

King Kong, the grandfather of Bully Harry

NL17-1545145 Obelix Harry, 2nd Nat. Sector 1 Argenton (9,512 p.)

Obelix Harry claimed four top prizes this season in the one day long distance, including a 2nd Montluçon (4,201 p.) and a 37th La Souterraine (1,725 p.). This is his overall palmares:

 2nd Nat. S1 Argenton     9,512 p.
 2nd NPO Montlucon        4,201 p.
 21st NPO Argenton        3,555 p.
 21st NPO Chateauroux       853 p.
 27th NPO Sezanne         8,177 p.
 37th NPO La Souterraine  1,725 p.
 52nd NPO Lorris         16,471 p.
 65th Afd Chalons en C.  11,886 p.
 90th NPO La Souterraine  1,094 p.
 72nd Nat. Chateauroux   27,656 p.
105th NPO Melun          15,245 p.

The sire of Obelix Harry is a son of Asterix, winner of a 1st NPO Sourdun of 8,423 pigeons. The dam is a daughter of The 4000, which is a full brother of Harry. Click here for Bully Harry's pedigree.

Daughter 4000, the dam of Obelix Harry

NL17-1545151 Son 081, 3rd Nat. Sector 1 Argenton (9.,512 p.)

The third place in Argenton was won by Son 081. The sire of Son 081 is Kleine Gerard, a 100% Koopman bird that stems from super class pair Son Zina x Klein Dirkje, as you can see here. Here are some of Son 081's best results: 

  3rd Nat. S1 Argenton  9,512 p.
  1st Charleville      22,915 p.
  4th Marche              612 p.
 52nd NPO Lorris       15,148 p.
108th NPO Melun        15,256 p.
165th NPO Sens         11,734 p.
 35th Chalons en C.       637 p.
 91st Rethel            1,012 p.

Tot slot

Jo and Florian have been among the main favourites in the Dutch one day long distance competition for many years now. They claimed numerous NPO races over the years, and they have already won a 1st and 2nd in the national championships one day long distance as well. Their pigeon breed is based around a select group of birds straight from a number of Dutch and Belgian national champions. Over the years, an increasing number of fanciers have visited the team from Nijswiller to obtain their pigeons, and these birds have in turn bred many successful descendants as well. We take a look at some notable references:

Roelof Coster (Staphorst)       : 1st NPO Chateauroux Prov. 10 (5,329 p.).
Jan Deliege (Vijlen)            : 1st NPO La Souterraine Prov. 4 (1,242 p.) and 2nd and 3rd NPO Melun 
                                  with 100% Hendriks pigeons.
Leon Dautzenberg (Kerkrade)     : 1st NPO Limoges Prov. 4 (1,326 p.).
Oom Alex Vluggen (Neerharen)    : wins a 1st Prov. Montélimar (674 p.) and a
                                  2nd Nat. (4,214 p.) with a direct descendant
Han Immink (Rijssen)            : 1st NPO Melun Prov. 9 (2,568 p.).
Ad van den Crommenacker (Gemert): 1st Sezanne Prov. 3 (4,515 p.).

Four victories NPO were won in other lofts in 2019 alone:

C and M Everling       : 1st Nanteuil Prov. 5 (34,313 p.) with a cock from the Harry bloodline.
Leo Pluijmen           : 1st NPO Sens (11,734 p.) from brother Kleine Gerard.
Jan Deliege            : 1st NPO Montlucon (4,201 p.), 8th NPO Sens (11,734 p.), 
                         7th NPO Gien (2,778 p.) from the line of Kleine Gerard, Cassius, 
                         Zina and King Kong
                         1st NPO La Souterraine (1,725 p.) from the line of Kleine Gerard, 
                         Cassius and Zina.
Jaen and Franck Bodson : 1st Prov. Auxerre (2,635 olds and 1,575 YLs) from the line of Harry, 
                         Mr Poitiers, Supercrack, Popeye, Rik Cools.

The entire Hendriks family (father and mother and Florian) enjoy their hobby to the fullest, and they are very pleased with their results both at home and in other lofts. Florian explains: "Two of my mother's uncles are keeping pigeons as well, and they have won many races too. Our biggest fans are perhaps my father's brother and a brother-in-law. To me, pigeon racing has been a very positive experience, especially now that I have been able to turn it into my profession. Pigeon racing unites people, and it allows me to connect with people from all across the world. This never would have happened without our hobby; it is one of the most interesting aspects of our sport."