Raf Luyckx, Belsele achieved provincial victory in East-Flanders from Limoges with ‘Ricco’

In this very tough opening classic of the long distance season 2011, the ‘Ricco’ from Raf Luyckx beat the rest of the convoy at provincial level! A pigeon with, in the pedigree, ‘Kleine Figo’ and ‘Autokoppel’ Kees Bosua on father’s side, and ‘Wittenbuik’ and Bliksem’ Vandenabeele on mother’s side!

Raf Luyckx is not unknown, but rather an ‘established value’ i n our national pigeon sport, originating from the ‘Waasland’ out the region Belsele near Sint-Niklaas.  Whoever has 2 ‘Olympiad pigeons’ to his name, has managed to classify himself at the top of the ‘national championships’ several times… can be counted as one of the top figures of our country. Here a few performances from the past in a nutshell :

1997: 3rd Olympiad pigeon middle distance in Bazel(with the Bleken Olympiade B94-4033826)
2000: 1st Olympiad pigeon long distance pigeon in S-Africa(with Blauwe Floeren B97-4362528)
1996: 10th National Champion long distance KBDB
1997: 5th National Champion Long distance KBDB
1998: 1st General Champion Steeple Cup
1999: 6th World champion Versele-Laga
2000: 6th General Champion Belgische Verstandhouding 

It was during the time that Raf was working in his busy butchers shop in Sint-Niklaas, when he was bitten by the pigeon bug through father Jef… and took his first steps in the pigeon world in the Sprint. But with a busy business and the pigeons residing on the 3rd floor, it was not easy to keep this up… he could hardly ask a customer to wait for fifteen minutes for his ‘steak’ as the pigeons were due to return home from their sprint race. This meant that Raf lost numerous 1st prizes and top classifications… he even installed a camera so that he could see on the monitor in his butchers shop when a pigeon entered the loft… and he had to sprint, run up the stairs… 3 floors up! This was why Raf decided to change direction and start orientating his game to the long distance! With the above successes as a result! 

When he bought his current house in Belsele, and left his butchers shop… he bred another round of youngsters from his best couples and transferred them to his new lofts in Belsele, later in the season there was a public auction with 12 pigeon couples in Bis, wherefrom the remaining 12 pigeons then had to act as basis for the re-start in Belsele.

In the meantime Raf has been active for a few years now in Belsele, where once again he has bred together a classy team, with which he manages to shine from the ‘grand middle distance’ to the ‘extreme long distance’! The successes weren’t long in coming… and last weekend the ‘Ricco’ put the icing on the cake by winning the 1° Provincial Limoges in East-Flanders, whereby he will end nationally around the 31st place. 

-‘Ricco’ B06-4270090

In 2011:
Limoges Prov  4.489 p. 1
         Nat  19.369 p. 31
 Vierzon         432 p. 35
          FCD   1.743 p. 240
In 2010:
 Tulle           108 p. 19
 Argenton         99 p. 8
         FCD     606 p. 77
Chateauroux II  177 p. 6
         FCD     949 p. 44
 Chateauroux I   235 p. 27
 Vierzon         377 p. 17
         FCD   1.409 p. 70
In 2009:
Souillac         64 p. 5
         FCD     603 p. 16
  Argenton FCD    616 p. 110
 Chateauroux     230 p. 31
  Bourges         366 p. 114
Vierzon         225 p. 4
         FCD   1.196 p. 13
In 2008:
Blois           160 p. 4
        FCD     519 p. 7
 Bourges I       260 p. 23
Poitiers        124 p. 3
        FCD     541 p. 8
 Limoges         157 p. 12
         FCD     812 p. 47
Bourges          56 p. 1
        FCD     411 p. 3
Souillac         85 p. 8
         FCD     529 p. 47
 La Souterraine  193 p. 57  57

A pigeon with an excellent track record , more than highlighted by his long performance list. And when we look at the pedigree, then we see that it is anything but coincidence… because behind this pigeon there is a variety of top talent… pigeons with ‘name’ and ‘fame’ within the international pigeon sport, take a look… 

Father:  ‘Bosua cock’ NL05-5534830

A direct Kees Bosua… as half-brother of the ‘Kerkduifje’, winner 1° Nat Le Mans 99.104 p. (fastest of 120.936 p.), and son of super breeder ‘Kleine Figo’ B02-3025837, a direct Antoon & Hilde Reynaert (full brother of ‘Figo’ or the 1st Nat Bourges 12.266 p, in addition to 8 x 1st Prizes) x ‘Panini’ NL01-5150249, winner 1° Bourges 3020 p. (and daughter of the ‘Autokoppel’ Kees Bosua) a) .

Mother: B03-3003754 ‘Granddaughter Wittenbuik’

A direct Gaby Vandenabeele with ‘Son Wittenbuik’ B94-3237436 as father… and as mother a ‘Daughter Bliksem’ B02-3255938 (The ‘Bliksem’ self is also a ‘grandson’ of the ‘Wittenbuik’) 

Pedigree ‘Ricco’

It was the first crowning on the work for this season, achieved in a marvellous way (see results below). The long distance season couldn’t have started better for Raf Luyckx… by winning the ‘top prize’ at provincial level in the first long distance race of 2011! It opens good prospects for the coming weeks… 

The performances from the first few weeks of  2011

14/5 Blois (445 Km) 144 o.b.:
3-5-6-19-20-21-22-32-43 (9/17)
FCD 881 p.:17-21-22-125-131-134-143... (9/17)

21/5 Vierzon (462 Km) 432 p.:
7-8-10-12-16-18-25-35-41-57-66-74-86-90… (18/25)
FCD 1.743 p.:85-93-116-133-143-156-196-240… (15/25)

28/5 Bourges (468 Km) 383 o.b.:
4-7-12-21-31-60… (9/16)
FCD 1.201 p.:13-43-68-92-138-261-321-341 (8/16)

04/6 Limoges (627 Km)  230 o.b.:
1-15-34-52-58.. (6/10)
FCD  1.301 p.:1-100-112-156-255-284 (6/10)
Prov 4.489 p.: 1… etc.

04/6 Chateauroux (512 Km) 261 o.b.:
10-20-24-29-60-75-83 (7/10)