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Team Thoné (As, BE): Highly successful weekend with 1st National Argenton Zone and 8 first prizes concludes a brilliant early season

The weekend of 22nd of June was an absolute success for Team Thoné: a 1st National Argenton Zone C, an 8th Prov. Montauban and a 14th National Pau Zone C. They win an additional 8 first prizes in Mettet and Soissons, adding to an impressive 2019 palmares: 28 first prizes over 100 to 840km.

In the meantime, their website (www.thone.be) got a significant makeover.

Jos Thoné and his son Xavier, the driving force behind the updated website www.thone.be

Team Thoné stands for two lofts: Jos Thoné and Thoné X&M. They are located on opposite sides of the Kruisstraat in As, right across each other. This is pigeon racing the way it is done at the highest level: with a modern-day approach, heavily based around some of the best bloodlines, and with the experience of highly proficient fanciers, which has helped many other fanciers raise the bar. Grandmaster Jos continues to be a top-level player both in Belgium and at international level. He is a trendsetter, and he has been racing at the highest level every single season since his successful debut in 1991. And there is plenty of proof of that: his countless achievements at home and abroad. His athletes have been racing very hard across the world, including Portugal, Iraq and China. They allowed Jos Thoné to become an internationally famous fancier.

The weekend of 22nd of June was a memorable one indeed. "We started the new week with a big smile, because our pigeons have produced some brilliant results", they said. "Sua claimed her 22nd first prize in the sprint, and we also win a 1st National Argenton Zone C." They claimed an incredible 8 first prizes this weekend. Besides their 1st National Zone C, they also claimed a 2nd and 3rd National Zone C yearlings in the national race from Argenton.
Team Thoné excelled again both in Montauban and Pau with an 8th Prov. (10th National Zone C) and 14th National Pau (Zone C) respectively.

Remarkably enough, it was exactly a year ago when the team from As was forced to take a step back. Jos suffered a bad fall, and he hurt his head, ribs and back. It was only last week that he was informed that he had finally completely recovered from his rib and back injury. And yet, the demanding 2018 season - due to the heat and the predominantly north-northeasterly wind - was a great year for Team Thoné. "Our fellow teammates and I have persisted from the first to the last Sunday of the season, in the sprint, the extreme long distance and everything in between. And our efforts eventually paid off in the last two national races of the season. I owe this fantastic season to the people around me: Xavier, Maxim, mother Tilly, Pascal, Guy and loft caretaker Marcel and his wife Margot", he said in an earlier report on our website. And it turns out that the 2018 season was the perfect buildup towards even greater successes this season.

This professional team has already won 28 first prizes in races of 100 to 840km in 2019 alone. And what is even more remarkable is the fact that they claimed a top result in every national race this season. To add to that, every single one of their top result was won with pigeons that stem from the very best bloodlines of Jos Thoné.

Updated website

All the information pertaining to the pigeons can be found on the new Jos Thoné website: www.thone.be. This is a professional website and a fairly unique one as well. It features an elaborate design and it provides a clear overview of their racing and breeding birds, which was cleverly put together using clear links and navigation. As it says on their website: "Now for sale on PIPA". As such, Jos's son Xavier, who is the driving force behind this website, has created an interesting synergy between pipa.be and thone.be. This is modern-day pigeon racing in all its facets, with a professional approach and extreme craftsmanship. This is a collaboration between sportsmen providing detailed, correct and consumer-friendly information to all visitors of this website.

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