Luc, Bart & Jurgen Geerinckx seize control in provincial old birds' race Limoges

We saw a striking performance from Bart and Jurgen last Friday, with 3 old birds finishing in the provincial top 10 and the zonal top 15. The icing on the cake came from Brother Queen James, who claimed a 1st Nat. Zone Limoges of 2658 old birds!

We briefly go back to 2017, with the rise of racing hen BE15-6020007 in Wommelgem two years ago. She was renamed Queen James, and with good reason: she was outstanding in the long distance several weeks in a row, claiming a title of 5th Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB old birds along the way. In addition, she was the 2nd best old bird in 5 national long distance races PIPA ranking.

We then fast forward to 23rd of June 2018, the day of the national race from Argenton. Bart was in great form that day as well, claiming a 1st and 2nd provincial of 1457 old birds and a 6th and 15th national of 11,653 pigeons. The second pigeon that day was BE16-6033507, who turned out to be a full brother of Queen James; hence his new name Brother Queen James.

Brother Queen James, BE16-6033507, 1st Nat. zone Limoges 2658 p.

We go back to last Friday, the day when Brother Queen James returned home from Limoges II at 5:15pm, claiming a 1st Nat. Zone of 2658 old birds! He was victorious at provincial level as well, and he finished in 16th place national Limoges II of 9661 old birds.

Like most of Geerinckx's best birds, Brother Queen James has an excellent pedigree, originating from several outstanding racing birds. The team has quite obviously come across a fantastic breeding pair. Although this is what you can come to expect if you put two national winners from Argenton together.

The wing of Brother Queen James

Sire: BE09-6326192 Luc: winner of a 1st national Argenton 12,446 pigeons
Grandfather: Blauwe IJzeren, a top class breeder and the sire of Iron Lady, which is in turn the dam of Little Star
Grandmother: Eenwitpen Willyke, an excellent breeding hen and the dam of Iron Lady

Dam: BE11-6226277 Just Wait: winner of a 1st national Argenton 16,363 pigeons
Grandfather: Rapido I, an excellent breeding bird obtained from Patricia Verhaegen
Grandmother: Xena, herself winner of a 2nd Nat. Argenton 5034 p.

Click here for the pedigree of Brother Queen James.

Queen James, 5th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB old birds and a full sister of Brother Queen James, the zonal winner in Limoges

We have included the full results of the old birds' team in Limoges II:

Provincial of 709 old birds:

1-7-9-35-40-79-80-127-179 (9/13)

In zone B1 of 2658 old birds:

1-12-13-138-157-292-298-498 (8/13)

2 pigeons in the top 10 PIPA ranking

With two pigeons in the preliminary top 10 for best old bird in all Belgian one day long distance races with 3 prizes, we saw two more pigeons from Bart's sizeable team of racing birds come into prominence. Those of you that have been paying attention during the previous national race from Limoges have probably noticed that Bart and Jurgen were already on top of their game that day. They managed to get five pigeons in the provincial top 20 with a team of six old birds, which is quite a feat!

Limoges I provincial of 1072 pigeons: 3-6-8-10-20 (5/6)

The team was well on track already in the first race from Limoges. The race from Cahors was also a major success, and they claimed several more top pizes in the race from Limoges II.

Ultimate Freddy, BE15-6020149

The first pigeon to appear in the long distance ranking with 3 prizes, in sixth place, is Ultimate Freddy, BE15-6020149.

As his name suggests, Ultimate Freddy is a son of New Freddy. His dam is Sylvester's Gold, which is a daughter of Wittekop Sylvester and Miss Magic.

Click here for Ultimate Freddy's pedigree.

Future Boy, BE14-6174168

The second cock to claim a top 10 place in the long distance ranking with 3 prizes is Future Boy, BE14-6174168. He comes in 9th place.

Future Boy is a son of Witte Souillac, which is also the sire of Powerlady, 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon with a 2nd Zone and 7th Nat. Jarnac to her name. Witte Souillac is in turn a son of Elfpender Leeuw and Miss Souillac.

His dam is Glaka, a daughter of the fantastic Gladiator, which was paired to Blauw Kaasboer of Gaston Van de Wouwer.

Click here for Future Boy's full pedigree.

We have several more long distance races coming up in the next few weeks, and things are looking bright for Bart & Jurgen, given that their pigeons are in such good form lately. The team of champions from Wommelgem is in full swing again in 2019! We have seen several new top birds emerge, including Brother Queen James, Ultimate Freddy and Future Boy. And no doubt there will be other promising newcomers coming soon.